Get Ready to Pay Big Bucks for Those Little Mudbugs

Now the storms were bad enough, but this really hurts. To live through those two monsters, was bad enough, but now our traditions are taking a kick in the private parts too. In a usual year, prices usually drop below a dollar a pound for crawfish, after the Lent season starts way down here where I live. OK, some of us might still get some, but not like in the past when area residents were not suffering from the after affects of Katrina.

But, this little note of economic news from the Bayou, may also serve to remind people about what we went through down here, when it comes time to vote. The nightmare of Katrina will never go away for the GOP or the people who survived. The after effects of Bush and his band of Pirates, ignoring the situation, and the appointment of unqualified people, will serve to destruct the GOP in November.

Gas prices are rising again, and now our so is the price of CRAWFISH!! Now this is a kick in the pants.

Our local paper covers this, and I hope, if you are a crawfish lover, you will try not to cry along with me. There is good news though, I know who the Grand Marshall of our parades will be, but that is another story.

Want crawfish? You better have the bucks.

A shortage caused by last year’s weather — both hurricanes and drought — has boosted wholesale prices of the prized culinary treats to around $3 a pound, about double last year’s price. And that’s for live crawfish. Wholesale, not retail. If you can find them at all.

In Thibodaux, the Seafood Outlet on Canal Boulevard is selling boiled crawfish for $3.95 per pound and live mudbugs for $3.25. Nonetheless, one saleswoman said the crawfish are selling as well as in previous years.

In the predominantly Catholic area here, crawfish boils are common place. It is tradition. Hopefully, the last four days of rain we have had, will help those lil critters come out and make it a lot less drastic.

The traditional crawfish boils accompanying Mardi Gras celebrations will be fewer this year, said Whitney.

“But you know what’s scary?” Whitney said. “We’ve got Lent coming up.”

In predominantly Catholic Houma-Thibodaux, it’s hard to find a spot in a local seafood restaurant on Friday nights during Lent, which stretches 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter. The Catholic Church encourages followers to abstain from eating meat during Lent, so many opt for seafood, and crawfish boils abound.

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4 Responses to Get Ready to Pay Big Bucks for Those Little Mudbugs

  1. Teresa says:

    O My God, Donnie!

    They are so below the belt. Don’t mess with a guy’s mudbug.

    I can’t believe it. Crawfish were always for everybody and there isn’t a real Louisiana without them. It’s history, man, and certain people better beware.

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  3. Teresa, I never thought I would see the day that they would ever cost that much. When I saw the newpaper artical, I just stared at it in disbelief.

  4. cali dem says:

    Can anything be done to fight back? Boycott?