The Warped Priorities of the Bush Administration: Energy Group Plans to Build Nuclear Plants in Gulf States

The NY Times is reporting this morning that “a consortium of eight companies said on Thursday that it would spend about $100 million to prepare applications to build two nuclear reactors, in Mississippi and Alabama, a step that seems to move the industry closer to its first new reactor order since the 1970’s.”

Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t there more important things to think about building in the Gulf States right now? Considering that this announcement comes with the promise of Government funding, the question arises yet again, of the priorities of this administration.

The announcement was made by NuStart Energy, a consortium of companies that has substantial government financing. The consortium selected a site in Claiborne County, Miss., adjacent to Entergy Nuclear’s Grand Gulf reactor, and another in northern Alabama, next to the Tennessee Valley Authority’s long-abandoned Bellefonte nuclear construction project.

The Energy Department is committed to sharing costs to develop the two applications, and has agreed to pay the application fee, about $30 million, for one of them; the consortium is asking the department for money for the other. At the same time, Entergy announced that it would act on its own to develop an application for a reactor at a site next to its Waterford plant, in Louisiana.

The $30 million earmarked for this program would be far better spent rebuilding the Gulf Coast, repairing the levees, invested in a real Homeland Security program, helping Small Businesses devasted by Hurricane Katrina, and those soon to be devasted by Hurricane Rita, rather than lining the pockets of the Bush cronies that comprise the NuStart Energy consortium.

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14 Responses to The Warped Priorities of the Bush Administration: Energy Group Plans to Build Nuclear Plants in Gulf States

  1. KJ says:

    Pamela, I feel like we’re way, way, way beyond Oz right now… heading into? Imagination fails.

  2. Dave says:

    Great. So the next time the region has a catastrophic hurricane, we can expect a nuclear disaster to go along with it? God, I hate Cons.

  3. Indie Liberal says:

    He sucks. I am very ashamed he is from my state. Evil Cat Killer!

  4. KJ, wait till I send the videos and pics I have taken this time to Pamela and she forwards them to ya’ll. Tell me if you would want any more Nuclear Plants close to the Gulf? I managed to take video, while driving at the same time. I wanted to let everyone that never went through a storm, to get a first hand look at a storm, while it was safe enough for me to do it.

    People are fighting mad right now. People are calling into the local station, and taking about marching on Washington. One lady giving kudos to the Democratic party and wants to know what going to the moon and space is doing for the people here. If my people were mad before, they are breathing fire now!!!

  5. Teresa says:

    This is fantastic, Donnie! The spirit of your people. They will motivate all of us to stick up for ourselves.

  6. Teresa, After I made that last post, they started to make plans to do a series on the local station, and maybe a big rally or meeting at the civic center to get the attention of the feds., once and for all. Sounds like it’s gonna hit the fan now. Levees have failed down some of the bayou communities. I think big brother might be feeling the wrath of an angry population, in the near future. A lot of the low lying areas of the parish that got hit the hardest during Katrina, now got it with levee breaks.

  7. KJ says:

    Donnie, report in when you’re able. I’d love to hear a first-hand account of the rally/meeting…

  8. OK, I was down, but not out KJ. I just sent an email to Pamela to check in. Looks like Rita wanted to silence me and the rest of my people here. Well it didn’t happen. Gonna be a long haul for the Bush Admin. People down here are fighting mad, and are talking about going to DC in buses.

    They have managed to make the people here, talk about turning their Cajun hospitality into the fearsome Cajun Hostility. Look out DC, if that happens, Lord only knows whats gonna happen.

    Lets see Bush and his cronies talk to these people!!! The fuse has been lit now!! Looks like DC is gonna get called out, and put out on front street!! Over ten years, trying to get proper levees, and now this.

    I told Pamela in the email I sent, I only wish that people like JK can make it here and help out. Unstable don’t even begin to say how people down here feel right now.

  9. Donnie!

    Whew. Just got your email. So glad you are safe. How high is the water around you?

  10. I’m on high ground. But we have some probs. in the low lying areas. It’s not good Pamela. It’s horrible. GOD you will see in the next pics I send you. Cabel is out, so I cannot watch TV to see the news. But I signed onto AOL to be able to get out to talk to you and the crew.

  11. Donnie

    Send the photos. Power outages there or just cable?

  12. I have power, but no cable. It might take longer to send. having to use dialup. LOL. Cannot send in a bunch as I did before. Gonna have to break them down into pieces, to be able to stay online and send at the same time. I am only connected at 28,000 bps, and consider myself lucky to be able to do this. Will send in the next 30 mins. to an hour.

  13. Donnie

    I set up a post with your email here –

    I’m heading out to the bank and some errands. Be back soon…

  14. Thanks Pamela, I just posted the most aggresive post I have done so far on the link you gave me.