Santorum's Slam on Boston Comes Back to Haunt Him

Rick Santorum made some wild claims back in late July, early August about Boston and the Catholic Church Sex Abuse scandals. At that time Santorum tried to pin the blame on Senators Kennedy and Kerry claiming they “did nothing” about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in 2002. However, Kennedy and Kerry were both quoted about the scandal during 2002.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” on Sunday, July 31st, Santorum said, “’I singled out Boston in 2002. In July of 2002, that was the epicenter. We did not know — .” Stephanopoulos was quick to cut Santorum off saying, “That simply is not true,” noting that stories about abuse in many places had been printed at the time of Santorum’s article. On Monday, August 1st, I cited numerous news stories here showing that Santorum did indeed know.

Now it seems that Santorum’s worst nightmare has come back to haunt him…

A Grand Jury in Pa. says the Church deliberately hid sex abuse in Philadelphia.

After a three-year investigation, a grand jury in Philadelphia reported yesterday that two leading figures in the U.S. Roman Catholic hierarchy, Cardinals John Krol and Anthony Bevilacqua, deliberately concealed the sexual abuse of hundreds of children by at least 63 priests in that city from 1967 to 2002.

The grand jury also found that the Philadelphia Archdiocese kept 10 accused child molesters in active ministry even after June 2002, when all the U.S. bishops promised in Dallas to remove any priest who had ever faced a credible allegation of abuse. Two accused priests are still in ministry in Philadelphia, prosecutors said.

It’s time to come clean Rick… you knew… and we know you knew — and now the Grand Jury in Philly has exposed some of the ugliest, most vile sex abuse in the country and one the most most blatant cover-ups.

Among the priests they protected, the grand jury said, was one who raped an 11-year-old girl and then took her in for an abortion, and another who groped a teenage girl while she lay immobilized in traction in a hospital bed after a car accident.

“But the biggest crime of all is this: it worked,” the report said. “The abuser priests, by choosing children as targets and trafficking on their trust, were able to prevent or delay reports of their sexual assaults, to the point where applicable statutes of limitations expired. And Archdiocese officials, by burying those reports they did receive and covering up the conduct, similarly managed to outlast any statutes of limitation. . . . We surely would have charged them if we could have done so.”

As a “good” Catholic, you owe the people of Massachusetts an apology. As a U.S. Senator you owe your fellow Senators an apology. As a citizen of PA, you owe your constituents an apology for not speaking up when you knew, as Senators Kennedy and Kerry did in 2002.

You can’t hide behind your pious, holier than thou claims any longer, Rick Santorum…

Terry McKiernan, co-director of , a Web-based group in Massachusetts, said the Philadelphia report was the most thorough and hard-hitting so far.

Your worst nightmare has come back to haunt you… it’s time for the confessional.


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37 Responses to Santorum's Slam on Boston Comes Back to Haunt Him

  1. Richard White says:

    Last Friday on the Bill Maher show (HBO) he pointed out that the Supreme Court nominee Roberts is a homosexual. His 2 children were adopted. Does President Bush know about this?
    President Bush is a born again Christian and would not want homosexuals in our government. How will he handle that fact. Bill Maher is a very great guy and is not afraid to talk about President Bush.

  2. Richard

    I had not heard that Bill Maher said that. I think half the cabal is in the closet in one way or another. Roberts does have that look, I must say.

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    Gosh Richard,

    You don’t suppose his children have become gay living with him, do you? (end sarcasm)

    I suspect if it’s true, Bush knows. Roberts may be one of the Christians determined to over come their sexuality with faith. Given his intelligence, dedication to the cause, ability to not answer questions and staying in the closet this long, they could be willing to risk it. They’ve risked worse and Cheney’s daughter hasn’t hurt them much.

    The GOP will call this idea some kind of retaliation. As you say, Bill speaks his mind.

  4. Could explain why he defended gay rights, eh?

  5. Michael Streiffert says:

    Roberts has that look? There’s a look? Damn, why am I always the last to know…

  6. GOPHater says:

    Rick Santorum is such a geek. They all are. This guy probably can’t even get it up with Viagra.

  7. RichterScale says:

    It’s frightening how well the religeous right has been able to take priest Pedophilia and equate it with homosexuals.
    You’ll notice in the snippet from the article, the two abuses mentioned were with girls, not boys.

    Now if the first post started out “Last Friday on the Bill Maher show (HBO) he pointed out that the Supreme Court nominee Roberts is a pedophile. His 2 children were molested by him.. Does President Bush know about this? ” then we would be on topic….

  8. Charlie Amacher says:

    As a life long, proud member of the geek/nerd community I take umbrage at the notion that Rick Santorum is a geek!
    Geeks I know have an (almost) obsessive desire for factual information, an insatiable desire to know, and a compulsion to tell the truth. Santorum shows none of these characteristics in public discourse. Instead ;e shows all the characteristics of being blind ideologue, immune to knowledge and unburdened by any desire (or ability) to tell any truth.
    We geeks would more properly classify him as blue grean algae, colloquially known as “pond scum”.

  9. GOP Scum says:

    Cheer up — this is Madd Doggy Dogg Santorum’s final 15 months in the Senate. Keystone State voters are sick of this human barf bag and are getting sicker every day, if one is to believe the polls.

    Now it’s up to Ocean State voters to give the same due to Lincoln Chafee, who said he’d “do anything” for Santorum. Does that include giving him a BJ, I wonder? Stay tuned.

  10. Charlie Amacher Says: September 22nd, 2005 at 8:45 pm

    Pond scum works for me! Welcome to the Democratic Daily.

  11. Ginny in CO says:


    The Dem Daily staying on topic? We try, but associations usually end up in the mix.
    It’s absurd how many things they have equated with homosexuality.

    Michael Streiffert,

    LOL It’s also absurd how much some of the things that are equated with homosexuality are spread. Nice pitch:)

  12. Ginny in CO says:

    Charlie Amacher,

    You make me proud. I’ve always avoided those labels and used “eccentric intellectual”
    Geek or nerd is shorter and better understood. It’s words like those and descriptions like pond scum that Lakoff may be trying to get us to use.

    And welcome to several new voices. Always good to have new input.

  13. Ginny

    One thing about Ricky boy Santorum, is there are a wealth of subjects with him.

  14. Bob Kincaid says:

    Indeed, Pamela, Sanctum Santorum’s slimy snail trail casts a long, shiny shadow. In that vein, let’s do remember that Rick’s a necrophiliac of some stripe, taking a dead baby home and playing with it with his other infant (living) children and thereby scarring them for life.

    What a sick jerk!

  15. Bob Kincaid

    Very poetic and apt description of slick Rick. How earth did this group ever get into office — the whole crew? And how on earth can these people call themselves Christian or religious?

  16. Bob Kincaid

    I just visited your website – it gave me a chuckle! Welcome to the Democratic Daily, come visit us again.

  17. Ginny in CO says:


    Santorum, Delay and Tancredo seem to have a game on of who can out do the other. Their model is Alaska’s long time lone congressman Don Young.

    Now the dead baby story I hadn’t heard. Is that documented?

  18. Bob Kincaid says:

    It’s absolutely documented. Part of a Washington Post feature on him, if I recall correctly.

    Yeah. Here it is.

    And of course, these thugs are neither Christian nor religious. They’re tee-totallers getting the normal people killed in a senseless war between “Tastes Great” and “Less Filling.”

    Thanks for the kind words, Pamela. I’m getting ready to re-debut the show. Really excited.

  19. Ginny

    I see Bob had the link handy. Yes, it’s documented and very very nauseating.


    Keep us posted on your show. We’re a lively little bunch here of mostly commonsense sort of Dems. We actualy enjoy good conversation and encourage it.

  20. Ginny in CO says:

    Well, thanks for the link. My stomach is reminding me why I try to just focus on Tancredo and Musgrave. Oh, the slime…..

  21. Bob Kincaid says:


    I’ll certainly keep you informed. You’ve got a fun community here of sane, reality-based people. I look forward to chipping in my two cents from time to time.

    I like to think of myself as what Dear Leader calls “common sensical,” except when driven to mad, babbling distraction by Republicans who play “Pet the Dead Baby” or “Nominate the Gay-baiting, Mysoginistic Fascist” or “Power-Shopping During The Hurricane.”

    Right now, the only impediment to getting started back with the show is the fine folks at Verizon. They tell me they’re having a hard time finding me to install my T-1. Funny. The bill finds me every month.

    Feel free to check out my archives at

    I’ve got a few essays posted over at in the archives there, as well.
    This was my essay on the Roberts Film Festival

  22. Don Phelps says:

    You mean Viagra helps keep it up ???? I thought the stuff was for colds.

  23. Bob Kincaid

    Yes we’re pretty grounded around here I would say. Or at least we try to be. Some days it’s easier than others. I personally feel that the more commonsense and reality based conversation people have the better off we will all be. We’re in a big mess and honestly I can’t image how the next few dyas will pan out with Rita bearing down.

  24. Ginny in CO says:

    True story: answer to a health history question for an 80 or so male patient.

    Over the years, after asking about tobacco and alcohol use, we have inquired about the use of “street drugs”, “illicit drugs” etc. One of my personal favs -obviously from California:)

    Do you use recreational drugs?

    “You mean Viagra?”

    (That is reality based, Pamela:)

  25. Bob says:

    It takes a moron.
    This guy is up for re-election soon. If his PA constituents put him back into office they deserve him.
    On all my many years I have never seen the llikes of this one
    nor Bush/Cheney, for that matter.

  26. Todd says:

    This is turning out to be a great day…Roberts is in the closet (that explains the tan he came back with at the hearings), Bush is drinking again, according to the National Enquirer…all we need now is confirmation that Dick Cheney is *indeed* Darth Maul, and I’m ready to head to the beach.

  27. Bob Kincaid says:

    I watched “Dr. Stragelove” for the first time in awhile not too long back. I used to laugh a lot during that movie. This time through, though, it wasn’t funny at all. I kept seeing people I recognized. Rumsfeld as General Jack D. Ripper (“Fluoride . . . in little childrens’ ice cream!”) . Condi as Dr. Strangelove w/o the wheelchair (“Animals can be bred und schalughtered!”). Bush as Sgt. Batguano (“You’re going to have to answer to the Coca-Cola Company.”)

    Todd, as my wife and I watched the confirmation hearings, she observed Roberts’ wife sitting behind him with her pearls and a look on her face that said “Anyeurism,” and she remarked “That woman’s scared to death. She’s afraid something’s going to come out about her husband.” Gotta wonder what that something might have been!

  28. I find it funny, that this is the first that I have heard of this sick, twisted, and deranged piece of garbage taking a dead baby home. Now that’s sick!

  29. Dr. Bob says:

    Santorum hates homosexuals because he hates himself. Deep within this bigot is an angry gay man struggling to come out, but Ricki poo won’t let him. He doesn’t even know he’s there. How to stay in denial? Make lots of babies and rail against anything that smacks of gay. Everytime he starts a crusade he feel exhonerated………..Dr. Bob M.D.P.C.
    Frist, on the other hand, KNOWS HE’S GAY. Gaydar is on and loudly sending out the signal, to those of us who “are one” cuz it takes one to know one.

  30. Kevin L. says:

    I resent you calling Rick Santorum and his ilk “geek”. I’m a geek. I’m in IT. Please don’t equate our great vocation with the haters and incompetents found on the conservative right.

  31. Don Phelps says:

    Does Democratic Daily mean we’re going to read the same stuff every day?

  32. Hi Don

    We have new threads. Click on the “blog” link on the top of the right hand column.

  33. dave says:

    nothing i hear about these holier than thou Bush lovin idiots even suprises me anymore.hope the base that put them in office are proud of it.

  34. Don Phelps says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the people who put him in, or helped, are now suffering his neglect. We have three more years of these nazis, we’re losing our south coast and gas will soon be five bucks a gallon. How come we have no electric cars ?

  35. Don Phelps says:

    Hi Pamela, I hope you’re doing good.

  36. Hi Don

    Great news about DeLay today.