Bill Clinton, Wes Clark, Laura Bush, Cheney and Rove, Stumping in VA for Governor’s Race

It seems like Laura Bush did not tire herself out pulling nails from her nail apron yesterday for George W. After the pitiful display she and George W put on in Covington LA for the BIG photo-op, she has the energy today to go to Virgina and help with fund raising. Seems like the first lady is filling in the blanks for the void she calls a husband. Local news station,WDSU, reports that both Laura Bush and Dick Cheney will be in Virginia within a week apart. Where does she get all this energy?

First Lady Laura Bush is hosting a Kilgore fundraising event Wednesday night in McLean. Vice President Dick Cheney will be featured for a private fundraiser in northern Virginia next Monday, Kilgore’s campaign said.

Kilgore also plans to appear Saturday with Bush’s political mentor, Karl Rove, for a Fairfax County GOP gathering. Rove is under the scrutiny of a federal grand jury investigating who leaked the identity of CIA covert operative Valerie Plame to journalists

Nice move on Kilgore’s choice, to put his fate into the hands Rove. Just keep it coming, these moves only help your opponentTim Kaine.

Former President Bill Clinton is headlining events in Charlottesville and McLean on Oct. 21, for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine. Wesley Clark is stumping for Kaine in Norfolk, VA, today.

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