John Kerry Responds to President Bush’s Speech to the Nation: "Leadership isn’t a speech or a toll-free number"

Leadership isn’t a speech or a toll-free number. Leadership is getting the job done. No American doubts that New Orleans will rise again, they doubt the competence and commitment of this Administration. Weeks after Katrina, Americans want an end to politics-as-usual that leaves them dangerously and unforgivably unprepared. Continue reading

9/11 Reconstruction Watchdogs Issue Warning About Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding Plans

Three watchdog groups, including two in New York that monitored the post-9/11 reconstruction of Lower Manhattan, today cautioned Gulf Coast leaders and members of Congress that they “should closely monitor the design of Hurricane Katrina aid packages so that low- and moderate-income people, unemployed workers, and small businesses are treated … Continue reading

Pre-Speech Criticism and the Right-Wing Talking Points

The Daily Nightly has a pre-released exerpts of Bush’s speech tonight, here. ThinkProgress has the right wing’s talking points for the speech here. Here’s the first pre-speech criticism from the Newswires: Former Democratic Whip David Bonior’s Statement on President Bush’s Plans to Lock Poverty into Gulf Coast’s Recovery WASHINGTON, Sept. … Continue reading

Summary of the Snowe-Kerry-Vitter-Landrieu Small Business Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Amendment (S.Amdt. 1717)

Summary of the Snowe-Kerry-Vitter-Landrieu Small Business Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Amendment (S.Amdt. 1717) Changes to original Kerry-Landrieu proposal in parentheses Deferred Payments on SBA Disaster Loans: Disaster loan borrowers –homeowners or businesses — would have a one-year period after receiving a disaster loan before they would need to begin making … Continue reading

Senate Passes Kerry Legislation to Provide Tax Relief, Help Guard and Reserve Troops Hurt By Katrina

A successful day for Senator Kerry in the Senate today, with more news of Kerry legislation passing today. See my previous post on John Kerry’s Relief Package for Small Businesses Devastated By Hurricane Katrina passing in the Senate today, as well. WASHINGTON – Today the Senate passed legislation proposed by … Continue reading

John Kerry's Relief Package for Small Businesses Devastated By Hurricane Katrina Passes Senate

The Kerry Plan is First Hurricane-Relief Focused on Gulf Coast Small Business. A key provision will provide Nationwide Disaster Loans to cope with High Gas Prices. WASHINGTON — With estimates of more than 400,000 jobs lost and 200,000 small business hurt by Hurricane Katrina, the Senate today passed a package … Continue reading

Schumer: Roberts Lacking in “Compassion and Humanity”

Schumer continued: “I don’t think any of us expected you to answer every question or give us the answer the way we wanted.

“But we did hope that you would answer enough questions with enough specificity so that we and the American people would get a clear picture of the kind of chief justice you will be — not just rely on your assurances.” Continue reading

“His” Bad

Dan Wasserman – September 15, 2005 The question of the day… Will Bush’s speech tonight pull up his poll numbers? Like a man without a lifeline, Bush took “responsibility” for failures in dealing with Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday. The White House hopes that Bush’s acceptance of responsibility and the commitment … Continue reading