Gov. Blanco Slams FEMA for Slow Recovery of the Dead

Governor Blanco took matters into her own hands today, as signed a contract with “Kenyon International Emergency Services after the company threatened to pull out of the state for lack of a formal contract with anyone.”

In what appears to be more of the who’s supposed to be doing what – blame game (so named by Spin Control Central), FEMA spokesman David Passey “said FEMA had expected Louisiana from the beginning to take the lead in the collection of bodies and FEMA was satisfied that the state had signed a contract with the company.”

But, “Blanco said FEMA’s failure to sign a contract with Kenyon had slowed the entire recovery process. She spoke ahead of a meeting with a group of the state’s elected officials, including the secretary of state and attorney general.”

“The failure to execute a contract for recovery of our citizens has slowed the recovery operations,” she said. “We are at the epicenter of a natural disaster of global proportions.”

Kenyon said on September 7 it had been hired by FEMA for recovery services. Passey told reporters after a regular FEMA briefing that the two sides had only a verbal agreement and that Kenyon had rejected a written contract offer.

It seems to me that Governor Blanco has good cause to be upset over this. Once again, FEMA appears to have dropped the ball and acted negligently in overseeing the recovery of the dead.

The ludicrous lobbying of who’s to blame has overshadowed every aspect of getting the job done, in the aftermath of Katrina. Bush’s so ordered investigation of himself will garner few answers for the American public.

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11 Responses to Gov. Blanco Slams FEMA for Slow Recovery of the Dead

  1. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Pamela as you can see for yourself, What I have said from the begining about the turf battles and the constant probs. with FEMA, is what got us into this in the first place. The feds. want to control things like they did in Iraq, and they can’t do it without the Governer’s approval. Gov. Blanco is not my favorite person and not who I voted for, as you might have guessed, lol, but she is right in not letting our state fall under federal control. When she told Bush, she needed 24 hours to think about putting the guard under the control of the federal Gov. for the reward of federal troops being dispatched, she did the only right thing she could do. Under the Posse Comitatus Act, active duty troops are not allowed to participate within the US borders in a police actions.This act was enacted in 1878. and still the law of the land. Local people can form and claim Posse Comitatus in dire situations, when no other authority is present. So if the Governer would have done what Bush asked for, they could have very well controlled us till they deemed the emergency was over. An example of this being enacted, is in my childhood home, down Bayou DuLarge, where after Hurricane Juan in 1985, the men of the neighborhood, musted all of us males and we patroled the neighborhood with Guns, Flashlights, and Pirogues to prevent looting. Where there was no constant in law, Posse Comitatus, enabled us to help and work in coordination with local law.

  2. Donnie

    It does seem that Gov Blanco knows her stuff, and or has good advisors. She’s shown herself as one tough cookie under pressure in the past two weeks.

    Interesting bits of history. Did not know about Posse Comitatus Act.

  3. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Well we can’t all be right wing, gun carrying members of the NRA, now can we. Welcome to the world of the right wing nutjobs. HEHEHE. But seriously, now you see the diff. between our parties, and how we can teach each other. When the Dems. talk about gun control, they see one thing, and people like me see another. Every day people don’t go to congress and tell stories about like what I told you. I remember it like it was yesterday, and our people got together and gave aid to our neighbors, like my city did this time. The flooding was the worst we had in over 20 years. The thing I most remember about the whole thing, is picking up furniture and everything in sight, and we got all the males together and actually picked up a Delta 98 Regency, and put it on blocks and saved the car. We acted as a community, and you can never imagine what it is like in a small community when all hopes are lost and yet the people show their assets. Hurricane Juan was a very big setback to us, but this modern day monster, has ripped us in a bad way. I can only hope that my people will get over this. What breaks my heart and makes me cry, is the fact that we actually helped make this happen. The memories are vivid, but not like this. If you could only see the faces of the people at the shelter, when I showed up, looking at me like I might be bringing some good news!!! These images will never go away, and I will not let this go unanswered!!!

  4. Ginny in CO says:

    Donnie is pointing out one the common misperceptions of critics who think Gov Blanco was rejecting Federal Assistance with troops. (And one wonders how many make the argument in the same way they argued for WMD and the 9/11-Iraq connection, Knowing it to be false, but obfusticating until there was so much confusion people gave up trying to understand) The problem was this stupid attempt by W to FEDERALIZE the LANG. FEMA already is in charge of al other state guard units.

    I don’t like to think what he had in mind. Good that Donnie and some other folks recognized this power grab and know better.

  5. Donnie

    Gun carrying is okay – NRA is another story. Corporate panderers comes to mind. I like to believe that there are a lot of good people in this country, not jaded by the corporate money machine. America was founded on the little businesses, they were the cornerstone of our economy and now some seek to run them out and only support large conglomerations and corporate giants. They – large corporations tarnish the spirit of small communities like yours that know how to work together.

  6. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Pamela and Ginny,This very thing about my people and the refusal to give up, is part of what I will let you know about, to have a chance down here. Watch very close at what I say about my area, and you will see in the future that it will make sense. After reading the links I gave you Pamela, and what I said here, and todays post, you will better understand what I give in the future writings.

  7. Charles says:

    This is a great development, with the state taking responsibility for something in New Orleans we don’t have to worry about FEMA hiding bodies through it’s contract with the company.

    Dems were in danger of looking incapable of action, and this move proves that Loiusiana cares deeply about the voters, and can take decisive action when it wants to.

  8. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Charles, I really think that by the time this is all said and done, the mere mention of the word Louisiana, will make King George puke.

  9. Charles

    Thanks for sharing here. I’m sorry to say that the majority of the readers here would disagree with just about anything you have to say. As for the State of Louisiana, well, your points are moot. It’s been proven that the owness is on Bush.

  10. Ginny in CO says:


    Maybe I’ve missed some previous responses from Charles and didn’t understand this one. I doubt FEMA could have gotten away with hiding bodies. It does go to show how much distrust there is for BushCo and how far we can immagine them going to do damage control.

    I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Nagin and Blanco that on the surface looks bad. Certainly the GOP and the noise machine are disseminating as usual. I would agree that anything the state does to get done what FEMA isn’t doing is both responsible and gives us credit for being responsible.

    Did I miss something?

  11. Ginny

    Not sure which thread it was but there was another offbeat post from Charles that seemed to be Bush-leaning.