Pentagon Sending 500 Soldiers to Louisiana

The Pentagon on Saturday was sending about 500 active-duty soldiers to the areas of Louisiana hit by Hurricane Rita and said about 27,000 National Guardsmen were ready to respond in Texas and Louisiana. Five mortuary teams went to Texas.

Troops from the 82nd Airborne Division headed to Lafayette, La., about 135 miles west of New Orleans, to help with search-and-rescue efforts, said division commander Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell. He said about 3,200 of his soldiers would be prepared to go to Lafayette by Sunday, if needed.

Where was this response a month ago when Hurricane Katrina blew in? Bush could not be bothered to cut his vacation short, now after hard lessons learned he’s patting himself on the back…

“It comforts me knowing that our federal government is well organized and well prepared to deal with Rita,” said Bush.

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9 Responses to Pentagon Sending 500 Soldiers to Louisiana

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    I’m hoping that the pictures and stories of how involved the evacuations in Texas were;
    C 130’s to move the elderly and hospitalized, soldiers carrying many people, the lines and traffic problems; will reinforce the problems New Orleans faced without the Federal
    Government coming in, without an adequate initial plan.

    All the bogus arguments of state and local resistance is flat out cover for the fact they were caught unprepared, with people who had no business being in the job they were in,
    in a situation with a magnitude that overwhelmed the unimmaginative and inept appointeees.

    Have we heard from Donnie?

  2. Ginny

    Not a word for Donnie. There’s a lot of flooding between N.O. and TX.
    Houma, LA news is here –

  3. Ginny

    On CNN –

    Terrebonne Parish — Crews unable to get to trapped residents. Seven to eight feet of water throughout the parish.

  4. Ginny in CO says:


    I just saw the same thing on CNN. I’m really expecting that even if the area isn’t flooded
    it’s entirely too likely the wind damaged his mobile home.

    So, I hereby propose we plan on a blog contribution effort if he’s been wiped out.
    I suppose he didn’t have time to safeguard his computer.

  5. Thank you Ginny for the care you showed. I have survived, and while my people are my first concern, I can tell you that My Mobile Home got beat, but it is still standing. I left to go into the city limits, and the outer lying areas that are torn up and flooding. It’s so horrible to see Ginny. I can not even explain how bad it is. I have sent pics to Pamela, and they really don’t show the worst parts. My state is destroyed!! I am going to be strong for my people, but what I really want to do, is cry. It is someting that should never have happened.

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