State Updates Total Katrina Deaths to 1,070

The number of deaths in Louisiana, that are attributed to Hurricane Katrina, has been updated to 1070.

NOTE: These Numbers do not include the casualties of Bush’s poll numbers or Michael Brown’s undeserved job.

The total number of deaths from Hurricane Katrina was increased to 1,070 on Friday, three higher than the figure released earlier this week.

The figures also include the number of bodies found at four nursing homes being investigated by the attorney general.

The latest figures say 35 bodies have been recovered from St. Rita’s nursing home in Chalmette, east of the city. In New Orleans, 19 bodies were recovered from Lafon nursing home, 12 from Bethany nursing home and two from Woldenberg Village, according to a release from the state Department of Health and Hospitals.

At least 140 patients at New Orleans-area hospitals and nursing homes died during the storm and its aftermath. State Attorney General Charles Foti’s office has said previously that six hospitals and 13 nursing homes in Louisiana are under investigation.

Foti has charged the owners of St. Rita’s with negligent homicide and subpoenaed 73 people in a probe into whether euthanasia caused the deaths at Memorial Medical Center.

The investigations involve allegations of neglect or adbandonment even if it did not result in death, which is why more than four homes are under scrutiny, Foti spokeswoman Kris Wartelle said.

The Department of Health and Hospitals said 877 bodies have been examined at the morgue in St. Gabriel, 284 released to family members. Of those 284, medical examiners said 268 died from causes related to the storm, while 16 died from other causes.

In addition, the morgue was ready to release 243 bodies but was in the process of contracting the families.

The department said 338 bodies examined remained unidentified, while 12 that had been identified were awaiting autopsies.

Of the 268 bodies that had been released and deemed storm-related deaths, 201 were from Orleans Parish, the department said.

By race, 131 of them were black, while 123 where white, 10 Hispanic, one native American and three unknown.

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12 Responses to State Updates Total Katrina Deaths to 1,070

  1. Marjorie G says:

    Donnie, any sense that there are that many more undiscovered, unaccounted for or taken away in secret by the military or morticians on Bush’s payroll? I heard they were discouraged from entering every house.

    I’m relieved there aren’t more, but will we ever know the details of Katrina?

  2. Donnie

    Are there any numbers on how many people are still missing?

  3. Hmmm… Marjorie and Pamela thinking along the same lines… Marjorie askes the fuller question…

  4. There is no way to really tell. St. Gabriel has a majority of the bodies, but a portion is distributed around to the other parishes to lighten the load. The lower 9th ward is still blocked off to people as far as I know. So I assume there might be more to be found.

  5. P.S. I couldn’t resist the cheap shot at Bush and Brown. 🙂

  6. Loved the cheap shot!

  7. Marjorie G says:

    Marjorie just babbles.

  8. I also just found someting in the local paper about the Goobernator getting peppered at a voter forum by some Dem activist. Love it!!

  9. cali dem says:

    Thanks for posting this information. Seems we suffer compassion fatigue sometimes and move on the the next atrocity or political dust up. It is outrageous that at least this many people lost their lives to an avoidable natural disaster in our country. Outrageous.

  10. Your welcome Cali Dem. It’s kinda hard to forget it, when your state is the one to get hit. I thinks it’s safe to say that we have had enough storms to last us for quite some time.

  11. I just heard that 5,000 are still missing and would like someone to note where these individuals might be. Let’s hear it all.