NASCAR: It’s Not Just for Republicans

Evidently not all NASCAR enthusiasts are Republicans. The Sylvania 300 in Loudon, NH drew large crowds on Sunday including Senator John Kerry…

Spark plugs: The crowd, estimated at 101,000, gave the track 22 sellouts in as many Cup races. … Among the celebrities on hand Sunday were New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch and U.S. Sen. John Kerry. …

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2 Responses to NASCAR: It’s Not Just for Republicans

  1. Scott says:

    I am glad to see Senator Kerry at a Nascar event. I do think we can make some solid inroads in the Car Racing community escpecially as the sport expands into more urban markets the convergence within the fan base makes it very important for us to have develop and maintain a presence. I have been a fan for few years now and nothing got under my skin more than seeing Airforce One take off on the airstrip just behind Daytona speedway during the Daytona 500 in 2004. An obvious political move by W crafted in the like of “Mission Accomplished”. This is great and I am glad you pick-up on the story.

  2. Scott

    I too was glad to see Kerry at the NASCAR. It’s been years since I personally watched a NASCAR race and even longer since I attended an race, in NH, actually. Kerry is an avid sports enthusiast, and no doubt enjoys participating in sports and viewing them.