Roberts = Secrets

Anyone remember the long-running television show “I’ve Got a Secret”? Actually, I don’t, but I remember the title.

“The format was simple but very durable. Sitting together on one side of a plain, unadorned set, each of four panelists took a 30-second turn questioning and then guessing a contestant’s secret.”

Since many of us do remember the old saying, “We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep,” I know I’m not alone when I say, I would love it if someone, anyone, in the Bush misAdministration would be required to sit down and answer questions by a panel that included, oh say: Senator John Kerry, Congressman John Lewis, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Short of that, how about the White House quit stalling and stonewalling the release of Robert’s opinions and briefs for the 16 cases that deal specifically with constitutional law while he was the Principal Deputy Solicitor General, a position, that Senator Kennedy reminds is, is to serve the people, not any specific administrion.

So, pertinent to today’s confirmation hearing with John Roberts, it’s been suggested that just a few of questions we might want to know are these:

1.) Why did John Robert’s demand that newspapers retract their stories about his membership in the Federalist Society
when, according to The Washington Post, he was been listed in the conservative legal organization’s 1997-1998 leadership directory.

2.) What role did Robert’s play in the 2000 Florida recount?

Call your senators, find out why this secretive administration is getting away with more secrets.

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3 Responses to Roberts = Secrets

  1. People for the American Way have a form email to contact Senators on Roberts –

  2. KJ says:

    I nominate this blog for most links. LOLOL

  3. I 2nd that nomination!