After Rita: On The Ground in Houma, LA

The Democratic Daily’s Donnie in Houma, LA has emailed to let us know he is okay.

His parrish, Terrebonne has sustained some serious flooding according to CNN.

Here’s some quips from the email from Donnie:

Pamela, I had to swallow my pride and sign up with aol to get on the web. Winds picked back up last night, and continue to pound us. Last night was a concert of transformers exploding. What I thought was the end, ended up turning out to be the calm before the storm. Lost my TV cable last night at about 10:40, and I have roadrunner. I am just getting to go back online, by actually going with AOL that I loath.

Things down here are gonna explode now. The final fuse I spoke about, has been lit. People are in a rage and are currently setting up what is now being dubbed as a “Survival Summit” and plan on starting a campaign to get the attention of the Gov. There has been suggestions as to loading up 50 or more buses, and going to DC to get their attention. Imagine 1000’s of pissed off, angry, fire breathing, true blue, rebel decendants, acting like pit vipers, looking for someone to bite, and wanting answers to why our levees that we have fought for over ten years for, has not been done.

The levees have given way, and even my own bayou that I grew up on is swamped, and I can’t even make it in the upper sections, to check on friends. The only way down there, is by boat now. I have more pics to send, that I took today. Till the cable comes on, I can use this to relay messages.

We got a bad dealing with this one. It multiplied what had happened already, and now I expect the bottom half of Terrebonne Parish to end up flooded. Water is still rising. Wind is still whistling around here and pushing more water in as I write this.

GOD help Bush and any member of the Congress that stands in the way of these people. I can only hope that people like JK, will come and take part in this. I have been telling you and the rest of the crew, that times were changing, and now it is gonna take place.I will fill you in on the rest later.


UPDATE: Three photos of flooding in the Houma area, from Donnie…

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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27 Responses to After Rita: On The Ground in Houma, LA

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    Thanks Donnie and Pamela,

    A great relief. Now we can only hope the flooding doesn’t get a lot worse.

    Off to work

  2. Ron Chusid says:

    You think dodging a hurricane is difficult. You haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until you try to cancil that AOL account. 🙂

  3. It got worse Ginny, I Can’t make it to the places that my friends are!! I want answers and the head of “GEORGE BUSH” served up on TV for the nation to know what we have gone through!!! My people are dying, for his Blood-Blood friends. I once again call for the people of America to stand up and shout these words!!! IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bush, you now have an eternal enemy!! I Hate you and everything you stand for. You kill my people, and I will kill your party’s chances of ever having meaning and positions to do harm to my AMERICA!!! I have made my choice, and my choice is simple, Don’t ever call me a Republican ever again, at the risk of your life!!!! You will hear from my people, and we will change things. You wanted a war, you got it!!

  4. Dave from Princeton says:


    Glad to see you’re able to get on line. VERY sorry to hear you guys got blasted again. This morning before we left for the march I couldn’t tell how bad Houma got hit again.

    Trust me, there were 100,000’s of other people in DC screaming for impeachment along with you. There were a HUGE amount of people here.
    BTW, among every other kind of sign you can imagine, there were a large number of both signs and people chanting “Make levees not war!”

    Made it even harder to get around because many streets were blocked off in places by lots of police. I assume there were reasons they didn’t want people walking down some streets, but who knows. A few times we almost made it where we were trying to go then weren’t allowed to walk down a street and would have to backtrack a few blocks. Real pain in the butt, esp since there were tons of people simply everywhere in this section of DC.

    Pamela, unfortunately I couldn’t get my pictures developed to dvd. After not being able to make it through to one place, Mike heading back with two rolls of film for me to try a few places closer to his apt, but struck out at both. One wouldn’t do APS film and the next place he made it to said it was too late. Hopefully I can find a place tomorrow before we head back. If not, I won’t be able to get them to you until Monday… I know, I have GOT to get a digital camera. Sheesh…

    Marjorie and I finally hooked up at the concert. Trying to find anyone during the march itself, without an exact location, was basically impossible. Way too many people… Glad to hear the MSM is finally reporting real numbers. There were definitely 100s of thousands. There were chanting, drumming, yelling, dancing, marching people simply everywhere. And it was crazy in front of the white house, as you can imagine.

    Karen and Dick are having everyone over to their place in about an hour. After Marjorie and I went on a quick soda and ice cream run to a sidewalk vender she headed back to the concert to meet up with the DCP folks again. My buddy Kelly is with some friends of hers from Bordentown, NJ at the concert some place too at the moment. I told her about the party at Dick and Karen’s about an hour ago. I think she’s planning to head over with us. Won’t know for a little while longer. I just called her a bit ago and was told she couldn’t talk because she was just about to meet Cindy Sheehan. Seems Cindy rates a tad higher than I do, which I would have to agree with. 🙂

    Just got called back. Kelly said she got a big hug from Cindy and started crying. She said Cindy is a super nice lady.

    Seems Kelly is going to get some dinner with her friends and then drive around some with them sightseeing monuments.

    I’m heading out for some coffee and then hopping on the metro with Mike to head over to Karen’s to visit for a little while.

    “Talk” to you all later. Hang in there Donnie!


  5. Dave, you are the man!! Hang in there buddy, and let Cindy know I am there along with you guy’s. We have probs. down here, but I would be there in a minute if I could. I have taken pics of some of the storm down here, and I have been sending them to Pamela to post for you guys. Raise hell buddy!! I think my predictions are gonna come through.

  6. Just checking in quickly…

    Dave from Princeton, no worries on the photos. Sounds like quite a day. Enjoy!


    Hang in there… I haven’t gotten any photos today, just the ones of the rain yesterday.

    I’ll be back … more errands to run.

  7. Ron Chusid Says:
    September 24th, 2005 at 1:38 pm

    Level headed Ron always come through. I must admit Ron, You did get a LOL out of me on that one. Thank You!!

  8. Donnie

    Ron’s not kidding. I had a b*tch of a time canceling AOL years ago. I’m just checking out your photos now and hoping to have some photos later tonight from my friend Mario in DC.

  9. Given my prior statement, I, at this time, formally renounce the Republican Party. I declare my loyalty to the Democratic Party. I will therefore, change my registration card at the earliest time that I can.

    I formally declare George W. Bush, to be a criminal, and should be taken at the most expeditious time, and charged with crimes against humanity. This was not an easy thing to follow through with, but my choice is final!! I will therefore, no longer be able to give post, as a Republican.

    While I might not be what Democrats will call a true Democrat, due to some of my beliefs, I will make my presence known. The GOP seems to like combat, and I can give that to them. But I first want to address my new party and their way of self mutilation.

    It is in the most high positions, where our leaders have to come together. The Rant and Rave in the inner party situation cannot continue. We have to come and make mutual grounds to work on. Recent events, have shown, that we can do this, but we have to be united!! Don’t live in the past, live for the now!!!

  10. How do the pics look? I know the weather might have blocked some of them though. Hope they came out.

  11. florida dem says:

    Donnie –
    Glad to hear you made it through Rita! 🙂

  12. Ron Chusid says:


    “While I might not be what Democrats will call a true Democrat, due to some of my beliefs, I will make my presence known.”

    I think we are in the process of a realignment, and many of us are not true Democrats by historical standards. The Republican move to the far right has left the Democrats as the only possible party for a variety of people.

    I can’t even say for sure if I’ll consider myself a Democrat in the future. All I know now is that the Republicans are on the wrong side of virtually every issue today, and I would have a hard time supporting any party in the future which collaborated with the Bush Administration.

  13. Donnie

    Ron is right in many aspects. The republicans have alienated many. Some are Democrats now by default and may change one day as the Republican party changes. There’s a lot of upheaval now, regardless. Between the Iraq war and the storms, there is a lot of distress in our country. A lot.

    For me, I’ve always been a Democrat and always will be. There’s never been much at all that would attract me to the Republican party.

  14. Indie Liberal says:

    florida dem Says:

    September 24th, 2005 at 6:48 pm
    Donnie –
    Glad to hear you made it through Rita!

    I am glad you made it too Donnie. 🙂

  15. Teresa says:

    Congratulations, Donnie!

    it is one of the hardest things to do…. to change political persuasion. I’m not truly a Dem myself, since I’ve distrusted many of them too. I’m more of an Indie. But now is the time to align with them.

    I think you will be very, very comfortable in the Democratic Party now since so many are seeking refuge and the policies vary widely from candidate to candidate. That’s why we fuss so much within!

    You can switch back and forth any time. If the Repubs come to their senes, maybe they will have something to offer again.

    In the meantime, welcome to sanity, goodwill, and LEVEE BUILDING!

  16. KJ says:

    “It is in the most high positions, where our leaders have to come together. The Rant and Rave in the inner party situation cannot continue. We have to come and make mutual grounds to work on. Recent events, have shown, that we can do this, but we have to be united!! Don’t live in the past, live for the now!!!”
    ~~Donnie McDaniel

    Here here!

    Dave, I love it, “Make Levees, Not War” !!!

  17. The third photo above, is actually a golf course, if you can believe that from the photo. The first 2 are where you would enter the bayou community I grew up in. I wasn’t able to get where I would have been able to get a better pic. of the real flooding.

  18. KJ says:

    Donnie, you’ve probably already been to this page:

    How’s your Grandma?

  19. Grandma is ok. She was scared though. I’m glad I moved off the bayou now. I would have been stuck down there. It’s never flooded like that in all my life. The pics. are from the furthest I could get. Was a lil too deep for me to try to bring the Intrepid through. I gave Grandma the hug ya’ll asked me to give her, and she sends one back.

  20. Ginny in CO says:


    Glad to hear Grandma is ok too. Been thinking about her. I bet you are the best antidote she has for the fear.

    I found out in ’88 I couldn’t be a Republican anymore. I’ve ended up with a lot of philosophical reasons I probably would never go back. There are others in this party who will hopefully go back to rebuild the GOP and bring it back to the mission it needs to pursue.

    The problem with politics in this country is that too many people rely on too few to run it. If more people would get a little involved, we would have better candidates and better government.

    I had been thinking you might be a good person to start rebuilding your local GOP.
    NO problem. Happy to have you join us 🙂

    Hey, there’s been a “Scared Straight” program for sometime to teach teenagers the
    consequences of breaking laws.

    Katrina and Rita are becoming Mother Nature’s version of Scared Straight lessons. I hereby propose the people who join Donnie should be the “Katrina Democrats”
    May they bring us together.

  21. Thank you Ginny. LOL some Katrinacrats huh? After this, there just might be a lot of them. Those pics. on this thread, are actually around the Houma City Limits!! They are prob. only 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the Houma/Terrebonne Civic Center where the evacuees were sent after Katrina. In all my years, I have never seen flooding down here like we have now. The golf course blew my mind, I have never seen it flood like that. It’s one big water trap now!

    As far as the GOP goes, it is a hopeless case, and they will have to hit rock bottom, before they acknowledge their failure. Kinda like a political junky. Need Rehab, but you can’t make them go.

  22. Update on Terrebonne: Terrebonne not yet declared as a disaster area yet!

    Terrebonne Parish is still waiting on George Bush, to do the paperwork to declare the area as a disaster area. Proper channels have been followed, and both the Parish President and Gov. Blanco, have done their request, and it now lays in the hands, of the President, who has yet, to take action. People cannot get relief from FEMA, till the mandate is done by Bush. Some parishes were declared for wind damage, but not flooding.

  23. KJ says:

    Still waiting on paperwork? Holy cow. Yes, I know, it’s “hard work” for GWB to sign all those papers Karl puts in front of him each day.

    Good grief.

  24. It’s insane KJ. It’s like we have been forgotten down here. I just made this post. This is the big gathering I spoke about. Between the lack care about the parish, the levees, and the mounting anger over being turned away by FEMA, Things are gonna explode down here!

  25. KJ says:

    Donnie, it just boggles the mind to think you all have to do ANYTHING to get the attention of the federal government!!!!!

    Some days, I’m just beyond shocked at people’s behavior. It’s like a parallel universe. I can’t imagine what you are feeling there. But you’re not forgotten, it’s just that I can’t do anything from here. Well, call my congressman, if you think it could help, seriously.

  26. OH HELL NO!!!!!!!! Now the bastards have refused to help one man, and want him to show proof that he is a US citizen. This is a prev. claim from before Rita. This man was born right here in this town. He is a VET. He helped to save a subdivision from flooding. He has paid taxes. What the hell is happening!!

  27. KJ says:

    {{{Donnie}}} I just don’t know what to do or what to say. I know you all are angry right now. This is nuts, it is, it is. But you’re not alone, none of you. So, who do we call? What do you want us to do?