Lawyer Says Gitmo Detainees Force-Fed

Now if I remember right, the current administration has claimed that they “Do Not Torture“. Are we to believe that Force Feeding someone that is on a hunger strike, is not a form of torture? What is the deal with this Aministration? Wiretaps, torture, fraud, lying to the country, immoral and illegal wars, outing covert agents, cronyism, and the general raping of our Constitution just to name a few. How long shall we suffer the the disgrace of a Government that chooses to ignore every ideal and law that our country stands for?

Ron posted on Bush being found guilty of war crimes. I do believe this would fall into that catagory. I don’t think I am the only one to see this. At this time, the only thing that I can think of, that would be worse for the country, is if something would cause Dick Cheney to become President! Just remember King George, you will have to answer one day, to the GOD you claim to know!

I will let you make your own decision, and let me know if this sounds like a fair and just way to treat people.

A lawyer for detainees at Guantanamo Bay said Thursday that the military has used increasingly harsh methods, including strapping prisoners to a special chair, to force-feed those on hunger strike and persuade them to end their protest.

Military personnel have strapped the striking detainees into a “restraint chair” to aggressively force-feed hunger strikers, Tom Wilner said. The attorney returned from the prison at the U.S. base in eastern Cuba last week and had his notes declassified by the government late Wednesday.

The harsher methods, Wilner said, began in December and included the removal of so-called comfort items like blankets from the prisoners.

The lawyer said this new treatment is the reason the number of strikers has dropped to four from several dozen at the end of 2005.

“That’s what stopped the hunger strike,” said Wilner, who represents six prisoners from Kuwait including one who has resumed eating after starting the protest in August. “They purposely force-fed these people to end the strike.”

Sounds like the easy road for them, was to stop the strikes, since they cannot stop the world media.

Prisoners participating in the hunger strike have alleged in court documents that the feeding tubes have been roughly inserted and withdrawn in an abusive manner – an allegation the military has denied.

Mason, who represents one prisoner still on strike, said the four are protesting on behalf of other detainees at Guantanamo.

“It’s not about the numbers,” she said. “I don’t think it’s a situation in which some people have gone off the strike because they believe conditions have improved at Guantanamo.”

The United States is holding some 500 people on suspicion of links to al-Qaida or Afghanistan’s ousted Taliban government.

Stephen Oleskey, a defense attorney who visited the base last month, said some of his clients, Algerians who were arrested in Bosnia, told him they had seen hunger strikers who were “emaciated” and needed help to walk.

So I ask you, is this the work of a Government with compassion, or the works of a dictator? ’06 will tell the real story. You people in the GOP, are gonna get served by the “We The People” that you have fogotten! Your lease is up, and your eviction is on the way.

The International Herald Tribune has more on this here.

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