John Kerry: Administration Must Investigate Gas Price Gouging

I just reported that price gouging is in the news today and that Senators Feinstein and Cantwell have sponsored a bill to prevent gasoline price gouging.

John Kerry has also weighed in on price gouging, here is his statement:

“This Administration has done nothing while every American pays skyrocketing gas prices, and farmers and truckers pay through the nose while oil companies profits’ soar. It’s time for the federal government to take charge and investigate why prices have increased so dramatically while oil companies enjoy windfall profits. Someone in Washington needs to remember the leadership of Harry Truman when he exposed war profiteering and insisted on accountability for those who turned patriotism on its head in times of crisis. What’s happening today also needs to be understood, explained, and if needed, laid bare for all of America to see.

“It’s not just the possibility of price gouging that’s outrageous. It’s inaction in Washington about our long-term energy crisis. It’s unacceptable that in today’s volatile world, America is held hostage to the volatility of Middle East oil. We have to get serious about making America energy independent. Only by freeing ourselves of Middle Eastern oil can we protect our own national security interests, provide relief to consumers and to improve our economy.”

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