BuzzFlash Reviews “Misuse of Power” by Burt Hall and Ed Asner

BuzzFlash has a review of “Misuse of Power,” by Burt Hall and Ed Asner.

Many of our readers will remember my interview with Ed Asner in late August:

From the moment he [Bush] was ‘selected,’ he hit the ground running with an agenda the right wing conservatives have been cooking up since Goldwater. What a program! The Democrats were caught fat, floored and flabbergasted. Al Gore was discounted and dismounted. And even stumbling Republicans accepted and approved. It felt like Alice in Wonderland.”

BuzzFlash Reviews has given that interview a nod, and used excerpts from the interview in their review of “Misuse of Power.”

The BuzzFlash review is available here. My interview with Ed Asner is available here.

I was in the process of arranging for a follow-up interview with Ed Asner’s co-author Burt Hall, right before Hurricane Katrina struck. With luck, I’ll have that here soon…

Many thanks to BuzzFlash for the nod…

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One Response to BuzzFlash Reviews “Misuse of Power” by Burt Hall and Ed Asner

  1. KJ says:

    Congrats, Pamela. You did an excellent job interviewing a passionate activist. It was a wonderful read. You really caught Asner’s words and essense.