Billboards and Bloggers and Why be Balkanized?

Reading the Joan Baez interview in The Guardian this morning reminded me of the activist days in the 1960s. People TALKED about what was happening, young, old, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian. Discussion and argument about the issues of the day were norm. One reason, we all knew what was going on. We all had the same frames of reference.

Today? The issues of the day are Angie and Brad and their baby and when did Jen know?

We all know the Murdocks of the world control the information flow… the networks and newspapers are corporate entities… the bar (so to speak), on the internet is still open, but as we all know, for all its reach, the internet is still a contained space.

For all our technology, we’ve been successfully “Free Speech Zone’ed.” Our frames of reference are fractured.

What if we seriously took on the spying, lying Bush misAdministration with duct tape, magic markers, cardboard and road signs… like the freeway bloggers have been doing… in EVERY community. Ask the liberals with the deepest pockets in town to sponsor the cost of a billboard, something everyone in the community will see and WILL talk about. Make sure we “can’t change that dial.”

(Because, while we have Michael Moore making great movies, let me tell you, no conservatives in this area drove the hour and half it took to see the movie and few came to see him when he spoke here. Although there was a home-made sign asking him to “go home.”)

I’d love to see the frames of reference joined. If we want to own the conversation, low tech tools might be our friends.

After all, al Queda beat our sophisticated systems with box cutters.

Just Stating the Obvious After Two Cups of Coffee

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