Ice-Box Art: Hot Words in the French Quarter

Gotta love the Cresent City and their resolve. From the City of New Orleans, comes more of the flavor for setting new standards. Refrigerators have become a way to express political dissent equal to Freeway blogging.

In New Orleans’ exuberant French Quarter, even a discarded refrigerator can be a canvas for artistic or political expression.

Elsewhere, hurricane cleanup crews may be content to set the smelly iceboxes on the sidewalk and forget about them. But here, residents have begun dressing up their cast-off coolers with feathers, bow ribbons, and enough cold commentary to give a political leader the chills.

One French Quarter fridge is addressed as though for delivery to President Bush at the White House — COD.

To George W Bush - Photo from NPR

And a third sarcastically recalls the “great job” Mike Brown was said to be doing, shortly before he was put on ice as FEMA’s man in charge of disaster relief

Just goes to show, that all the questions on if Louisiana could rebound from this, was just a bunch of babble. We’ve still got our sense of humor, we have some good local leaders, and we will have more after ’06.

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9 Responses to Ice-Box Art: Hot Words in the French Quarter

  1. Way to go Donnie! Your first link on The Daou Report!

  2. Woohoo!! crank up the heat on the cooked goose. Thanks Pamela for the edit, pic was a nice touch too. Didnt know if I could put them in.

  3. florida dem says:

    Bravo Donnie!

  4. Seems like my foot and Bush’s Bottom side have something in common, they both need to be occupied, in the same place and at the same time.

  5. Here’s another look at this story from Reuters:

    New Orleans’ frustration exhibited in graffiti –

  6. LMAO nice to see that the media caught onto this. But we had it first. 😉

  7. Kudos to NPR, for the news before the MSM.

  8. We had pictures too – compliments of NPR. 😉

  9. Nice to get the heads up huh?