Out-of-State Firefighters Sent to Louisiana to Battle Wildfires

Like Katrina and Rita were not enough, now comes something outside the normal headlines Louisiana is used to. Wildfires are not what we usually think of, when Cajun country comes to mind. Once again, rescue teams from other states have come to assist people in an already fragile state of … Continue reading

Tallitsch For U.S. Congress ‘06: In front of Hastert’s Office

U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert got a little taste of Louisiana, but not the taste of Cajun cuisine or hospitality that he might have preferred. Stacey Tallitsch, Democratic candidate for Congressional District number 1 of Louisiana, spoke at a press conference outside of Hastert’s district office. He was accompanied by … Continue reading

Kentucky GOP Official Indicted in Probe

Here we go again with the GOP corruption, and the denial of any wrong doing. In Kentucky, a Grand Jury charged two members of the State Republican Party, with conspiracy and political discrimination for allegedly helping to make personnel decisions based on applicants’ politics. A grand jury investigating alleged political … Continue reading