Monday Night “Earl” Blogging

A little levity… just watched the pilot of My Name is Earl and laughed my head off. The Wall Street Journal call it “A slam dunk critical hit.”

Read The New York Times review.

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4 Responses to Monday Night “Earl” Blogging

  1. florida dem says:

    Yeah, My Name Is Earl is really good. The scene where he discovers the guy he bullied was gay (when he and his brother run out the house) that was hilarious, without being offensive, ya know?

  2. KJ says:

    It *was* hilarious. Everyone was pitch perfect, especially Jason Lee. Glad I’m not the only one who watched this. Can’t wait to catch how Earl and his brother handle the rest of the list.

    The Carson Daly references were so funny. My husband had to ask me who he was, and if I didn’t read gossip on-line, I wouldn’t have known! LOL

    Karma. Just love it.

  3. We’ve been assaulted by “Earl” posters arond here – I’m right down the road from NBC. Sounds like a good one, if I ever remember to turn on the TV I might catch it!

  4. KJ says:

    Well, I wouldn’t have tuned in just from seeing the posters… Jason’s face is too static in the posters… Ken grabbed the show because he saw some clips. It’s really, truly funny and sweet, as well. As florida dem said, it wasn’t offensive in the least. Walks the line well. Worth a half-hour.