Sen. Edward Kennedy Attempted to Rescue 6 Fishermen

U.S. Senator, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, noticed some fishermen trapped on a jetty off Hyannisport when high tide came in. Thus giving another example to the GOP, on the real meaning of true Compassion.

Kennedy was walking his two dogs on the shore at 11:15 a.m. when he spotted the men cut off from shore by the rising waters. They had been fishing on a jetty that begins at the tip of the Kennedy compound.

Tides had risen over the patchy rocks, which made it difficult to walk back to shore.

Kennedy and a friend tried to rescue the men using a 13-foot boat but rough waters forced them back.

Lucky for the fishermen, who were eventually saved by the Hyannis Fire Department, that Bush was not the one to come upon the scene. I think we all know the effects of Bush and his “Help is on the way” promise.

Ted Kennedy put his life on the line for 6 strangers . Now that is a noble cause. To Bush a noble cause is risking the lives of our young men and women for a lie or outing an undercover CIA agent to protect that lie.

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19 Responses to Sen. Edward Kennedy Attempted to Rescue 6 Fishermen

  1. Hooray for the good Senator from MA! When those tides start rising it’s easy to get trapped on a jetty. Almost had that happen myself in my younger days in MA.

  2. Kennedy showed his true grit again.

  3. Marjorie G says:

    Water and Uncle Teddy. Hope this doesn’t become a MJK bridge thing.

  4. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    aww, yay for Teddy!

  5. The irony of this post, is that I did not see it in the MSM, and found it with a local La. station. Imagine that, Louisiana putting up headlines about a Dem Senator and his compassion, while the MSM failed to do it. Could this be a sign of the times? You have to love the irony of this.

  6. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    It was in the WaPo… but I’m very glad it was in Louisianna headlines as well.

  7. NT4K

    Glad to see this made the WaPo too. Aren’t you glad you are moving to MA!

  8. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    Very much, Pamela! Wish he’d save me off the Hyannisport cost… 😉

  9. NT4K

    I hear that! I wish I was moving back there myself.

  10. Marjorie G says:

    NT4K Moving to Hyannisport? That must be wishful thinking.

    Tell us all about the move, the rotaries for Pamela, and every other little thing for me. Just heard Jet Blue is starting $25 ea way from NYC to Boston. Tempting.

  11. When I got my morning emails from WaPo and NYT, they did not have anything on this. that is what I meant by that. Local is the only place I could find it at that time.

  12. Indie Liberal says:

    Yay Uncle Ted! 🙂

  13. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    oooh I wish. Not to Hyannisport, but to Massachusetts!

  14. NT4K

    Well anywhere in MA is heavenly in my book. Especially the North Shore. It’s wicked there!

    There’s lot’s of rotaries! LOL! 😉 -ing at Marjorie G…

  15. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    hmmm, I should start saying “wicked”!

  16. Native Texan4Kerry, oohhhhh I’m gonna pluck your ear if you make it here for Mardi Gras!! Or I might let Dave from Princeton do it. 😉

  17. NativeTexan4Kerry says:


  18. NT4K

    Absolutely! Everything is WICKED – especially on the North Shore. WICKED COOL.

  19. OK take that road huh? Well no home cooking for you! 🙁 and I made a homemade soup today. Some women would llike for a man to cook. 😉