The Democratic Daily Guidelines, Policies and Rules

After nearly 3 months online it seems that the time has come to post some guidelines, policies and rules for The Democratic Daily. We value everyone’s participation here and look forward to continued success in the blogosphere.

The Democratic Daily Blog, like all Blogs and Forums reserves the right to Moderate, Edit or Delete comments at their own discretion.

While we welcome open discussion on all the issues, we do not welcome bashing, trashing or attacking our Democratic leaders in office or Democratic Candidates. There are Blogs and Forums that support that, The Democratic does not. We also do not tolerate outright bashing of our members or any remarks that can be construed as bigoted or racist.

Comments that the Admin of this Blog find inappropriate will be edited or removed.

It is the belief of the founder of The Democratic Daily and our volunteer writers that unity and support of fellow Democrats is vital at this time. We’re here to provide news and information to our readers and discuss the issues.

We expect that commenters on The Democratic Daily respect our guidelines and the views of those Democratic leaders whose work we feel is vital to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Daily is not officially affiliated with Senator John Kerry or his PAC’s, or any elected Democratic leader who’s press releases, statements and speeches are posted on The Democratic Daily.

— We welcome submissions, suggestions and newstips.
Newstips, submissions and suggestions can be sent to

— We invite participation from our elected Democratic leaders, their staff and Democratic candidates.
With the 2006 election cycle approaching and vital work ahead of the Democratic Party, the goal of The Democratic Daily is provide support to Democratic candidates.

We recently posted a list of Candidates and PAC’s we endorse on the righthand of the Blog in the Blogroll section. If anyone has suggestions of other candidates and PAC’s to endorse, feel free to post them in the comments of this thread.

The Democratic Daily requests that anyone using material from our Blog, please provide a link back to the material you use, including press releases, speeches and other statements from elected Democratic leaders posted here.

All rights are reserved to the individual contributors of The Democratic Daily. Please contact each individual contributor for details. The Democratic Daily encourages Fair Use of all “copyrighted” materials.

More information about The Democratic Daily can be found at

Thank you all for your participation on The Democratic Daily. Our success is contingent on active particpation of our members.

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17 Responses to The Democratic Daily Guidelines, Policies and Rules

  1. Ginny in CO says:


    Can something like this be on the home page? Don’t remember having to sign an agreement to abide by the rules like other sites do and am not sure it is that important as long as the Guidelines, policies and rules are accessible. It would also be a simple addition to any edited comment. EG

    Grouchy says:

    Sorry, Grouchy, your comment had to be edited. Please reread our GPR (link) and follow them in posting at the DD. Thank you, Admin..

  2. Ginny

    There’s no rules agreement on the signup form and I’m not sure if there is a way to put on there.

    I’m going to check the comments template and see if I can add something there and I am going to make a page to link to as well. In the meantime, it’s accessible through the Categories.

  3. I’m not sure about rules per say, but if someone comes and bashes our leaders, they usually get bashed themselves, and some reply in a possitive manner after. Those that choose to act like trolls, rightfully need to be given a boot in the lower parts of the anatomy. There have been times that something has been misunderstood, and after it was over, we actually started to talk to those same people. So it might not be a bad idea, if we had a “Terms of Service” for people that post here. Just keep in mind, that some of the regulars, might fall into that gray area, with post on “Deaniacs” as an example.

    I’m just glad I don’t have to make thqat choice. Good Luck Pamela 😉

  4. Donnie

    There’s been comments that have outright had to be removed for various reasons. Usually no one sees them. It just seemed like a good idea to post something about rules, guidelines, etc. That waythere is something to reference.

    So, now that “admin” figured out how to add this to every page, hopefully that will help.

    Let me know what everyone thinks about the “disclaimer” addition to “Leave a Reply”

  5. I don’t find any prob. with it Pamela, just take it easy on me and Dave 😉 LOL gotta try to make you laugh.

  6. Donnie

    You are Dave from P are the least of our problems around here! We love you both. Speaking of Dave from P he seems to be missing…

  7. He has been MIA lately. Gonna have to pick on him when he shows back up. But I know how things go. I just had a good friend and one of my uncles die. Kinda adds to what has happened down here. But I have to go on.

  8. Ginny in CO says:

    We all do have to take time off from this to participate in life. And Yours Truly is so good at procrastinating when it comes to that daily chore stuff.

    Great solution Pamela. Must be why you are an administrator 🙂

    Check your email, or the drafts. Not exceptiional but hopeful.

    Donnie, sorry about your losses. My sister’s mother-in-law finally got her release from cancer last week. My daughter and I had gotten very fond of her over the years. Death always takes our attention and emotions into a high state of awareness. No matter how much we expect it or even how timely it is, the stun hits deep.

    We have a family thing about e-hugs. It’s part technology and part telepathy:)

    Did you get that hug??

  9. {{{{Ginny}}}} thank you. What so bad about my uncle, is that I just got to know him in the last few years. As you can tell, some might look at my last name and think, Cajun—huh? Well to make a long story short, he was my uncle on my biological side. My name was changed when I was in 7th or 8th grade, when my step father adopted me and my two brothers. He also fought with cancer for a good while.

  10. Donnie

    I had 3 friends pass away last fall, one right before the election and two after. 2 had cancer and one had a massive coronary at the last rally before the election. It was a rough few months. I’m sure the loss of your uncle and friend compounded the grief of the storms. I’m sending you {{{hugs}}} too!

  11. Hey, I turn my back for 1 minute and you put in place some kind of anti-Dave from P no bashing. trashing or attacking rule! 🙁

    Actually, very good idea to have the disclaimer. Now when our little GOP assisting lost liberal friends want to stop by to bash JK and/or the whole Democratic party, they can’t say they weren’t warned in advance that helping Rove and the RNC, even if through ignorance, will not be tolerated at one “liberal” blog:-)

  12. Hey Dave from Princeton, We just mentioned yesterday about how you were MIA for a lil while.

  13. Dave from Princeton

    You’re back — I was begining think the engagement was off… 😉

    It seemed at this point easier to have a clear statement here that bashing is not en voque as it is other places. Maybe others will take to the idea that liberal blogs should be supporting liberals.

  14. Donnie

    I think Dave’s ears were ringing.

  15. He missed his Goddess!! LMAO

  16. I’d been around. Was just lurking and reading, instead of ranting for a change. Sorry good try but the engagement is still on!

  17. Dave from Princeton

    I love long distance engagements! LOL! Glad you came out of lurk mode… we missed your rants.