Review, Al Franken’s “The Truth (with jokes)”

Franken’s new book, The Truth (with jokes) is not only a great read (as the writer of the foreward says, the book delivers on it’s title and subtitle) it is a concise and complete review of the Bush Administration’s unbelievable record. Several of us, and Bill Moyers, have said that the American public has reached a teachable moment. This is your textbook for those lessons.

Al Franken is a comedian first (ok, to be a really good comedian, you have to be really smart first). As such, he knows that humor illustrates truth better than anything. And it soothes the pain of the truth. In this case the crushing evidence of the most devious and morally bankrupt presidency in it’s history. Franken brings together all the information and the compelling arguments for believing the reality based evidence in a highly readable 307 pages. I found it on my porch about 2 pm yesterday and finished it in under 10 hours. Some of that because of the honestly earned, maternal capacity to multitask laughing and wetting the pants.

There is only one story in the book that I’m not quite sure about. Just a hint here, Franken decides to counter the lies with his own, made up lies. He makes a point of telling you when something is made up and didn’t put that at the end of the cockpit scenario when W was flown on to the USS Abraham Lincoln. The story is totally believable, it is also heart stopping to realize W can still be so stupid with his own life. If it hadn’t been for the pilot managing to barely land the plane in spite of W’s lack of control, they would have gone into the ocean. I commend the pilot and wish he hadn’t had to put his life and career on the line for his CIC.

Despite having many other important things to do, I am leaving them still at 4 am to write this. (I know my son will forgive me cleaning house after he arrives for a reunion & Thanksgiving – I’ll just give him the book to read). It has been my conviction for some time that we can reach more Americans with the truth if we can find a way to teach it.

This book will give you the information, the reasoning – and the jokes- to start educating anyone who is willing to learn. I may buy a couple more for students willing to read the textbook. As Franken says in the last two lines of Chapter 14, …”we should think about what we have to do in America. We have to throw these guys out. Step one is 2006. The work starts now.”

Amen, Get the book, Get the facts, Start teaching. There’s only 353 days until 11/07/06.

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5 Responses to Review, Al Franken’s “The Truth (with jokes)”

  1. I guess I need to put this on my christmas list – everything I have read about it is wonderful. I’m a big believer that there is nothing that happens in life that you can’t laugh about – no matter how bad it is – at some point. I guess that includes this last election.

    Maybe we need to add more humor to our posts here – some laughs are needed in these times… as well as teaching people the truth.

  2. John says:

    I have read it, very good book. I also have read Jimmy Carters new book, This has alot of good stuff to use in debates. I also
    recommend” What’s the matter with Kansas”
    and ” Crimes against Nature. If anyone has any must reads out there please let me know.

  3. KJ says:

    Agreed, life isn’t worth living without belly laughs. 😉

    John, as for good reads, right now, I’ve turned to back to poetry and fiction. Probably not what you’re looking for.

  4. KJ says:

    John, this might go along with “Crimes Against Nature” (although I haven’t finished either book!)

    “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” by Thom Hartmann

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