Two FEMA Employees Indicted in Kickback scheme

OK… I know this will not come as a suprise, given the leadership, or lack thereof, that is displayed in the current Administration. But a couple of days ago, it was in the news that FEMA has showed their true colors again. I will let you make your own decisions, and let me know if I’m wrong about FEMA… I think you can see a cycle here, with everything the GOP is in on.

Two FEMA employees indicted in kickback scheme

The FBI arrested two Federal Emergency Management Agency employees Friday after each accepted $10,000 in cash kickbacks from a food services contractor, the U.S. Attorney said.

The contractor, who was not immediately identified, notified the government of attempts to bribe him soon after he arrived in New Orleans at a FEMA camp in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said both suspects – identified as Andrew Rose and Loyd Hollman, both of Colorado – took the contractor into a locked room to discuss how they could artificially inflate the head count of FEMA workers taking meals at the camp, which would increase the contractor’s revenue. They allegedly told the contractor they would need $20,000 in kickbacks to inflate the figures.

Hollman and Rose each were charged with soliciting bribes as public officials. Both were in custody Friday afternoon and Letten said prosecutors would argue that they should be held without bail as flight risks.

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4 Responses to Two FEMA Employees Indicted in Kickback scheme

  1. I think you are on the money Donnie! FEMA did a lot of good in the Clinton days. What a mess Bush’s corporatization has made of it.

  2. Teresa says:

    Fabulous, Donnie. We must keep informed. Good to have a sentry in the Southern outpost.
    So justice still exists?

  3. Dave from Princeton says:

    Donnie did you see this!!!!

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Federal emergency officials failed to accept offers of possibly life-saving aid from the Department of Interior immediately after Hurricane Katrina, according to documents obtained by CNN.

    The Interior Department offered the Federal Emergency Management Agency the use of personnel who were experienced in water rescues and also offered boats, helicopters, heavy equipment and rooms, the documents say.

    Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, chairwoman of a Senate committee with jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, said the additional resources may have saved lives.
    The Interior Department offered FEMA 500 rooms, 119 pieces of heavy equipment, 300 dump trucks and other vehicles, 300 boats, 11 aircraft and 400 law enforcement officers, according to a questionnaire answered by a department official.

    Interior law enforcement officers included special agents and refuge officers from the department’s Fish and Wildlife Service.

  4. I also have a story in the making. There is a group of college kids down here, helping out with relief work in my parish. They ran into a problem with the landlord, and got kicked out the place they were using as a staging area. I have met a few of them, when they come in to drop off storm debris. I have come to know some of them, and I have tried to set up an interview with the Leader of the group. After I get off work on wednesday, I might be able to set up an interview. I actually like them, so maybe I am biased, but I think the landlord is an A** and wanted to get some money for the land.

    Helping Out

    A nonprofit relief effort serving Ashland residents in the wake of Hurricane Rita seems to have run afoul of a local landlord.

    Members of a grassroots group called Common Ground are staging food assistance and offering volunteer help with rebuilding and supplies for cleanup from a rented mobile home on Ashland Street in Ashland North, a subdivision south of Houma. Dozens of volunteers have pitched in since Hurricane Rita brought massive wind and flood damage to that area.

    But Friday, members said the landlord, Chris Billiot, told them to vacate his property.