The Republican War on Science

In Chris Mooney’s just released book: “The Republican War on Science” Chris confronts the issues that we as Americans have been asking about for the last few years when it comes to policy, science and it’s effect on our lives and futures. Many of these scientific policies are specific to right wing agenda that has currently enjoyed the promotion of it’s ideology through the Bush administration. In a clear and concise manner, Chris points out not only the sources, facts and history of this movement, but he also directs us in our ability to address this dire situation. To get a feel for Chris and his book, along with several articles he has written please visit his site: Chris Mooney.

It is also recommend to visit with Terri Gross at her “Fresh Air” site with NPR. You will find a fascinating interview and exchange between Terri and Chris as they discuss his book and the complex to everyday issues it entails. The show was aired on Thursday, September the 15th of this year…the audio is avaliable here.

The point I would very much like to drive home is the fact that we as progressives need to support and promote articulate writers within our respective element. One of the reason’s the right has so much success in getting their message out concerning this issue, is the fact that they promote their messengers. So, we must counter this effort of disinformation by direct confrontation with applied truth, logic and the vetted methodology that has been developed and relied on for so many years particular to the scientific community. Chris certainly has made the connection with this book, so I ask you to patronize this work, and please network this with your friends and everyone you know within the scientific community .

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8 Responses to The Republican War on Science

  1. Ben

    I have not have a chance to investigate this much, but it looks great. Thank you!

  2. Ron

    I think there is not much that Henry Waxman hasn’t covered. He is one busy Congressman.

  3. That is a great report, have gotten bits of it before, just downloaded the whole thing. The scope is somewhat different from Chris’s book as he goes well into the demarcation issue and where the links go in driving policy over practice and standard procedure. Also the premise of supporting the young progressives is paramount as far as I am concerned, as they will be inheirting this fight. There are other books going back several years that have mentioned this movement, and of course now they are making their moves rapidly ( the right). Chris had mentioned that the Union of Concerned Scientist recently had stepped up to the plate, it appears they have had enough.

    Also evident in Chris’s observation is the double standard this administration applys when making a policy decision, they will read the science as need be. Of course their is Senator Frist (no standards?) while he fully supports the right to life agenda , has given the president full support on the ID issue, yet has split from the administration on stem cell research. It is a known fact he and his family hold large interests in the medical reseach industry. I had read a news piece some time back about the holdings, I cannot recall if they were involved with stem cell research, but I do remember some contention over the issue. At any rate who says you can’t mix politics, buisness, religion, and science? Appears Bill has no qualms about it.

  4. Ben

    I’m familiar with the Union of Concerned Scientist. I’m on their email list. I believe they endorsed JK, as did many Nobel Laureates.

  5. Pamela,

    I do not doubt that. They are a group typically liberal in nature but not exclusivly so. It will take groups like that, the National Academey of Science and others to really start to confront this administration, and special interest driven the industries that continue to circumvent standard vetting by the scientific community. It will also take an effort by the people to contact legislators to act on the information they have. I am sure guys like Waxman are just itching to get the majority back.

  6. KJ says:

    Speaking of supporting articulate writers… Ben, you have a touch of the writer in you, that much is obvious!

    Good points all around. Ken and I saw Chris on The Daily Show. Will check out his site.


  7. KJ

    Thanks for the note on my writing skills, I keep at it best I can…just trying to keep up with all of you! You will like Chris’s site, some good articles, also try the audio link to the TG interview, that is somewhat engaging.