Wise Ass: It’s the Information Age

Wise Ass: It’s The Information Age

The rate at which human knowledge is doubling is now less than two years.

Historically we are at a point that will shift the tectonic plates of civilization more than the printing press did. The computer, the personal computer and the Internet are rapidly being woven into the lives of billions around the globe. We are far from fully developing and utilizing the power of the ‘Net.

The earth is also going through a rare change: reversing the polarity of the poles (last estimated 50,000 years ago) will be completed around 2021. Chemical reactions happen because the earth has a magnetic field and warmth. As the field changes, it is weakening. The effects on weather, flora and fauna are unfolding.

Among the forecasted problems we are likely to face in this century:
— Global warming melting the polar ice caps, rising ocean levels with flooding and increasing natural disasters.
— The next flu pandemic we are virtually unprepared for. (US Gov. is now admitting this!)
— Stock market crash due to the Boomer retirement and the American Debt plus:
— World wide economic instability as the ratio of elderly to productive citizens increases.
— Increasing instability in the Middle East fostering more violence and destruction.

The knowledge we have is extensive, accessible and growing daily. One problem is looking at the multitude of problems and developing a whole earth plan. The experts in these fields are only a beginning, we also need the people with “integrative vision” (as applied to Ken Wilber “A Brief History of Everything”).

The bigger problem is retaking the American government from the right wing insurgents who infiltrated the GOP and are running a great country into ruin.

This is my comprehensive proposal on what should be done and why. Any one view inevitably contains errors and omissions. It is my fervent hope to promote creative thinking and further discussion.

Pathological Ideologies, Polarization and Alienation

The Pseudo-GOP has several strategies, all established as a 40 year reinvention of the GOP, which effectively empower the PGOP members to vote, while disempowering independent voters, and overwhelm the left.

Religious grassroots are the most powerful: widespread and effective. Individual religious leaders, money and American culture have combined to corrupt the teachings of one of the most influential prophets in the history of man. David Dark’s “The Gospel According to America” is a powerful examination of how distorted this ideology is.

There are two important components. The violence of the Old Testament, which has transferred to all three world religions based on it; fostering increasingly combative behavior and creating a staggering number of books on the subject. The insecurity that the religious leaders evoke in human minds leaving many of their followers scared, angry and malicious.

Lakoff’s linguistic analysis provides an understanding of how the PGOP base filters information to fit their world view. A blogger who is deeply concerned about the personality changes in his friends and family offers another insight. Part of the PGOP message is a validation of naughty child behavior, with the assurance that they will not be held responsible for any consequences. I often hear it as: “It’s OK to grab the biggest piece of the pie you can get and NOT share”.

Another critical contribution is Tony Campolo’s “Speaking My Mind.” His key is that there are evangelicals with the nurturing parent frame as well as the strict Father. The difference is rooted in something Campolo can’t resolve himself : the contrast between the warlord God (strict father) of the Old Testament and the King of Peace God (nurturing parent) of the New Testament. (Jesus did have a temper, and I have to wonder how he would react to the “undeserving poor” phrase).

What seems clear when Campola discusses the Dispensational interpretation of Scripture, spread by the Scofield Reference Bible; is that the strict father, vengeful God model has been perpetuated by this unscholarly and questionable annotation of the Holy Bible. I also suspect that the concept of God in the image of your own parents fits into this. Nurturing parents promote a concept of a nurturing God. Perhaps the swing voters had one nurturing and one strict parent?

{I have to acknowledge Dr.Campola and Mr.Dark, for restoring my respect and admiration for the Evangelical movement. I highly recommend their books to those who are angry and bitter with the religious right.}

The Neoconservatives are the brains, power and true goal setters of the PGOP. How many Americans know who Grover Norquist or William Kristol are, what they believe and how much influence they hold? Ed Kilgore’s recent essay is the first time I have seen this groundless economic plan traced to Ayn Rand. A complete distortion of the work of a powerful writer.

The Neocons have increased deficits and ballooned the debt in accordance with their underexposed “starve the beast” strategy. Decades of “tax relief” to get the fat out of government budgets has left none – except in the pork, which grows daily. The “Have Mores”(and wannabes) are falsely pitted against the defenseless “Have Nots”.

Changing Liberal into a derogatory smear has been childishly effective. To the extent the Democrats try to advocate for the weak, the PGOP bully us as comical geeks and nerds, ostensibly showing the “weakness” of compassion. We are cast as enablers: like parents who overprotect their children from reality.

Another strategy is making all things Government EVIL. The institution, employees and programs. The capacity of the PGOP to elect candidates at all levels for decades has progressively distorted or disabled administration, management, regulation and legislation. Most alarming is the election process, from registration to count.

It is quite PGOP to repeatedly malign the system and then not take responsibility for their contribution. Given the amount of time the PGOP has had to make “government is BAD” a self fulfilling prophecy and the extent that it still functions, is testimony to the commitment of our vilified civil servants.

The media’s widespread abandonment of professional journalism for bigger bucks has been thoroughly traced and exposed. The effect of the media misinformation, and repetition of disinformation became statistically explicit with the PIPA report. To the extent that the media repetitively echo the church message, that arousal of emotions is magnified in the susceptible voters.

Katrina has added to a noticeable change to better journalism. It still has a ways to go, as does the change in the “liberal media bias” perspective. The misperception of this bias leads me to consider how it affects the reception of news stories. If the story is adjusted by the individual, based on the assumption they are correcting for the bias, the net result probably looks like this:

Reacting groups:……..PGOP………Others…….. Swing Democrats
Type of story:
PGOP -………………+ to ++………0 to +………………0

Dem+………………..- to 0…………0 to +……………..+
Dem -…………………- – -…………….- -………………….-

As has been noted by others, given the Republican noise machine, plus the false liberal media bias, it’s a wonder Democrats have been elected at all. Nor is it surprising that our message and values are dulled and distorted.

Repolarizing and Defusing Destructive Emotions

There is a difference in binding polarity and repelling polarity. Think of the difference between the power of magnets to not be put together or to jump to bond. Rapid repolarization allows the heart muscle to keep contracting quickly. Electrically, energy flows from negative to positive. Don’t we often look for the good we can bring about from a negative?

Books on hatred are another overwhelming stack. Mine includes ” Destructive Emotions, How Can We Overcome Them?” Daniel Goleman (narrator) and “Why We Hate”, Rush Dozier Jr. There are four paradigms I believe are essential to consider in what plans we develop to change politics, government and the direction of America.

The first is understanding how the human mind develops and works. How it can be turned on or off. Remember Right brain/Left brain? There was a lot of misunderstanding about this important feature of humanity. The differentiation occurs between the ages of 2 and 4. Not only is the development of both sides important, the number of connections between the two improves critical thinking. Oversimplified, IQ is L brain and EQ is R. Einstein argued that imagination (R) is more important than knowledge(L). Life is one long lesson. Imagination is mostly developed at this time.

The new theory of conceptual blending (“The Way We Think” G. Fauconnier, M.Turner; and others) as the means by which most of our thinking evolves and how the mind works, seems to add further to this perspective on how we process or ignore a message.

Intercommunication of the two sides is the basis of all decisions. The human brain evolved to be able to grasp both sides of any situation or idea. If both sides of the brain are well developed, if the connections are adequate and thinking skills have been practiced; learning, thinking and creating, join with love in the great joys of being human.

Reality gives us a variety of brain development as well as learning disabilities and perceptual differences (J.Ratey “A User’s Guide to the Brain”) There are people who want complex explanations to understand issues and resent emotional appeals. Others do not follow L brain language well, yet they understand issues quite as well with R brain imagery. Gifted orators – King, Kennedy, Obama – use both.

The differentiation leads to a basic conflict in our personal identities. The L is “I”, the individual part of us. R is “me”, the member of families, groups, society, country and the human race. I and me are often at odds. I wants and needs to be free to do , while me wants and needs to be . David Dark brings up two quotes that illustrate:

“I think; therefore I am” – Descartes

“I am because we are; and since we are, therefore I am” – John Mbiti (African theologian)

Notice the difference in complexity? The “It takes two heterosexual parents” vs ““Two parents AND the village”? This basic difference and its “conflicts” are everywhere; religion, values, government, communicating. When the two sides communicate and find solutions that are compatable, we have the confidence to act. Some people act on the decision of whatever side of the brain has more development and control. Does anyone believe American culture and education system promote R brain development? That NCLB tests for it? When we understand the different functions and the conflict, we are better able to reconcile it if we know how to question.

The critical development between 3 and 5 is based on the 300 to 400 questions this child can ask in a day. There is a huge jump in vocabulary on the L brain. The R brain develops a perspective of who, what, why, when and how to question. The children who get to 400 a day are getting answers, praise and encouragement.

In “Breaking the Rules”, Kurt Wright identifies the importance of raising the right question to tap into our intuitive (R) knowledge. One effective communication method is to ask a question easily answered with common knowledge and basic reasoning. Answering a question in your own mind is a more powerful form of learning than being given the answer.

The next critical brain development to understand occurs about 7 when a child is fully able to differentiate between imagination or fantasy, and reality. Experiential memory and emotions are mostly connected to the R brain, which was probably how the whole brain worked until language developed and the differentiation began. (And why smells, music and pictures trigger memories) Note that in the Christian church, the essential indoctrination is completed by 7 when the child is confirmed. What kind of independent metaphorical thinking does the strict Father, vengeful God, world view allow? By sending messages that link the R brain childhood memories and emotions to metaphors (conceptual blends), can we also inhibit the adult’s ability to differentiate fantasy from reality?

One hopeful concept in developing critical thinking at all ages, is that personally encountering new or unfamiliar ideas, races, and realities challenges the individual to change their world view. It improves their ability to think and courage to investigate the unknown. It is often evident in the impressions voters get by actually meeting a candidate.

Once we understand that communication is received verbally by the L brain, and metaphorically or with limited wording by the R, we can target messages to both kinds of reception. We need to avoid triggering guilt, anger, fear and insecurity. As one blogger put it, people can be inspired to take the higher ground without pandering, patronizing or insulting. I would add: exaggerating the facts or conclusions. Linguistic analysis and the conceptual blending model of how we learn and think, need to be used in phrasing messages and questions to reach the intuitive, metaphorical mind.

The factor that is critical to avoid and defuse is the Old Testament vengeance that permeates our language and reasoning. My sister’s neighbors in Tokyo included a professional couple fluent in both languages. The woman explained that they had a practice of using English to argue because Japanese does not allow it.

The most effective technique for turning accusations into dialogue is Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication, a Language of Compassion”. Described as ‘the lost language of humankind, the language of people who…long to live in harmony.’ Buy it, learn it (I’m still trying), use it , teach it. We should start WITHIN the party.

Joe Rubino’s 7 principles of self-discovery and leadership that empowers, are presented to reach R & L brain in his fable “The Magic Lantern”. He identifies the important difference between taking a stand for a value versus a position to act on. The principle that “People operate out of good intentions, decide to forgive” leads to an amazing number of books on the power of forgiveness. If we enter discussions with respect for dignity, opinions, values and intentions, we promote the practice of civil discourse. David Dark’s (pun intended?) ‘ Waffle House Forums’.

Polls before Katrina showed a majority of Americans wanted a significant change in the direction of the country. They have lost confidence in government, elected officials and the parties. How do we get past the suppression of facts that don’t fit the world views of the ignorant? How do we get across what needs to be changed and how to do it? How do we overcome the perception that we aren’t any better than the PGOP? It starts with raising the knowledge base of the American voter.

“Knowledge is power” – Francis Bacon
“Knowledge is the antidote to fear” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Knowledge can be power and salvation if we have the power to use it” – A.J.Toynbee
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – G.Santayana.
Expanding on the Princess’ of Rhyme and Reason (“The Phantom Tollbooth”, N Juster)
We have to differentiate, in history and the present, whether we were/are doing:
— the right thing for the right reasons (WWII)
— the right thing for the wrong reasons (Gulf War I)
— the wrong thing for the right reasons (some aspects of any Government program)
— the wrong thing for the wrong reasons (Hitler, Viet Nam. Iraq)
(See the difference in a reasoning vs emotional comparison of current events to Hitler?)

Leading to my observations:
Repeating the same thing and expecting the same result can also be stupid. (“Justifible” War, Tax “relief”)
Knowledge is power – if you can figure out how to properly apply it. (Economics, Statistics)
Ideology is like science, it grows and changes with new information and reasoning. (Liberal, Conservative, Religion)

I sense Americans have reached a “teachable moment”. There are ways to bridge the learning styles, curves and limits of most people. If we can reach out to those who have been overwhelmed with the complexity of government, yet might overcome the sense of futility in learning; participation in the process of self government could be significantly increased. What do they want and need to learn?
— American Government 101: The Constitution
— American ” 102: The US Govt.today: Branches, Departments, Processes, Programs
— American ” 103: The election process and political parties. How the quality and appeal of the candidates is
dependent on more people getting involved in the parties.
— Advanced and Required : The history of War and Peace

Government for the people, by the people and of the people is about empowering the people to govern themselves. The sad fact of the history of governments is that they inevitably begin to disempower the citizens. Even our country won’t keep from running itself into danger if it’s citizens do not take the responsibility to exercise their power. The vacuum of noninvolvement and apathy sucks in people who abuse the power of government.

The Founding Fathers envisioned the press as the ultimate means of disseminating knowledge, ideas and doubts. Given the media mess we have, we need to create new opportunities and to pressure the MSM to return to it’s true purpose.

The interview with Robert Greenwald in “Start Making Sense”(D.Hazen L.Chaudry) seems like a good beginning to expand our understanding and alternatives to pursue. Dan Gillmor’s “We the Media” is now on my Amazon wish list.

Thanks to the Democracy Alliance, we should be able to put some fresh, more articulate voices representing us on the news and talk shows. Would a think tank be a good place to coordinate the huge potential of the Internet?

The perception of a liberal media bias has to be dispelled. Ideas welcome.

An American Ideological Renaissance

“Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all is to see the world as it is and not as it should be”
Don Quixote, “Man of La Mancha” M. Cervantes

We should be reframing and reinventing both parties. A massive amount of criticism has been focused on the Democratic party not identifying what it is for, what it wants government to do for the citizens.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are Instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

All parties advocate for the Right to Life.

Isn’t the (real) GOP the party that upholds the Right to Liberty?
Don’t the Democrats have a record of upholding the Right to pursue Happiness?

Why don’t we talk about the Right to pursue Happiness? The Founding Fathers were advocating sloth, drink, drugs, gluttony, idolatry, greed or indiscriminate sex? That it was added only for the meter? Rhyme and Reason are R brain/L brain. The two sides of humanity are expressed in our Declaration, and the institution of government is identified to secure our rights – with the power given by the governed.

I propose Democrats identify the right to pursue (true) happiness as our mission. We prioritize life worth living. Freedom from Want and Freedom OF Religion. We are the party of a society that says we respect all life and we will care for those who cannot care for themselves. The party that protects our environment, safety and minority rights. We work to empower the people to be the best they can be. A life is a terrible thing to waste.

The Real GOP are our fellow Americans whose mission is to promote the Right to Liberty. They prioritize the freedom of the individual to act. Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Fear. It is the party of a society that recognizes the value of individuals and chooses to protect their creative abilities from extortion. The party that protects our country, our privacy and our individual rights. The party that empowers the best and the brightest. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Our Values can be found in Article I, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure the domestic Tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,do ordain and establish this CONSTITUTION, for the United States of America.

All parties are responsible for upholding Justice.

In order to protect the pursuit of happiness, Democrats work to ensure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare. (Yes! the Real meaning of that W word 🙂 ) This country created a middle class. We achieved it by promoting the general welfare. Under the PGOP, the American Dream is slipping into the nightmare of poverty.

We know that “Happiness cannot be pursued directly. It comes only as a by-product”. That if the general population has adequate opportunity to safely obtain food, shelter, health care and education; they will pursue work, have families, practice their faith and contribute to the country. We should start asking of government, as Sen Kerry suggested: “What’s in it for ALL of us?” That isn’t just this year or next, but in 20 years.

Republicans promoting the right to liberty would be working for the common DEFENSE and securing the blessings of liberty for us AND OUR DESCENDANTS. We have to ask why so many can”t see the steady erosion of our:
— self sufficiency in the refusal to develop alternative energy.
— economic security in deficits, debt and disparity of income.
— civil liberties with the Patriot Act and judicial activism on religious specific values.
— national dignity and respect of the other 96% of the population that lives on this planet.
— voluntary military morale and increased vulnerability to terrorists.
— education, health care and welfare systems that are the basic equalizers of society.
— commitment to repay the debt we owe to veterans who risked life, limb and sanity.
— willingness to govern ourselves and cooperate rather than endless arguing.
– – journalists and politicians being free to do their jobs without malicious interference.
— environment and small business viability due to deregulation.
— global technological leadership from less government support for scientific research.
— hope for the future in a world threatened by disasters we won’t work to avoid .

Under the PGOP, Joplin’s refrain is a warning: “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose”
Does anyone not understand the Pseudo in PGOP? They are failing their responsiblities and sabotaging ours.
What will be left to defend in 20 years?

“A civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” – Will Durant

Is this stealing the language of the Declaration and Constitution, excluding other parties? If anything, it gives them a better means of explaining their focus’. They will reflect the dissatisfaction with the performances of the major parties. It is also possible to break the missions/values into different combinations.

Do candidates completely allign with one party? I hope this returns to the decreased focus it had before the PGOP.

Do candidates only work for the rights and values their party prioritizes? Key word: priority. They are also responsible to represent the people who didn’t vote for them.

Nor would I expect or want either to fully trust the other. Control of power is why we have checks and balances.

A New American Integrity : TAKING the Best Path

“The destiny of mankind hangs in the balance of what we say and what we accomplish” – D.D. Eisenhower

The Democrats need to pull out a white flag and call a truce between the red and blue. The country is divided against itself, again. We need to reach out to true conservatives and the religious base to gather their courage and rebuild the GOP: WITHOUT THE NEOCONS. It has to be possible to communicate our intention to work together to produce a government that is not too much or too little. A government that works, as hard as Americans do.

Each party needs to acknowledge the other as necessary to maintain a steady national course instead of the pendulum we have been swinging on for a century or more. Recovering our common ground, working for a better life for all of us: with less stress. As Dan Carol requests, slowing American culture down a tad would give us all much needed time. For our kids, for catching up on our sleep deprivation, and having the energy for family, friends, church, schools and politics.

The party attitudes towards campaigns and elections have been described as: PGOP considers it war; defeat and conquer. Democrats see it as a game to be played again. Maybe we could change the game so we all can play and not get hurt. Would the real GOP go for War Games? We need to conquer our hostility, not each other. Adversity is known as an exercise that makes us all stronger.

Like religion, money, and power, government is not intrinsically good or evil until PEOPLE use it or abuse it. Do we believe that if you give Government the mandate to do it’s job, without malice and interference, it can actually work pretty well? That after more than a century of mistakes by both parties, we are capable of learning from them? We need to promote and practice the concept of creating synergy . That working TOGETHER will get us much farther than obstinance, self rightousness and exclusion. Is there any reason we shouldn’t work FOR good government? Powered by people of competence, integrity and compassion? Could we be, as Dark suggests, multi-partisan?

The Democrats are making serious headway on rebuilding the party and politics. Howard Dean and others have restored half the infrastructure to be permanent.

The voting process; procedures, laws, and equipment are being thoroughly examined to restore voting rights. Thank you Robert Stein and The Democracy Alliance for funding progressive think tanks.

Critical question voters have doubts on: how can we pay for fixing the mess?
— Prioritizing needs and reallocating the money we do have.
— Low tech works quite well in the rest of the world.
— Incremental steps could give us enough homeland security to reduce the big risks.
— Throwing brains and our exploding knowledge at the problems could produce solutions cheaper than our fears.

Is the PGOP is going to bring Michael Katz’ (“The Price of Citizenship, Redefining the American Welfare State”) ideas, or the studies of the root causes of poverty into consideration? Will Bush support the NEA, the university schools of education, or our classroom teachers, to use better teaching methods rather than more testing to prove we are not educating our children?

There are people (Franklin Spinney, Congressional testimony 6/02, Winslow Wheeler “The Wastrels of Defense”, Chalmers Johnson “The Sorrows of Empire”) who know enough about the Pentagon, Congress and the Millitary-Industrial-Congressional complex, to give us the ways and means to tame the beast and recover money that is needed for health care, education, security and paying down the debt.

Enter the new kid on the block. Steven Levitt, in “Freakanomics” with Stephen Dubner, brings asking the right questions, the power of disseminating information and the importance of figuring what you did right and what you did that didn’t make a difference into a powerful new application of economics. A populist economics that has Smith’s and Rand’s connections of morality to economics. Excellent new books explore the real world disasters of privatization and the viable alternatives to economic globalization.

One strategy that needs to be developed is getting people into the discussion. First to validate the importance of problems from the people most involved and affected by issues they perceive as being ignored or misunderstood. It also allows those in the trenches to give valuble input. There is a difference between legislators listening to constituents and politicians with their fingers in the wind. If you want people to buy into a solution, make sure they have been a part of developing it. Peter Daou’s recent analysis of The Triangle (Salon), presents valuble insight from someone who’s had a foot in two trenches. Getting the netroots and leaders combining their powers is a major potential of the Internet. A way to create SYNERGY!
Externally and internally, Democrats have been faulted for hiding their faith, not talking about it, leaving religion to the Republicans, and belittling or denying it.

Reality check, the other side of faith as many have expressed it:

“I do not know any religion apart from human activity” – Mohandas Gandhi
“It is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read” – Thomas Jefferson
“True religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess” – Louis Nizer
“Religion is goodness with its sleeves rolled up” – Magnus Ratter
“Religion isn’t worshipping what the prophets did, but doing what the prophets worshipped” – William E Alberts
“To worship the prophet is simply an easy substitute for doing what the prophet asks” – Charles Park
“Being religious is being unconditionally concerned whether in secular matters or religious” – Paul Tillich

If the Democrats have no faith, how have we survived the last 20 years? Showing up, working for candidates and being candidates are all acts of faith. Faith in ourselves, higher powers, what we should do and why.

Secular humanism has also been accused of undermining religion and faith.
It is the common ground of beliefs shared by all faiths in some way. Justice, the values of life and family, not stealing, killing, lying; the virtues of love, learning, honest work. Isn’t this how we we bring faith and morals into government without violating the Constitutional “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” ?

How do we convey this without being mistaken for pretenders? Working with Evangelicals like Campola, Wallis and Dark, as well as the many Christian members of the party, may help us find the message that is meaningful, inclusive and honest.

{Begin Sermon} There is too much baseless criticism WITHIN the party. Are we the big tent party? Could we stop using labels like the PGOP does – to smear people with a different opinion? In addition to getting more people into the discussion, I propose that the “inside the beltway” faction give the top down, progressive input. The “plain citizens” can give the grassroots, populist input. And the folks with the integrative vision thing can sort it out and develop strategies that could be discussed, debated and refined – without malice. All of us can show a little tolerance for the folks who are very wrapped up in their own world view. (They might even be persuaded to enlarge it).

The personal and subjective attacks on party leaders are below ignorant. We have some superb leaders that are speaking eloquently and intelligently. Senators Kennedy, Kerry, Feingold , Obama and Rep. Pelosi have all made some excellent speeches recently. Gore and RFK Jr are contributing additional constructive and inspirational messages. There are more. If you don’t like what you hear (and do be sure you LISTEN), offer constructive suggestions, get involved in finding better candidates and supporting them, or run for office yourself.

Anyone who thinks we don’t have enough good leaders, or good enough leaders; needs to consider if some good ones are reluctant to take on the stress of criticism they will get from inside – ON TOP of the GOP smears. We are more likely to get the qualified new candidates we need by supporting our current leaders and ceasing the poisonous hate mongering.

If we didn’t have good leaders in the party, would we have survived to reach another turning point? If more of us had been vocally supporting them over the past 30 years, would we have been here sooner?
{End Sermon}

In both religion and leadership, I believe I am not alone in considering one person to have an unequalled international respect, philosophy and focus . The Dalai Lama has created a world wide following that speaks for the common human desire for peace – among people of all religions. We need to support everyone that can provide world and local leadership out of the ongoing violence and perpetual wars we are mired in. Is it really weak to be clear that we only will use violence as a LAST resort?

Election campaigns are about CHANGE; the pain and fear of change, the need to change, the things and ways to change. These aspects need to be communicated with the clear idea that we DO have the POWER to change . Without causing unnecessary pain or harm. Getting a message to resonate with voters requires finding out what hinders or motivates them to vote for change.

The PGOP has used the manipulation of emotional triggers with passive aggressive messages that are intimidating and coercive. Democrats can do better by adopting a passive assertive approach. Compassionately acknowledge fears and concerns, use knowledge, reason and metaphors to identify and address the issues.

Speak to inspire the audacity of hope.

Voters chose candidates who earn respect and confidence. The decision is based on trusting the individual to be a responsible office holder. It’s about POWER.

“Any man can stand adversity. If you want to test a man’s character give him Power” – Theodore Roosevelt

How does the voter perceive the candidate using, abusing or idling the power of the office? How does a candidate honestly project character and responsibility? I think Clinton hit the nail on “campaigning is one long job interview with America”. Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus campaigns as much on a job description and the candidate’s record and resume, as opposed to just their ideology and plans?

Large numbers of Americans have been avoiding the election process. This party and the candidates can promote taking the responsibility to become an informed voter, making the tough choices and the integrity of voting your decisions.

It’s about restoring the true Power of the Ballot .

“We, even we here, hold the power and bear the responsibility” – Abraham Lincoln

Virginia C Cotts
Wheat Ridge, CO

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6 Responses to Wise Ass: It’s the Information Age

  1. KJ says:

    Um… wow. My left brain is overwhelmed and my right brain is busy mapping… something.


    More as this digests… 🙂

  2. Ginny

    The is excellent stuff and so much to comprehend.

    “There is too much baseless criticism WITHIN the party.”

    Ain’t that the truth!

  3. Ginny in CO says:

    This is 17 years of active participation and 40 years of observation and contemplation distilled into as concise a proposal as anyone with 2 degrees in BS can get…

    We had some doubts about how to post it. Read and consider and see if it stimulates some R brain ideas about how we can better reach more American voters. I don’t expect or want a “Majority” party. Fluctuation should occur as the checks and balances make corrections in our course.

    I would like to see more friendly disagreement and respect, let alone less fear, anger and malice. between the parties.

    To a better future Some day, Some how, Some way.

  4. Dee in Colorado says:

    Ginny…I’ve always admired your intellect, but I have a new appreciation for your genius! Awesome dissertation!

  5. Ginny in CO says:


    Well, I’ve been known for the perspiration, but not that sure about the percentages to use the g word (blush).

    ADD has some advantages to make up for the nuisance factors. It is a unique form of looking at the world and seeing patterns, etc. looking for the stuff that you know has to be there and, finding them. (Why some of us knew we wouldn’t find WMD in Iraq)

    Now you know where my brain has been for awhile 🙂
    Would it help her opinion of me if I sent Sue a copy ???

    (Dee is one of the evening charge nurses on my unit. We keep each other up on current events & ideas from the liberal view)

  6. Dee in Colorado says:

    I think everyone at work knows how smart you are already, but I think it would benefit anyone to read what you’ve put together. It really puts together how things work and are connected…things that many of us haven’t thought out like you have. It sort of reminds me of the common sense of the book “Freakonomics” and yet more complex.
    I love the quotes you used as well.