Part 3 – A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

EDITORS NOTE: Part 3 of Donnie from Houma’s, A Republican’s Insight: Is there a chance for a Democratic foothold in the south? You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Donnie is registered republican who’s been kind enough to share his thoughts on the aftermath of Katrina disaster with The Democratic Daily.

Donnie From Houma, LA: This is part three of the series. In this part, I am looking into the feelings of the local people in Louisiana, but I will also touch on the feelings of the rest of America, because this has affected the nation as a whole.

The nation now knows more about what really happened in the Gulf Coast, and the unwarranted deaths of American citizens at the hands of a government, that left them to die, cannot go unanswered. All the spin in the world cannot cover up the truth.

The blinders have been taken off, and people are enlightened as to how much we need a change. This goes much further than the storm, America is at war, a war based on corruption and lies. A war that has made money for high ranking official’s connections. As of late, I have started referring to George Bush, as King George in comparison to King George III. Maybe I’m wrong, but take a look here and see if you can tell the similarities, because he too placed under qualified people in important positions and he was a mad man.

TOPIC 3: What are the local people thinking and saying about the current situation, and President Bush?

More than any thing I could say about how the local people feel, I think the pictures and video, that the big red machine failed to censor in recent weeks, might very well tell the story more than any of us ever could.

In the most powerful nation in the world, people watched in horror, as a story that can only be described as something that was read about in the book of “Revelations” unfolded before the eyes of the world.
Incompetent leaders appointing incompetent directors soon scrambled to do damage control. Unaware and uncaring of the damage done to a world famous city, and the people that called it home.

Now, the incompetent FEMA director, Michael Brown wants to blame Louisiana:

“A top administration official told the Times that White House officials remember Brown’s calls, but don’t think they had the urgency he recalls.”

Looks like Brownie is getting the same treatment from the Big Red Machine that we in Louisiana got from him. Is that poetic justice, or just Irony?

Let’s not forget about “Condi-Shoe-Shopping-Rice” that was busted by bloggers, while she was away on a shopping spree. A shopping spree, that I might add, she did while the citizens of her native state of Alabama needed her most. And then there’s Richard “Dick” Cheney: What can I say; he is living up to his nickname. But, I’m sure Halliburton still loves him!!!

Here’s a few comments from some local folks that give a view of what people are saying and thinking:

Kevin, a 42 yr. old white male: After about 3 minutes he finally ran out of curse words. He finished with, “That motherf’er don’t like blacks, or the poor. Why can’t somebody get him the F out!!!”

Vincent a 44 yr. old white male: “He’s an f’ing Racist, He hates poverty, and I got no use for that…”

Theresa an 80 yr. old white Female: “He’s an f’ing a’hole, F him!!!”

Karen a 25 yr. old white female: “I just thank GOD, that my kid is not old enough to witness what he has done to us”

I find it amazing that the amount of times he is called a racist here in LA, by white people and it goes unnoticed or is simply hidden by the media. I had to edit out most of these due to the profanity but I think everyone can get the point. One older gentleman actually showed me his middle finger and told me to “give that message to them”!! It feels like the people are sending a message, now is the time for a change. If white people here label him a racist, then we know that the tide has changed, and King George and his tyranny is going to get washed out with that tide.

Quotes from the National Level:
Time to remind everyone of what the people of our country at large thinks of King George… When the spin machine actually freaks out and blasts off into orbit, this is the real legacy he will have left behind —

“If this hole he’s dug us in Iraq is not filled in by him relatively shortly, we’re going to inherit the whirlwind for a generation. This is going to end up in a civil war and a regional war.” – Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del.

“People are unhappy about it, Republicans and Democrats. They all realize that the Iraqis aren’t going to do any fighting until we decide that they’re going to take over. As soon as the elections are over and the constitution is ratified, you’re going to find American forces drawn down. The public’s against it. The military’s overextended. There’s no place else to go.” – Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa.

They’re sheep. They like Bush enough to credit him with saving the nation after 9/11. Three thousand people get killed, and everybody thinks they’re next on the list. The president comes along, and he’s got his six-guns strapped on, and people think he’s going to save them. – Ed Asner

Sometimes, you know, the president is a father-like figure in American society, to most Americans, even today, no matter how cynical we’ve become. And people don’t want to think that daddy’s a bum all the time. They don’t want to think that Daddy’s a liar, a cheat and a fraud. -Alec Baldwin

The government itself is running exactly like the Sopranos and they sit back and they make deals. And they say okay, ‘I’m going do this: France, you’re getting the pipelines.’ – George Clooney

George W. Bush bought the election – period. End of story. There is no argument. You can try to come up with any argument you can, but there is none. – Gary Coleman

Yes, Bush is racist. We all knew that, but the world is only finding it out now. – Danny Glover

The war against terrorism is terrorism. – Woody Harrelson

It is one thing not to know exactly all we should be doing to protect our homeland. It is something altogether different not to be doing the business we are expected to do to provide as many resources effectively deployed as possible to try to ensure that so far as humanly possible we have done our job. – Hillary Clinton

The president said that he would unite this country, that he was a uniter, not a divider. Have you ever seen America more divided? Have you ever seen Washington more divided? – John Edwards

I’m glad the President finally found an economic development program. I’m just sad that it’s only in Baghdad. – John F. Kerry

The best way to begin genuine bipartisanship to make America stronger is to work together on the real crises facing our country, not to manufacture an artificial crisis to serve a special interest agenda out of touch with the needs of Americans. – John F. Kerry

The president led us into the Iraq war on the basis of unproven assertions without evidence; he embraced a radical doctrine of pre-emptive war unprecedented in our history; and he failed to build a true international coalition. – Nancy Pelosi

When you have nonbid contractors rebuilding Iraq, if any Democrat holding office in this country had given away those nonbid contracts, they would be in front of a grand jury, probably in court as a defendant. – Al Sharpton

One of the principles that we operate on in this country is that leaders are held accountable. The simple truth is that we went into Iraq on the basis of some intuition, some fear, and some exaggerated rhetoric and some very, very scanty evidence. – Wesley Clark

I think we’re at risk with our democracy. I think we’re dealing with the most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory. They even put Richard Nixon to shame. – Wesley Clark

I rest my case… I think the people have spoken in the Gulf Coast and across America. We have been subjected to a government that the Constitution should protect us from. We as a nation have but one choice. Lean real close King George, because I’m about to say something very important that I want you to hear over the noise pollution of your spin machine: IMPEACHMENT.

I believe that George W. Bush should be brought up on some or all of these charges in the most expeditious manner:
– Crimes against Humanity
– Misleading the American public with blatant lies to bring about a war that has caused death to American lives
– Violation of the Constitution of The United States of America, by Violating the civil rights of the people of Louisiana, by the criminal act of placing an under qualified person in charge of a Dept. under the control of the Dept. of Emergency Management Agency.
– Malfeasance in office by handing out contracts to companies, which did not fairly bid on said contracts, to people in the administration and friends thereof.
– Violations of the Geneva Convention, for the treatment of prisoners.
– The holding of people without the option of Miranda rights, and held without any time frame or bail. Thus violating the right to a speedy trial.

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20 Responses to Part 3 – A Republican’s Insight: Is There a Chance for a Democratic Foothold in the South?

  1. janet says:

    Thank you for your post, Donnie. I believe Bush is racist; I always have. Little things leak out–like what his mother said or what his father said about his own grandchildren (remember that back in the day?) or what he said while in business school about the poor being lazy or something. He is a blue blood from a blue blood family and they just do not interact with “those” people and you can tell he is uncomfortable.

    I just do not know how he sleeps at night knowing all of our citizens who suffered and/or died in the days after Katrina. Why could he not order someone–anyone to drop water and food? If this had been Kennebunkport or the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard, you know help would have been there before it was needed.

  2. Ginny in CO says:


    I think it is always interesting what the media decides to cover. Granted, this is bigger and more involved than anything I can think of. We understand the “man bites dog” story is going to get attention for pure excitement and money. Maybe the reason for not telling the aspect of the white southerners who are furious with his treatment of the poor black seems too unreal to them. In some ways, I would have to admit that I would rather see a more professional photo-journalist and someone like Doug Brinkley tell it in more depth.

    What is really important is what emerges from many people speaking out and realizing how many are now seeing this administration with out blinders, filters and dim light. This is too big, too real for the spin machine to be able to distract attention from what was broadcast to how they want people to interpret it. And I don’t see how W’s too little, too late acceptance of responsibility is going to work.

    Acknowledging that you made an error is one thing. That the error has been compounded by omission after omission, leading to this level of death and destruction, reveals his absolute incompetence.

    The rising tide of awareness, of seeing the whole of his misleading statements and the results in Iraq, the Gulf and the economy, seems to be adding to the call for impeachment.

    Do you see/hear the south joining this? On the surface, BushCo laughs at the idea of impeachment and so do their supporters. Rove and Co will be even more treacherous in winning elections in ’06. To the extent Bush will lose swing voters and even some of his base, they will hopefully have to go too far over the line to keep from being caught. There might even be some folks who complied before, who stop rigging registrations, machines, etc. Wow, someone might actually come forward and tell the truth about past elections.

    Do you think that there will just be a switch to the Democratic party or that more responsible southerners will start getting involved in the GOP and run good candidates that are not aligned with the neocons? I think the amount of time to rebuild and recover is going to be well past 11/06, so many will be willing to vote differently.Organizing and running a campaign takes a lot of time. I am concerned that some good potential candidates will be too busy rebuilding to consider running.

    I think this may just be what it takes for;

    “The South will rise again”

    Not a bigoted, angry south. A New South:)

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Hey, If (when?) Nancy Pelosi becomes President Pelosi ( I love saying that:0 ) does the Constitution say who becomes VP or does she get to apppoint?

    Wow, can you immagine, someone who does their homework and could hit the ground running ?

  4. Well Donnie,

    I hope your fellow citizens follow up with their angry venting and channel that energy into a democratic house come next year. Because if retribution is on everyone’s mind…that’s the way to go, we do not have to wait 3 more years to dump this administration. You posted alot of great quotes, lets hope the rest of America starts listening to the dialog, cause they ain’t gonna get much in TV land, I think you got that right.

  5. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Ginny and Janet, this is getting out of control with this regime. I just sent an email to Pamela with a story out of the New York Times. I was just telling Pamela about the “Posse Comitatus Act of 1878” the other day. And there is talk about doing away with it. This is more dangerous than you can imagine!!
    This is the very act that kept King George from taking over with federal troops. This act forbids the active duty troops from doing police action in the US borders. This is scary!!!

  6. Ron Chusid says:


    If there is a vacancy in the VP spot, the President picks a new VP (who must be confirmed by Congress). This is how Nixon picked Ford to replace Agnew. It was also how Ford picked Rockefeller when Nixon resigned and Ford became President (leaving the VP spot open).

    If Bush or Cheney were impeached, then the remaining one could pick a new VP, but if both were impeached before a new VP was chosen, Nancy Pelosi becomes VP and can chose a new VP.

  7. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Ron I thought the Speaker of the house is the third in line.

  8. Ginny in CO says:


    Should have remembered Ford/Agnew . And then Ford picked Rockefeller as VP when Nixon resigned, if my memory is now working…

  9. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    I found it. this is the order of succession.

  10. Ginny in CO says:


    To impeach Bush and Cheney, the Democrats have to retake the House and Senate (although by that point, there could well be enough Republicans to support the charge).
    If the Democrats regain the house, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (now the House Minority Leader) would become Speaker – which makes her the next replacement for the presidency if both the president and vice president have to leave office.

    For those of us who have many doubts about how long it will take a woman to break that glass ceiling, this is a beacon of hope that it could be done far earlier than a regular election.

    The NYTimes article is actually fairly reassuring to me. There is a strong commitment by a GOP congressman to NOT jump into this. (As was done with HSA)

    The Insurrection thing is more of a problem to me. It was probably appropriate in the LA riots. In the power of an administration like Bushco…

    There is some merit in using the military for rescue efforts and coordinating the massive amount of material, equipment and people to be moved in a huge disaster. It’s what they do all the time, especially in war. They have the communications, the get it done NOW attitude, and all the experience to know what will be needed, when where and what would be needed to get it there.
    So does the Coast Guard – which was one of the government responders that actually moved in and started working properly.

    Given how massive such an effort is now, it may be our best choice and use for tax dollars that have gone to keeping the military in business. I think it can be controlled so that their involvement is more coordination and numbers of responders for basic rescue operations, This could free the state guards to deal with lawlessness.

    And there is definitely the aspect of how many citizens own guns. I think even BushCo realizes that some kind of overkill in response could degenerate into civil war.

  11. Ginny in CO says:


    Thanks for the link, can’t figure out where my laminated copy of the constituion is.

    NOW I’m scared. Ted Stevens is 4th in line?? Get Nancy a kelvar vest, please.

  12. Ron Chusid says:


    Yes, Speaker is third in line, which is why we are talking about the prospect of Pelosi becoming President should both Bush and Cheney be removed. (We are assuming that this occurs after the Democrats take control of Congress, figuring that this is the only way that Bush and Cheney could be impeached. Of course we realize this scenario is highly unlikely to all play out).

    This is confused by the recent prospect of picking a new VP, so whether they get to Speaker depends upon whether a new VP is chosen after the President is removed.

    There’s another potential complication here. Some portions of the Constitution are interpreted by some to only allow an officer of the Executive Branch be in the line of succession. In the past Secretary of State was 3rd, but a more recent amendment makes it Speaker. My guess is that this amendment trumps the provision of the Constitution (after all, isn’t this what an amendment does?) but others argue otherwise.

    Imagine a situation in which Bush and Cheney are out and the Republicans take this argument to the Supreme Court. In theory the Supreme Court could say that Condi, not Pelosi, becomes President. Sounds far fetched, but they did pick a President once.

  13. Ginny in CO says:


    The link Donnie put in above seems pretty clear what was in the minds of the people when the amendments were ratified. Granted we would not have thought an election could be decided the way ’04 was, but if the Democrats regain control of the house and senate, the court had better mind the will of the people.

    If I remember correctly, and I’m pretty sure I do, the number of justices is not set by the Constitution. Congress does that. So if the Dems retake congress, it is theoretically possible for them to vote to decrease the number to 7 – presumably forcing out the last two appointed. Then they could come to their senses and realize that 9 was the right number – as long as a Democrat is in the WH.

    No, not likely to happen – and it would set a dangerous precedent. But given the whole picture right now, I think there will not be public support for that – any more than there is constitutional justification. On top of the ’04 decision, public opinion might sway the justices – and there is plenty of evidence that it has in the past.

  14. Ginny in CO says:

    Clarification on the last paragraph, I don’t think the public would support the move to over ride the last amendment to put Rice instead of Pelosi in office.

  15. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    OH I see what you mean Ron. You are talking about when the Dems. take back congress.

  16. Ron Chusid says:


    What makes this a small but real risk is that there are already people who say that the Secretary of State should be third in line per the Constitution, arguing this without respect to party. If the Republicans were ever in the situation where a Democratic Speaker became President following removal of a GOP President and VP, they would likely make this argument. If the Supreme Court went along, with the right wing noise machine making a lot of noise that this is what the Constituition really says, it is hard to say how the people would react.

    Of course if this did occur in the scenario of the people voting the Republicans out of Congress (and it would take a big Democratic majority in the Senate to pull off removing Bush and Cheney) it would also suggest widespread opposition to the Republicans and in that situation I could see mass public opposition.

  17. Ginny in CO Says: September 17th, 2005 at 3:32 pm

    “The Insurrection thing is more of a problem to me. It was probably appropriate in the LA riots.”

    Living here in L.A. during the riots, I would have to say, it was probably a good thing they were brought in. It was far more widespread then most people understood, it was not a localized area of rioting and looting, but actually fairly widespread through out the city. Most of us felt as though we were living in war zone for those few days. I had only been here for a little over two years and hailing from small town MA, I was absolutely petrified. There was relief (emotional) for people once there was a military presence.

    I would have grave concerns of this administration given more widespread power to invoke such control.

  18. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Kinda eerie huh Pamela? Seems like everytime I mention certain things like that, those SOB’s seem to do it.

  19. Donnie From Houma,

    I was going to ask you how the evaluation of your knee turned out at the VA hospital the other day but read you had to cancel. It seems you were caught in little catch-22 situation. Needed to get to the VA hospital for your knee but couldn’t get to the VA hospital because of your knee. Sheesh, a guy just can’t get break sometimes… I hope it has improved since then. Glad you got to watch the movie and enjoyed it though. It was a pretty good little documentary.

    I enjoyed reading Part 3. Still a little “touchy feely” for my tastes but not a bad little bite to it 😉

    I agree whole heartedly with you on your list of charges. And in a just world he’d actually face trail on them too, but alas…

    Sure interesting hearing white folks down there calling Bush a racist. That was really pretty surprising. I sure wasn’t expecting that reaction at all

    Though personally, I doubt Bush is really a racist. I just don’t think he cares about people in general. Never has and never will. I just don’t think it is in his nature. And especially poor, middle class or even upper middle class people. I mean he needs them for votes etc but except for that, I doubt he really cares if anyone starves, suffers, lives or dies. I’m not saying he wants them to. I just don’t think he even thinks about it, simply because he really doesn’t care. First of all, I don’t think he can relate to them at all. He was born into a life of wealth and extreme privilege, the elite of the elite and unfortunately his parents never made him have to earn anything, work for anything or take responsibility for anything in his whole life. He’s just had everything handed to him each time. Whether it was admittance to schools he didn’t deserve to attend or numerous businesses that he subsequently ran into the ground. Dad or Dad’s friends or business associates always came to the rescue and bailed him out.

    If something doesn’t affect him, his family or associates, it just isn’t something he’d “waste his beautiful mind on” to use his mother’s words. (Take off on her response when asked during the run up to the invasion of Iraq if she was concerned about possible heavy casualties). They just ain’t good people.

    Sounds like many folks down your way are a tad ticked off at our illustrious leader now. Sure would have been nice if more folks had wised up to Bush and his gang last fall though… I really hope people remember come the ’06 and ’08 elections that they have to stop rewarding these people. We’ll see what happens after the GOP cranks up their spin, smear, fear and hate machine again. Seems to work like a charm on way too many folks and even gets many to vote against their own best interests, time and time again.

    I won’t get my hopes up. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize over the last few years that if you put your faith in the American public you will be sorely disappointed every time. If the 2004 election didn’t prove that to people, nothing will.

    Looking forward to the remaining part of your series. Hope you and yours are managing okay down in LA. Seems like it is going to be a long time before most folks down there are going to get some semblance of their old lives back…

  20. Donnie From Houma, LA says:

    Dave from Princeton Says:
    September 17th, 2005 at 10:08 pm

    Dave, People are really ticked off about this. Some of the responses, are even suprising me. People are really taking on a lack of faith in the federal Gov. Letters to the Editor are starting to bash the right wing, in a place the the left, would not expect it.

    Take a look at the Nov. 2004 parish wide results, for Terrebonne, and for the people to get into a right bashing mode, tells you a story. When the people down in this area vote, it’s usually one sided and united to a certain degree (NOTE: by this, I mean at the community level). This is what the GOP will have to face now if this continues. H.W. got the same medicine from Louisiana, and it went with Clinton twice.

    That is part of that mystery to La. politics. You have to break it down to the community level. While people think that La. is solidly Republican, They fail to understand that La. Politics are driven by the cities. New Orleans as you would expect, was a major backer of Kerry.