It Appears Dems Have A Money Problem

I’m hoping this report from the WaPo is wrong, but I’ve got a bad feeling. Of course money can’t solve all the Dems problem, but it can’t hurt to have it on hand either — Democrats Losing Race for Funds Under Dean

I’m not sure how much Dean can be blamed-if at all- for this situation. Hopefully this is just another case of Democrats getting into a circle for a firing squad rather than into a straight line. Well, there is no time like the present, to start fundraising for 2006.

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18 Responses to It Appears Dems Have A Money Problem

  1. Mass says:


    Careful, we already had the same type of reports last term and it turned out that the fundraising was the best ever and that we were catching up on the RNC, in fact.

    Simply, we are starting from very low, and even if we improve, it will take time before we catch up.

    The only thing that would be significative is to know if we get better. This morning, Dean was saying that before we were at a ratio of 1:3 and now 1:2.

  2. Mass

    What Nick posted was in the WaPo Friday. We all know it will take time to catch up to the Republicans when it comes to fundraising, however I see no reason not to be concerned that we’re not doing beterr. Yes, it’s been discussed before and maybe it needs to be discussed again – maybe also if people are more aware of where we stand they will be more inclined to donate.

  3. Mass says:


    I was not critcizing Nick. On the contrary, his comment is very responsible.

    I was just stating that I would like to see actual numbers and comparison before I make my opinion on this subject. (I have the feeling that Nick’s comment about circular firing may be part of that, but without actual numbers who knows?). As usual, WaPo does half of his job.

  4. ifk editor says:

    Off topic, but has anyone read Al Franken’s new book. THE TRUTH with jokes

    Here’s a brief review.

    Al’s analysis of the 2004 election is funny and on the money and will probably anger the ultra liberal set, with his fair minded treatment of Kerry.

  5. Mass

    I hear you. Look at it this way – it’s a great reason to remind people to donate!

  6. Dem Dude says:

    I guess the neocon controlled MSM thinks the Dems don’t need to spend money to win elections. In Virginia alone, the DNC donated over five million dollars.

    It just goes to show you, even when we win, we lose in the eyes of the MSM. They are never satisfied and they must ALWAYS find something negative to say about the Democrats.

    The Republicans, as usual are selling themselves out to the highest corporate and special interest group bidders. Howard Dean refuses to do this. Always has, always will.

    Since his election as DNC Chairman, Howard Dean has been concentrating his time on recruiting and building a strong infrastructure.

    When he switched his emphasis to fundraising, he will be able to raise plenty of cash without selling out like the Republicans have done. This will become a campaign issue that the Democrats will win.

    Dean set the pace early in the primaries with record breaking donations from the grass roots. He has not lost the magic.

    Of course, if anyone is still concerned for Dean, they should immediately make a substantial donation to the DNC.

  7. Marjorie G says:

    Dem Dude, we agree that Howard is doing a fine job, and the naysayers tend to be the other side. He has always been a good motivater.

    Building from where we are, almost at the beginning, will take time and not for the faint-hearted and sometime politico. Kerry also has a PAC, which supports and helps get people elected.

    Pam, why do some of the threads go below the left boxes?

  8. Nick says:


    No offense taken man, I perfectly understand where you are coming from (but thanks for the back up Pamela).

    There was a graph with the WaPo article that showed the GOP ahead of us in fundraising- of course for the WaPo to believe GOP spin (even in graph form) is hardly new either. Thus the comment in the post about WaPo possibly being wrong.
    Just so folks are clear: I wanted to make people to not get too carried away with the dem victories last Tuesday- we’ve still got a lot to do. The caveats about WaPo simply reflect my long experience watching the WaPo go from being the paper that exposed Watergate to one that usually uncritically accpets what DC elites tell them.
    Honestly sometimes I think the folks at WaPo are more worried about getting invited to fancy dinner parties in Georgetown than they are about exposing how so many emporors and emporor aides really don’t have any clothes on.

  9. Dem Dude

    Sadly in today’s political climate we need the large donation donors to compete with the republicans. Dr Dean has not done well courting those donors. This is not the first report of this. Our grassroots donors simply can not competer with the highrollers that donate to the RNC. It’s commonsense.

  10. Marjorie

    Threads usually go off kilter when there are long links posted. Are you referring to this thread or another one.

  11. ifk editor,

    I just bought Al’s new book. I haven’t started reading it yet but will as soon as I finish up the one I’m reading now.

    I got to meet Al at the 2nd Corzine debate party. It was a radio debate and Al was hosting that debate party at a comedy club in New Brunswick. 🙂

  12. Ginny in CO says:

    I thought Dean’s focus on rebuilding the infrastructure was exactly what we needed and darned if they haven’t done a great job on that. With that in place, Dean should have a better situation to approach the “investor class” and local people to follow up.
    I’m not sure if Robert Stein’s Democracy Alliance has pulled some investors away from the DNC and into this long term investment strategy. At least we have that too – and it may have much more influence by ’06 than another 30 million in the DNC coffers.
    I have to wonder if the Democratic grassroots and wealthy haven’t been pulling more out of their budgets for Katrina donations than the GOP “it’s their own fault” mindset.
    The GOP may have the same capacity for direct donations to campaigns, but I would bet that is another variable that makes ’05 different than ’03. With candidates like Paul Hackett reaching out directly for donations, some of the $ that might have gone to the DNC and then to candidates like Kaine, may be going directly to a candidate of the donors choice.
    Although I think Dean may avoid this much more than the DNC has in the past, there are some valid concerns over a lot of money going to close races and nothing to candidates who might have made it with more DNC financial support.
    And if Al can joke some reason into the Kerry bashers, I’ll buy a couple and pass them around. IFK IS COOL 🙂

  13. Great review from IFK on Al Franken’s new book. I just posted it and am ordering the book from Amazon!

  14. ntisuzi says:

    I agree with the statement that one has to date for a while before one asks for money. If you go in asking you are just another whore doing your job. If you date for a while, you may get presents for things you care about.
    That is the difference, hopefully, between the DNC and the DLC. If the DNC wants the fascist aristocracy of big business, then they might as well be DLC. We, who are the little guys, will pony up when DNC decides where it stands.

  15. Dem Dude says:

    # Pamela Leavey Says:
    November 13th, 2005 at 9:17 pm

    Dem Dude

    Sadly in today’s political climate we need the large donation donors to compete with the republicans. Dr Dean has not done well courting those donors. This is not the first report of this. Our grassroots donors simply can not competer with the highrollers that donate to the RNC. It’s commonsense.

    — ——————-

    You are parroting neocon MSM talking points.

    When Dean gets the grass roots motivated, I’ve seen them donate over one million dollars in one day! Those days will come again very soon.

    As I said before, Dean will not sell out the soul of the Democratic Party to corporate special interest groups the same way the Republicans do. We would be better off being beholden to smaller, grass roots supporters.

    The Koz agrees with me:

    High dollar donors who care about the party and the nation should be able to give without getting wined and dined by Dean. Long term, that is where the Democratic Party needs to go — funded by small dollar donors and supplemented by big donors who have their priorities in the right place.


    And the right place is to be supportive with no strings attached, in other words, do not ask the Democrats for special favors in Congress.

  16. Dem Dude

    I’m glad Kos agrees with you. Bottom line is not everyone agrees on everything. Personally I would prefer Clean Money elections – that’s something Kerry has pushed in the past. In this political climate Clean Money elections would get through Congress and we CAN NOT compete with the Republicans on grassroots money alone.

    That’s my opinion and the opinion of others.

  17. Ron Chusid says:

    Dem Dude,

    Regardless of the validity of your argument, citing Kos is not going to carry any weight here. Actually stating Kos agrees with you is likley to make us more skeptical of your arguments.

    As for fund raising, we’ll have to wait and see. Dean did do an impressive job of raising money during his campaign, but the needs for the party nation wide are far greater than for a single primary campaign. It certainly would be beneficial not to be dependent on corporate interests for money.

  18. NativeTexan4Kerry says:

    What about people who donnate to specific candidates rather than to the DNC itself? I mean, perhaps people are just choosing to give their money directly to Democratic candidates and then it amounts to the same thing? I know I’ve given a ton of money to Bob Casey, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry’s PAC already this year… but none to the DNC itself yet…