Viggo Mortensen Speaks Out on Charlie Rose

Crooks and Liars has video of Viggo Mortensen on Charlie Rose last night. Mortensen hammered Bush, the Bush administration, the Iraq War and called for bringing the troops home now. It’s an awesome interview…

See the must watch video of Viggo Mortensen, here on Crooks and Liars.

Salon has an October 2003 interview with Viggo Mortensen here: The Man Who Would Be King. It’s worth the read, if you are not familiar with his politcal views.

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21 Responses to Viggo Mortensen Speaks Out on Charlie Rose

  1. HL says:

    Hey, Check out the pics and story from todays Anti-War march and rally in L.A. on

    The Hollywood Liberal


  2. Thanks HL – I was just checking them out! I’m going to link to them in my other thread! How many there in L.A.?

  3. florida dem says:

    I am really glad the turnout for the march was so strong. I’ve seen flash mentions of it on CNN throughout the day, but alot of the coverage has taken a back seat to Rita coverage. Is it just me or do some of the storm chasing reporters seem disappointed at the lack of Rita induced carnage on Texas?

    Back to the protest…I watched coverage of the ANSWER rally with a friend who’s a fellow Dem and we thought the rally was very poorly put together. First, no rally should last more than an hour and a half. Secondly, and most importantly, the purpose of the rally should not lose its focus. It happened today and at the last antiwar rally. The parade of various causes that got their 5 minutes on stage was dizzying. I mean, I’m not saying the U.S. doesn’t need to consider getting out of Palestine and the Phillipines, or even free the Cuban 5, but would it be too much to ask that at a “US get out of Iraq rally,” that we focus on that issue only? Sheesh! The organizers clearly lost the crowd and only briefly regained them when Jessica Lange gave a great – and on message – speech about the failures of ShrubCo and their lies that led us into Iraq. Since I tuned into the rally after it already started, I’m not sure when it lost its focus, but by the time 3 or 4 different sets of Fillipino women and a young South African woman (who’s only purpose was to lead an anti Bush cheer) came on stage to denounce US policy and ShrubCo, I quickly surmised this rally was a mess. My friend suggested that it was the liberal inability to say no to all those folks who wanted to speak that was the problem. If middle-of-the-road Betty whio’s undecided about the war is sitting in her living room in Indiana saw this rally she probably said I cannot relate to any of these folks. I look more like the pro-war crowd, therefore I’m sticking with them. Like I said, Jessica Lange was great and could possibly help change the minds of the Bettys in this country, but some of the others I saw on stage? No way. The crowd in attendance didn’t even seem to jump on board with all of the radical ideas, right or wrong, that were being proposed from the stage. Alot of them seemed like regular folks who were just against the war in the Iraq, period. After the loved ones of fallen soldiers had spoken as well as a some Iraqi War vets and a few other notables, it’s time to move it along folks. Oh get this, at one point Ralp Nader came out. My friend said if anything, they should blame him for Shrub getting in in the first place. She said if she was at the rally she’s be trying to jump on stage to give him a good beat down. She thought it would be kinda funny to go ballistic on him at a peace rally.

    One more thing….If the hard Left didn’t like to play moral elitist non-stop or wasn’t so misinformed on the IWR vote, think of all of the Dems and even a growing number of Repubs that would be able to lend their time, resources and media status to this event so they would get even more coverage.

    On the other hand, I do think Dem leadership needs to come up with a feasible exit strategy, or let go of the backroom power struggles and let JK present his plan. But I guess the pink elephant in the room is that the rest of the world is less willing to help Shrub, especially now that he’s in trouble politically at home. I’m sure they aren’t losing sleep over his sinking poll numbers. Not that it would have been a cakewalk but we all know JK would have been able to get a little bit more from the world community than Shrub has so far.

    Okay, that’s my rant for the day! PEACE!

  4. Florida Dem

    I heard ANSWER went way off the path (once again). Somehow we have to find a way to get more people in the same page.

  5. florida dem says:

    Hi Pam –
    I was just lurking at Dkos and many seemed to have the same opinion. Someone even posted that most high rankig Dems can’t speak at ANSWER rallies because they support some seriously fringe pro-violence, borderline antiSemitic groups. Several said it was unfortunate that ANSWER has staked its claim as the chief antiwar rally organization and that they wish MoveOn had taken this on. They wondered this because MoveOn was formed before Iraq II and had the infrastructure. I guess if MoveOn was to step in with their own rally that would step on ANSWERS’ toes and make the movement look fractitious. I’m just glad the MSM is focusing on the march itself and not the ANSWER rally.

  6. Indie Liberal says:

    I thought CSPAN’s coverage was boring. The problem was that ANSWER speakers had their own agendas including saying free Palestine many times. They lost me right there. I am glad the turnout was fabulous.

  7. Florida Dem

    The MSM is focusing on it being a United for Peace & Justice Rally. I think the UPJ is far more together than ANSWER at this point. They have veered too far left and made many uncomfortable.

  8. Dave from Princeton says:

    Yeah they went way to long with some of the speakers. Mainly because a lot of us wanted to get the march started. They went on an hour or so past the official start time. Though after a while, a lot of people just started walking.

    I didn’t even hear a lot of the speakers. People were all over the place, not just by the speaker’s stage.

    Didn’t mention earlier that beside the rows of crosses and rows of boots by camp Casey, they also had a mock Vietnam memorial type wall made up with soldier’s names who were killed in Iraq , a long string with soldier’s names and pics on it that a large group of people had stretched out along one side of the march that moved a long with it at times, following up at the end of the march were a large number of flag draped coffins.

    BTW. hopefully later DCP will have up some video clips of a lot of what took place today. A guy who needed a place to stay and hooked up with Karen video taped about 2 hours of the day. Starting at Karen’s house this morning and continued various clips all the way through some of the concert at the end. We watched some at Karen’s tonight. It will give people a little feel of the sights and sounds of today and some of what it was like bring here and the diverse assortment of folks who participated.

    On thr tapr, I got to see the main group of Bush and war supporters that I’d missed. I’d only seen 3 lame Bush supporters at one spot on the route. I must have broken off at the end of the route, before passing the block where the pro-war people were. I was disappointed i hadn’t seen any more of them. I guess there were supposed to have been a hundred or so of them. Didn’t look like that many on the video but may have been. There were a large number of police standing in front of them trying to keep the two groups apart. Probably for the freeper’s safety, since they were outnumbered over 10,000 to 1. Though i doubt even freepers would have been stupid enough to start something considering how far they were outnumbered.

    Oh yeah their favorite taunts apparently were yelling “Dirty hippies, take a bath” and something to the effect that “Cindy Sheehan’s s last name isn’t really Sheehan, that’s a liberal lie” Don’t ask me folks, we’re talking freepers here, so who the hell knows what was up with that…

  9. Ginny in CO says:

    I think it was the head of the “Bring Them Home Tour” had been cutting people off from making the rally more diverse than the War. Too many people to control among other things.

    Glad to hear from all who made it. I suppose the MSM might give it a little more time

    Hmm, might as well go to bed, I’m already dreaming..

  10. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    i love Viggo!

  11. Ginny in CO says:

    I can’t get the picture or the sound up enough to figure out what book Viggo and Rose were talking about. Anybody hear or recognise it?

    Viggo is a great member of the activist performers. I was interested in his comments about the articles, etc that make his web page. His description of how he links newspaper articles is exactly what I end up doing. They can seem entirely unrelated, be in different parts of the paper, and still have a connection that is sometimes eerie.

  12. Ginny

    It was Howard Zinn – possibly this one on Mortensen’s website:
    Twilight of Empire: Responses to Occupation
    New 2nd Printing with a foreword by Howard Zinn

    Perceval Press

  13. Found this on Perceval Press:

    Impeach, Remove, Jail
    In the often and rightly quoted words of Bill Clinton, “There’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right with America.” We see now how individuals and groups around the country continue to act in any way they can to help their fellow citizens in Louisiana, Mississippi and other devastated places near the Gulf of Mexico. They refuse to stand idly by and wait for President Bush and his morally-bankrupt, pirate administration to respond in an appropriately urgent and compassionate manner to the escalating agony and desperation of our fellow citizens. As we know, this agony and desperation was caused in large part by a near complete absence of adequate federal government funding, preparedness, and leadership. We the people will continue to help Americans and non-Americans alike, with or without the participation or approval of George W. Bush and his Neo-Conservative cohorts. While it is true that what is most important right now is to rescue, feed, house, and in any way possible care for those immediately affected by the disaster, it is equally true that in the long run those directly responsible for aggravating the tragic situation must be held accountable. The mounting evidence of the Bush administration’s criminal mismanagement of the nation, as well as its consistently arrogant disregard for our planet’s people and natural environments must be confronted immediately. Those who voted for Bush last year, or who have continually supported his outlaw administration in its destructively dishonest conduct — including not only extremist conservatives but also politically-calculating democrats — need not hang their heads or avert their eyes now. What they can and ought to do is join the increasing numbers of Americans who are demanding that impeachment proceedings be initiated as soon as possible. Members of the Bush Administration responsible for the blatant lies and self-serving manipulations that have fanned the flames of disaster from Iraq to New Orleans must be prosecuted as our laws require. We must insist on this. Furthermore, we must not allow these disgracefully unpatriotic public servants to be pardoned by any future president as Gerald Ford did for Richard Nixon. Please call or write your government representatives and help get the scoundrels out of government and in prison where they belong. Do not allow the subject to be changed, do not be distracted. The time to act is now. Take back your country.
    – Viggo Mortensen.

  14. KJ says:

    The book Viggo mentioned was: “Voices of a People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn.

    Yes, he’s a long-time activist and artist. I don’t care much for his poetry, however. LOL

  15. Ginny in CO says:

    Thanks, I really needed another book on the Amazon list….:)

  16. KJ

    Watching Viggo read his poetry would be nice! 😉

  17. Ginny

    I found a couple of books on Viggo’s recommended list that look good. My list is huge too…

  18. KJ says:

    Pamela, LOL 😉

  19. mitch says:

    Read Howard Zinn’s book of the history of the american people and have come to the conclusion I will never in any way celebrate Columbus Day. Way to much blood on his hands. It is truely a slap in the face of every native american that we still observe this one. Also a very good book to read, if you can find it is Night comes to the Cumberland. Can’t come up with the author it’s been a long time wouldn’t want to steer some one in the wrong direction but if you could find it , it’s worth the time.

  20. Mitch

    I have read a lot of Native American history over the past few years. Clumbus Day is a slap in the face. There is no way around. PBS will have a documentary sometime in the coming months on Native American Activist/Artist John Trudell.

    The trailer is here –

    It is so worth watching! I’ve seen the movie, it’s phenomenal.

  21. NMEwithin says:

    Interesting…He mentions: “The mounting evidence of the Bush administration’s criminal mismanagement of the nation” yet does not give one concrete example of said “evidence”.

    Keep drinking the kool-aid guys….