John Kerry to Deliver Major Address at Brown University on Monday

Senator John Kerry will deliver a major address at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, on Monday, September 19.

Senator Kerry is speaking at Brown as part of the Licht lecture series.

Who: Senator John Kerry

When: Monday, September 19
4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Where: Brown University
Salomon Room 101
Providence, R.I.

The event is free and open to the public. More information is available through the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions newsletter, here.

Look for more on the upcoming speech here tomorrow.

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24 Responses to John Kerry to Deliver Major Address at Brown University on Monday

  1. Indie Liberal says:

    Thanks for posting this Pam. 🙂 I also think Kerry should go back to doing talk shows. (i.e. three major networks, The Daily Show, Air America, etc.) Too many think he isn’t doing anything cause he isn’t in the media (television that is).

  2. Teresa says:

    Here he comes. Oh how I love his slow measured rhythm, his timing, his wisdom.

  3. Indie

    I think he’s not doing much publicly for a couple of reasons…

    One is he wants to help with the 06 elections and not be the focus, two he’s got a lot of pans in the fire I think… stuff we just don’t need to know about right now, if you catch my drift.

  4. Indie Liberal says:

    I understand his reason for doing so, but I don’t know if you guys caught This Week (on ABC). G. Stepnopholus (sp) had showed a clip of Jay Leno mocking Kerry for going to NOLA helping Katrina victims as joke to saying that he wanted to help, “but couldn’t connect with the average guy.” The windsurfing clip came up too.

    Just tonight I watched the Emmy Awards tonight, and The Daily Show won the award for best talk show. It featured a clip of Kerry’s concession speech and Jon Stewart saying “OMG, I know why he lost.” The part when he mentioned the girl and the Kids for Kerry group.

    There are threads about this in the JK group at DU. This seems like a Rovian strategy to diminish Kerry. That is, keep drumming it into people’s heads until they start believing it.

    I know that Kerry has a lot on his plate, but it wouldn’t hurt him to go on Jay Leno, the Daily Show, and other talk shows after 2006. There seems to be a media assault on him now.

  5. Indie Liberal says:


    Also I forgot to ask if any members of Kerry’s staff visit the blog/site or read DU? I think the spokespeople need to jump on this before it gets fed to the public. Doughboy is an evil man.

  6. Nick says:


    I wouldn’t worry about the Emmys (other than the fact that Donald Trump won the singing award. I’ll never hear the theme from Green Acres the same ever again). They’ didn’t play enough of the Daily Show joke long enough for folks to get it other than “hey look a Daily Show joke about Kerry.”
    As for GS, Leno isn’t to be taken all that seriously- he’s a late night comic for chrissake. What the hell does a millionare late-night comedian know about the “average man” anyway? It wasn’t for nothin’ that they used to call California the “land of fruits and nuts” (sorry Pamela).
    Don’t forget that among voters from households in the bottom 3 income quintiles ($0-$15,000, $15,000-$30,000, and $30,000-$50,000) Kerry won 63%, 57%, and 51% from each quintile respectively, and (adjusted for inflation) did better among the bottom 3 quintiles than any Democrat since the 1960s (except for Carter 1976). Kerry also won 64% of the Hispanic vote and 89% of the black vote (more than the “first black president”).

  7. Indie

    I don’t think that Kerry staffers read DU on a regular basis. There’s no media assault on JK, he’s getting good coverage whenever he speaks. The news articles about Bush’s speech all pretty much gave JK the last word. The Rovians can’t spin their way out this mess they are in. The Emmy’s are an entertainment show, not media coverage. I would imagine that JK’s press people know about that though. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  8. Nick

    Did you know that Leno is originally from MA? He came from nothing… worked very hard to get where he is. I remember when he did stand-up in small nightclubs in the Boston area. I actually like Leno a lot. He sponsors the LOVE Ride out here every year, raising money for Toys for Tots I think. He’s a pretty down to earth guy from what I understand and very accessible, as many of the stars are here.

    It’s not all fruits and nuts out here, actually. There’s a presumed aura about Hollywood that is so ridiculous sometimes. You learn that quickly when you live here. It’s nothing to see big name stars in grocery stores, Starbucks, etc. It’s pretty laid back out here and it’s also well known that many of the stars partake in doing things to help the underpriveledged on a regular basis. The Dem affiliated stars are probably far more generous then their minority counter part republican stars.

    As for Leno picking on JK in his monologue, that’s part of what he does, JK understands that, I’m sure. It’s my understanding that they are on a rather friendly basis.

  9. Marjorie G says:

    I saw Cindy tonight. The bus tour was late to a one time abolitionist church, so our spirits were primed by an amazing professional choir for at least a half hour when soccer mom, with carefree hair and t-shirt, walks down the aisle like the saviour she is for so many.

    Something we did is going to change the world, she starts.

    She spoke plainly and forthrightly. To have bases in Iraq or in New Orleans, they are feeding their children off the blood of our children.

    She is doing this out of love and honor for the all children in harm’s way, because of the maniacs who are in power. Arrogant, ignorant and reckless.

    True patriotism is my country right or wrong.

    The media did not ask the questions, why we’re over there, if no WMDs, so we’re asking the questions. They reveal everything she has ever said since second grade, but they don’t ask Bush.

    Her voice broke slightly talking about Casey and how she’ll never see him again or the children he’ll never have. Urging all of us to go DC on the 24th.

  10. Mass says:

    Indie Liberal,

    I agree with you on Kerry being too absent from the media. And many of the people I know who follow politics without being too engaged think the same thing.

    Sure, he does not need to be on the air every week, like some other people. I think that it would be bad. But, it was great for him to be on MTP in January, and it would not be bad to be on other forums. I know he is getting quoted often in AP press releases, but most people dont read that and, even if they do, it is not the same thing.

    I know some people disagree with me on that and they may be right, but this is my opinion.

  11. Indie Liberal says:

    Pam and Nick,

    Thanks for the tidbits about the Emmys and Leno. 🙂 I agree with Mass on this about the fact that most people may not be Internet literate or read AP news like we do.

    I also think it wouldn’t hurt to have people get to know the real JK, understand why they voted for him in the first place, and why he would have made a good prez.

  12. Indie Liberal says:

    Glad you enjoyed Ms. Cindy Marjorie! She speaks for us. No matter what the neocons say. 🙂

  13. Marjorie G says:

    Indie Lib- I agree

  14. Mass

    Don’t get me wrong, I too would prefer to see more of JK on the talk shows and what not. I do understand though that his focus seems to be on getting others elected. He’s his own man, we all know that. He’ll do what he feels is right.

  15. Ron Chusid says:

    I also agree that Kerry might help improve the preception of him if he utilized the media more. I fear that the average person who doesn’t follow Kerry as we do, and therefore doesn’t pick up all his public statements, is getting their opinion of Kerry largely from the Kerry bashers of both the right and left. Being seen more on the interview shows might help Kerry to better influence the public perception of him.

  16. Marjorie G

    Sounds like a great night. Lucky you. I’ll be there in DC in spirit this weekend. Turning out to be far better I am not going, too many things to do here.

  17. Ron Chusid says:

    Checking StatCounter I see we passed 1000 page loads for today a few minutes ago.

    In the past 21 days there was only one day we didn’t surpass 1000 (having 967 page loads on the 7th). That was followed by a nine day run of over 2000 daily, and our average for the month is over 2000 page loads per day!

  18. Ron

    This has been the quietest weekend in a while, it’s a welcome respite. Even with this weekend being the quietest in while this week actually averaged almost 2600 pageloads. Not bad for a 2 month old blog – 2 months on the 20th. We’ve had some very busy days interspersed with one toping nearly 9500 page loads and another at nearly 7500 page loads. That’s just the blog, our homepage actually pulls a fair deal of traffic too.

  19. Ron Chusid says:

    A weekend with not terribly more than 2000 page loads sure is quiet when compared with the previous two weekends which exceeded 7,000 and 11,000.

  20. Ron

    I think many are suffering from Blog Burnout. I would love to find a that list of symptoms that was posted on the old Dean blog in Fall of ’03. Do you remember that.

  21. Ron Chusid says:

    Do a google search for blog burnout and a lot comes up.

  22. Teresa says:

    Come on you guys. Don’t you get it? Kerry is waiting for the right time. He is not one to blow prematurely. The best thing in the world for him is to stay out of all of this right now, let the mystique build, and then he will use the media to his advantage when the time comes. Trust him. The media has to finish it’s transformation.

    Clinton is moving in now to take advantage of all this shock, fear , and confusion to get them back into the WH. It’s too soon. Kerry will emerge when the time is exactly right.

  23. Teresa

    I agree. It would be wonderful to see more of him… however, I totally get what he’s doing… it’s the JK under the wire style!

  24. Teresa says:

    I’m learning to feel good when I don’t see him knowing he is safe, building strength, and waiting for ambush.

    Remember, he is an experienced warrior.