Federal Employees Benefits Targeted to Offset Katrina Costs

Stephen Barr reported in the WaPo Federal Diary yesterday that the Republican Study Committee included a list of budget options, dubbed “Operation Offset”, in a budget package to help pay for hurricane relief and recovery costs. The plan included cutting Federal Employee benefits to save $500 billion over 10 years.

The surprise addition, thankfully was not well received by senior House Republicans.

In its briefing paper, the Republican Study Committee called for reducing health insurance benefits for retirees who had relatively short federal careers. The change would bring the retirement benefit in line with private-sector companies and produce savings of $6.3 billion over 10 years, the committee said.”

Is that the private sector companies who have underinsured their employees?

I can come up with some suggestions for “Operation Offset” :

— Congressional members with short careers should have their retirement and health insurance benefits cut.

— Members of Congress can pay for their own parking.

— George Bush will start filling important government positions with people who earn their salaries.

— A voluntary program for the wealthy to “opt out” of Social Security benefits, Medicare and bypass any other benefits they are rich enough to pay for themselves.

— The wealthy who received tax rebates they really didn’t need could opt to return them.

I will personally kiss Don Young’s ear – as long as he returns the check for the bridge to Nowhere, Alaska. Moreover, from what I have heard of the design, someone in the concrete business is going to get a good portion of that $.

Please add your suggestions and identify the pork projects we could save money on.

Salon’s War Room has more on the Republican’s plan here: This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt me

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