“His” Bad

Dan Wasserman - September 15, 2005
Dan Wasserman – September 15, 2005

The question of the dayWill Bush’s speech tonight pull up his poll numbers?

Like a man without a lifeline, Bush took “responsibility” for failures in dealing with Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday. The White House hopes that Bush’s acceptance of responsibility and the commitment to rebuilding the devastated Gulf region, will help restore the public’s faith in his leadership.

But, many, including members of the GOP, have said he should have given the kind of speech he is giving tonight, soon after the hurricane made landfall along the coast on Aug. 29.

As usual, Bush seems to be a day late and a dollar short (or billions of dollars, I should say). Answering my own question above, I sincerely doubt that Bush’s speech will have much effect on his poll numbers, or for that matter restore the American public’s faith in his failed leadership.

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9 Responses to “His” Bad

  1. florida dem says:

    Hi Pam-
    I don’t know if he’ll get a major boost out of this speech or not. His numbers may go up a couple of points afterward but unless he stunningly rises to the occasion of a soon but yet unforseen tragedy, I suspect his numbers wil stay tepid. That swing block that may have relunctantly voted for him last year because of fear of switching presidencies in a time of war and they felt he could keep us safest – they ain’t coming back. I figure those who really like him because they think they “relate to him” are just awakening to the fact that he’s not fit to be city dog catcher, let alone president. This group will be interesting to watch because I suspect some will be too embarrassed to admit they voted for him in the first place and the others will in fact stay by his side because they are the type of people who just can’t stand being proven wrong.

    Did you guys hear what comedian Wanda Sykes said on Leno last night? She said: “You can’t blame Bush for what happened (in New Orleans). You all knew when you voted him in he was slow and dumb. Blaming him now is like loaning a blind man the keys to your car and being mad at him after he wrecks it.” The crowd howled. LOL!

  2. Linda Enterkin says:

    Bush won’t get a major boost, because it’s too late for tears. If he’d manufactured some tears on Tuesday after the levees broke, like he manufactured those at the Repug convention last year, he’d be up in the personal approval ratings instead of down. Bush thought New Orleans was a minor event in his presidency, and just didn’t bother. What he didn’t know was that it was to be the defining moment of his presidency. How was he supposed to know that though- he was on vacation.
    That famous chainsaw of his is sorely needed down in Mississippi right now- he needs to go down and do a photo op thing by helping clear away some trees. A speech just isn’t going to be enough. Poor Georgy- he’s down for the count.

  3. Teresa says:

    His speeches are always bad. And the illusion around him is now gone. It would take a miraculous transformation to change him into a leader and this is unlikely.

    The hard part is that the whole country has an affection for him even in between the bouts of rage because he makes us all laugh. It’s always been hard for the country to grow up and realize it needs a serious leader, but I think this is the moment for that. So the American public is grabbing its last laughs at poor bumbling George.

    A comedian he is. A decisive leader he isn’t. So the speech will not work.

  4. Nick says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time a speech of Bush’s hadn’t worked. Remember the speech where he requested $87 billion for reconstruction of Iraq? Hearing the speech I thought “oh shit, his poll numbers are gonna rise.” Stupid me, I was a such a liberal snob that I underestimated the American people. It turned out that polls after the speech indicated that 60% of Americans OPPOSED appropriating the money without new taxes on the rich. Sound like the position of a couple of Senators from Massachusetts and North Carolina? Of course, the media acted as though Kerry and edwards had opened a big hole for the Bushies to go through. I thought “why would the public hold a vote against Kerry and Edwards that a majority of the public AGREED with them on?” Well, so much for the “liberal media.”
    Hate to sound condescending, but if you think “the media” were secret Kerry supporters, you probably think that, at the tender old age of 8, I was excited to go to camp-the day after I saw Friday the 13th for the first time.

  5. Linda Enterkin is in the house!

    Welcome Linda!

    Who’s up for live blogging the fool tonight? I’ll start a thread if you all are interested…

    What time does he start?

  6. KJ says:

    Hey, Linda!

    Pamela, I thought about live blogging GWB for maybe 5 seconds. But, am going to bail. Trying to get this thing I’m working on off the ground, need sleep, and god knows, peace. The thought of watching that face and hearing that voice…. I immediately start cringing. Ugh. Shivers.

    Heaven help us all. He must go. Cheney must go. Rove must go. Grover I hope is sitting in his bathtub.

    {{{DemDaily}}} An oasis.

  7. KJ says:

    Nick, LOL. BTW, I hated camp. And never saw Friday the 13th.

  8. KJ says:

    (I have a bad habit of sometimes reading the posts backwards, so just saw this…)

    “Did you guys hear what comedian Wanda Sykes said on Leno last night? She said: “You can’t blame Bush for what happened (in New Orleans). You all knew when you voted him in he was slow and dumb. Blaming him now is like loaning a blind man the keys to your car and being mad at him after he wrecks it.” The crowd howled. LOL!”
    ~~florida dem

    Can just hear Wanda saying that, too. LOL

  9. Marjorie G says:

    And Jon Stewart already played that quasi-apology, and a listing of no-bid contrcats on reconstruction. Too much has been reported by mainstream media for too much bounce.

    And what is this about megabucks spent on trailer parks, ie refugee camps, rather than vouchers towards available housing. Sounded like mandatory internment. Did I hear wrong?