Cohen Loses His Vision While More Want a Democratic House in ’06

Richard Cohen’s WaPo 10/14 column on the Plame leak being no big deal, is creating a lot of negative attention. Which may reinforce what I suggested to him last year after a really absurd column on being purple: “maybe he needs some time off to unwind and get refocused.” Meanwhile, a small NBC/WSJ survey has some startling numbers worth looking at. Salon has an excellent rebuttal to Cohen’s 10/14 Column “Let This Leak Go” on the investigation of Plamegate.

Cohen’s assertion that no crime was done because the intention was to smear Wilson, not get Plame killed brings Grieve to refute the assumption:

“It’s very difficult to believe that at this stage any intelligent commentator could in good faith dispute the idea that the leaking of Plame’s identity was wrong and dangerous.” (My Dad would have said : “Oh, Malarkey”)

Grieve’s link to Larry Johnson’s response provides the compelling security argument to keep the Intelligence community OUT of politics – if you want to have an operational system.

My own argument is that Cohen also misses the reality on control of information. That is what it is about. However Cohen implies that the controlled information was about the misinformation the WH used to lead the country to war. Which in fact was well known – at least to those of us outside the beltway- even if the MSM failed to report it.

“If anything good comes out of the Iraq war, it has to be a realization that bad things can happen to good people when the administration — any administration — is in sole control of knowledge and those who know the truth are afraid to speak up. ” Like the media – who also had the information the rest of us did?

That is quite different from giving out information that was NOT generally known because it was, for good reason, classified. There are times when following the intent of the law if not the letter may be an appropriate defense. This is not one of them. Regardless of whether they were just trying to discredit Wilson and used Plame’s undercover status, classified information was released.

On a brighter note, Salon also covers a survey that could be an indicator that more Americans are not willing to swallow the Admin, GOP, MSM or columnists rhetoric. The NBC/WSJ survey was quite small, the numbers are still big.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll contains the stunning information that President Bush’s approval rating among African-Americans has fallen to 2 percent in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.”

A larger poll might not be so drastic, more than likely it would still be stunning.

Especially for W and the GOP. The poll also had these intriguing numbers:

“Along with the president’s sinking popularity, the poll found that 48 percent of respondents want a “Democratic-controlled Congress,” while 39 percent prefer Republicans to be in control. The nine-point difference is the “largest margin between the parties in eleven years.”

The wind is changing. We need to get the sails up.

Memo to the liberal/progressive/populist blogs with flame war rooms: the sails won’t work if we don’t pull up, or cut, the anchors.

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12 Responses to Cohen Loses His Vision While More Want a Democratic House in ’06

  1. Ginny

    More than a few bloggers are NOT happy with Cohen. I’ve been wondering for a while where his head was at. I do think he needs a vacation.

    But then again — we all do!

  2. Ginny in CO says:


    A button I’ve had many years says: I need a vacation and I need it NOW.

    Unfortunately, what we REALLY need the vacation From, is BushCo.

    388 days until 11/7/06.

  3. Marjorie G says:

    Like Tom Friedman, the Iraq issue and middle east potential for Israeli peace captured many otherwise reasonable, Dem-leaning in all other respects, to misjudge how military will help bring stability to the region and the overreach of the neo-cons. When someone buys into bringing Democracy so undemocratically, results are tragic.

    Why Cohen doesn’t at least see endangering the CIA network a crime and misguided, even if not wanting to rethink the war, boggles really.

  4. Cohen is an idiot. A total idiot. Go work for the Bush admin where you belong, you clueless a-hole!.

    And as far as Judy goes… If the NY Times doesn’t fire that whore immediately, they have 0 credibility left! It’s been obvious for years that she’s either employed by the Bush admin, the RNC or both. She should lose her part time job at the Times and move her office to the West Wing, RNC HQ or Faux asap… I’d prefer she do hard time in prison first of course. Boy would be the icing on the cake, if Judy she got swept up with the rest of the Bush crime syndicate scum in Treasongate.

  5. Marjorie G says:

    Missed your soothing ways, Dave!

  6. Dave from Princeton

    The NY Times did get something right today… Let me see if I can find it.

  7. Marjorie G Says,

    I had a little built up rant in me. It isn’t healthy to hold it in too long 🙂

  8. Dave from Princeton, Thank you buddy, I was starting to suffer from withdrawl symptoms 😉

  9. Ginny in CO says:

    Dave from P!

    So glad you aren’t MIA. It was getting SO quiet & dull around here.

    My problem with Cohen is I used to like him & I can’t tell if he’s changed that much or both of us. At least I don’t remember him making such obvious errors…

    Looks like Pamela hasn’t found that NYT article yet 🙂

  10. Ginny

    What NYT article… By the way if I am not mistaken Richard Cohen was shown in his younger days in the movie I reviewed above.

    It was quiet and boring with Dave from P. And KJ has been away this weekend – and Ron is conspicuously quiet, too.

  11. Well to be honest, with some of the other folks here starting to do a little of their own ranting, I had to step back a bit and decide if I wanted to be associated with such behavior! 😉

    I’d noticed KJ and Ron have been a little MIA lately too. I guess if KJ went away for the weekend she has an excuse. Ron is probably busy doing something trivial like saving someone’s life or health.

    Donnie, how’s your group making out? You guys making any more headway with the Feds on assistance for your parish?

  12. Dave from Princeton

    Ranting… Us? Never. Well, maybe occassionally. 😉