Forget About Abortion, There’s A Much Greater Reason to Fear Justice Alito

Some liberals will be much tempted to make Judge Alito’s 1985 comments about abortion the linchpin of their opposition to Alito. Sure Alito should be asked about these comments, but if recent polls are any indication, we appear to be living in a “pro-choice” country. Sure some Dems are hurt by the fact that some people view Dems not as the pro-choice party, but as the “abortion on demand party” or a party that is viewed as having no tolerance for views on abortion that are to the right of radical feminists.

Still, given public opinion and the Court’s reluctance to overturn Roe vs. Wade in the past (even after 3 Supreme Court appointments made by Reagan and Bush Sr. each) it is unlikely that a Supreme Court with Alito on it will outright overturn Roe vs. Wade. In any event, in only 13 states does the pro-life view outnumber the pro-choice view. Of those 13, only 2 (West Virginia and Missouri) can be called something other than safely Republican. The remaining 37 states are majority pro-choice.

But before Dems go to spotlight Alito’s views on abortion as to why the American People should be afraid of Alito, they should check out these articles here. In Judge Alito’s world, abortion may or may not be legal, but that’s irrelevant because in Judge Alito’s world few workers will be able to afford an abortion-or a lot of other things come to think of it.

Remember: 60% of households make less than $50,000 (but they were only 45% of the voting electorate in 2004). Among voters from households making less than $50,000, Kerry won 54% of their votes nationally. Had only voters from the sub-$50,000 income households gone to the polls in 2004, Kerry would’ve won at least 31 states.

Given the facts that the bottom three income quintiles:

1. make up a majority of households

2. Already voted for Kerry and not Bush

3. Could be hurt tremendously by “Scalito’s” rulings

4. And are more drawn to the Democrats because of economic rather than “cultural” issues

Woudn’t it be a good idea for Dems in Congress to spotlight Alito’s views on actual “average Americans?”

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One Response to Forget About Abortion, There’s A Much Greater Reason to Fear Justice Alito

  1. Ginny in CO says:


    Thanks for pointing out the neocon Trojan horse play. No wonder they’re all so happy.

    Somehow we’ve got to get the 15% of the electorate, from 60% of households making less than $50,000/yr, that didn’t vote in ’04, to start voting.

    I can make some educated guesses here for a majority.

    They work two jobs

    They are on disability &/or have significant medical issues

    They have never voted before.

    There are a disporportionate number of minorties.

    They have moved around so much they have difficulty with registration and voting.

    The rest are the totally cynical, overwhelmed by mixed messages and politics, they refuse to vote.

    Maybe MoveON and ACT Now can refocus their GOTV strategies.