Veterans with PTSD Facing Benefits Debate

It was only a matter of time. The VA is in a war over benefits for the increasing numbers of veterans getting compensation for PTSD, according to a report today in WaPo . That number, 215,871, increased seven times as fast as other disabilities, causing an increase of 150% from 1999. In addition to the new Afghanistan and Iraq vets applying, some from the Gulf War and Viet Nam wars are now more aware of the disorder and are coming forward for treatment. The increase is threatening to expose another, more volatile problem. Continue reading

Bush Base Comes Home-And It’s Not Enough

The Baltimore Sun reported about an Associated Press-Ipsos Poll about Bush’s job approval rating has risen from 37% in November to 42%. Before anyone starts panicking lets not forget that 57% still disapprove of the overall job Bush is doing overall, still higher than in most other polls through this … Continue reading

Remembering Pearl Harbor – December 7, 1945 Vs. September 11, 2005: Infamous Comparisons

EDITOR’S NOTE: In commemorating Pearl Harbor Day, L.A. area writer Ed Rampell “compares where America stood four years after both the Pearl Harbor and 9/11 sneak attacks.” In his email submitting this post Ed says, “As a historian who co-wrote a book about Pearl Harbor, I have some unusual insights … Continue reading