Grover’s Bathtub

Norquist\'s bathtub
Hat tip to Ginny in CoDownload it here.

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14 Responses to Grover’s Bathtub

  1. BlueWashington says:

    Good God!

    The whole thing speaks volumes!

  2. Yes it does! I think I may have stronger feelings about Grover than the whole cabal!

  3. BlueWashington says:

    You know Pamela,

    Norquist and this picture would make great campain poster for next year’s mid-terms.

    Also, in today’s NYT – Thomas Friedman has a pretty good article. It ends up as questioning what is a conservative today as opposed to days gone by. It’s a good observation.

  4. Ron Chusid says:

    From Thomas Friedman’s column:

    Janadas Devan, a Straits Times columnist, tried to explain to his Asian readers how the U.S. is changing. “Today’s conservatives,” he wrote, “differ in one crucial aspect from yesterday’s conservatives: the latter believed in small government, but believed, too, that a country ought to pay for all the government that it needed.

    “The former believe in no government, and therefore conclude that there is no need for a country to pay for even the government that it does have. … [But] it is not only government that doesn’t show up when government is starved of resources and leached of all its meaning. Community doesn’t show up either, sacrifice doesn’t show up, pulling together doesn’t show up, ‘we’re all in this together’ doesn’t show up.”

  5. BlueWashington says:

    Very good Ron, Thx!

  6. Ginny in CO says:

    I think the attitude about government is very important. Not only the salaries but the way government bureaucracy, workers and politicians are maligned or respected.

    And although I think there is a good point to the last paragraph Ron copied, there are clearly times when the community, sacrificing and pulling together does show up.
    Katrina has certainly proved that. The difference has to do with what goes on while life is in normal mode versus the country being devasted by terrorists or nature.

    My question is: why do we always wait for the crisis? Actually, someone did point out that the Democrats were likely to spend $100 million on prevention that works and the GOP would spend $10 million up front and a billion afterwards to clean up the mess.

  7. Ginny in CO says:

    Blue Washington,

    I hope it is distributed a lot. It could use a few statistics on the size of government in ’80, ’92, 2000 and next year. I wouldn’t mind seeing some others that are similar just to reinforce it.

    I think we should also try to find something positive that counters it. It really needs to be something Democratic – or non partisan. The Bring Them Home march comes to mind. Would prefer something that shows a real difference that government regulation has accomplished.. Before pictures of a polluted river and after pictures when the restrictions started working.

    How about Baghdad in ’03 and ’06?

    Ok, I need some chocolate ice cream and rum.

  8. BlueWashington says:

    Ginny in Co,

    I was thinking of something like, “Government – Looking for the Best the the Brightest”. Yes, it’s used – but it still works.

    The current example being FEMA, being used as a patronage position. It’s ridicules, embarrassing and criminal. There is no pride in government.

  9. Ginny in CO says:


    Works great for me. It goes back to the Reagan era doesn’t it? Or maybe Clinton?

    There is also a very outdated image of what kind of person can do these jobs – especially Senators, POTUS, Cabinet positions, etc. Very obvious in our Senate race between Coors and Salazar. Coors had a learning curve steeper than our Fourteeners.

    Also carrying over from the “make the Government run like a business” philosophy, leading to : elect businessmen so they can get Government to work efficiently. Malarkey.. Many businesses are not run efficiently, employees steal from them, stay employed when they should be fired, etc.

    Government is not business and has it’s own management philosophies.

  10. KJ says:

    BlueWashington, great idea about this poster. A picture DOES speak 1,000 words.

  11. KJ says:

    Might need to ramble a bit here… please forgive.

    Okay, on my last day at work, press night, proofreading the pages as they came out, came across my boss’ editorial. (She is a ‘winger.) She talked about how government wasn’t the answer to the crisis and cleanup re: Katrina. I decided to call her on it (after all, it was my last night). So I point-blanked asked her if she thought the federal government was responsible for the country’s infrastructure? (Her answer was no.) Even though New Orleans was a major port that the farmers in this area depend upon? (Her answer was still no.) Did she really think that private contributions and charities could clean up the entire Gulf Coast? (Her answer was they would do a better job that the government would do.)

    So, a few days later I came in to drop something off, she was busy interviewing someone for my position, and talked to one of my buddies there. Buddy said she was really, really, really ticked at me for asking her those questions. I said to my buddy, “tough sh*t” and walked out the back door.

    I had to leave that place. Had to. Can’t believe I stayed so long, now that I’m gone. It was a dream job… I absolutely loved my work. But I couldn’t take being around the poison that came out of the very pores of some of the people there.

    And this is America. You know? I’m sorry, not my America.

  12. Ginny in CO says:


    Of course she was ticked, you challenged her perceptual grid, put some cognitive dissonance in her brain. She’s still trying to get those questions and the correct answers from echoing in there.

    Talk about hating the government and getting rid of it. Does she think the billionaires are going to maintain the Interstate system? The airports? All the other ports?
    How does she define “infrastructure”? You should give her a copy of Myerson’s op from a few days ago,

    Sounds like the dream job had a few nightmares included… Maybe the next one will
    be a little less of both -and less stressful. (I’m still looking for one of those)

  13. KJ says:

    Ginny, working for this woman put me into constant cognitive dissonance!

    She used to go on these rants, about how employers needed to PAY THEIR PEOPLE (she paid meager wages) if they wanted consistency and quality in their product (this immediately after denying a long-time employee a raise. The employee was one of her oldest, excellent, and had NEVER gotten a raise. The employee finally quit just before I did.) How employers needed to provide healthcare (cough, there was no health care at her publication), et.c etc., etc.

    So many stories. I used to listen to her, dumbfounded, wondering how in the world she couldn’t hear what she was saying.

  14. KJ says:

    PS. Ginny, watch your stress. We need you to watch your stress so you can help us watch ours. LOL {{Ginny}}