“Unholy Allies” or Are We Really Winning the War on Terror

Newsweek tells us that Iraq inspires the Taliban:

Unholy Allies
The Taliban haven’t quit, and some are getting help and inspiration from Iraq.

Perhaps someone can read this to Bush…

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2 Responses to “Unholy Allies” or Are We Really Winning the War on Terror

  1. Inquisitor says:

    The very usage of the word, ‘terrorist’, denies this phenomena a source of inspiration or aspiration and auto-suggestionally localises both cause and effect within it. We need a new language to conceptualise this phenomena if we are ever going to start to counter it in any significant way.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Good God! If you’re going to make up words in an attempt to make yourself appear intelligent, at least try to make up words that actually DO make you look intelligent. As it is, you look like a fool, trying to throw in as many “big words” as you can. It dillutes your point. That is, if you actually had one.