Stacey Tallitsch: Katrinacrat and Proud of It

For those of you who have followed the progress that I have made since the storms, since my seeing the light, you may remember my friend Stacey Tallitsch, who has chosen to face the cabin boy of the USS GOP. Well, it seems as though he may soon be back home in Louisiana. It’s time to get busy, and take the fight to the enemy. Bobby Jindal — you are gonna be served your eviction! Time to take out the trash. Red state? Oh we will see about that. As far as Jindal’s run against Gov. Blanco goes, I would rather have Bugs Bunny voted in. Maybe your hero, Dick “Elmer Fudd” Cheney, can give you a job after “We The People” fire you!

Check the records and you find that I live in a Democratic leaning Parish in LA. I know what it takes to get this state, and I will fight the GOP to the end!! Time to take off the gloves and “Box Old School” as Stacey says. I have watched this bully push us around too long. George Bush, your eviction is coming! Dick Cheney, you live up to your name, and your eviction is coming! All those fence walkers are on notice… Time to decide, and you have given too much to the other side. Our state needs you, and not your political games. Want a little advice? Listen and learn.

I’ll be giving all my free time to help Stacey Tallitsch with his campaign. This is the mail I sent to Stacey:

Hi Stacey,

Let me know when you make it back down here, and I hope to get together with you. We have a lot of work to do here, but I am hopeful and will not give up. It’s hard to believe all the time that has passed, and yet there is so much to do. Together, we can rebuild our state, and make it a stronghold for good. When you are ready to get your campaign into gear, and start the good fight, let me know and I will be there when I am on my days off. Time to take off the gloves and get busy!! So when you are ready for the fight, I will be in your corner.

I don’t remember if I told you on the last email, but I finally went back to work, and it’s about time. Geez, thanks a lot Bush!! Love the compassion!!! OK I know I’m preaching to the choir 😉 Give me a shout and let me know how you and the family are.


Stacey was kind enough to find the time, given his status (being displaced by Katrina), to respond. I look forward to meeting my friend and future congressman. Stacey, you are the man, and I hope you give Jindal the proper lashing! I look forward to being by your side, as you speak against the powers that be!

This is the mail I got back from Stacey:

Thanks for the update. I’m still in IL, but I’m in the middle of making arrangements for an apartment at the 1st of March. So I’ve got less than 3 weeks left until I get back home.

I won’t have anything to put in it, but I’ll have a warm and dry place to sit and work.

I agree with you, it’s time to take the gloves off and box ‘old school.’ I’ve just started pod casting, have a book coming out in March and have another one already on the shelves. I’m ready to meet everyone, go to tent cities, FEMA trailer parks, and door to door to let people know there is real hope. The people have to know that first they’ve got to elect a pit-bull, not a “nice guy” who’s going to bend over backwards to accommodate a liar, a thief, and a felon who illegally wiretaps and invades every aspect of their lives.

The issues have gone from basic ineptitude to a personal vendetta. See my blog entry here.

That kind of cruelty is only found in third-world countries. However, Banana Republicans think it’s “what Jesus would do.”

To let you know, I use the “katrinacrat” title in my pod casts. It rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Stacey Tallitsch
Democrat for Congress
Louisiana First District

Katrinacrat, can you say that word? It does roll off the tongue, does it not? Stacey, I thank you and appreciate what you will do. Spread the word “Katrinacrat” — let everyone know we are mad and we want a change. Watch out America, we are gonna turn your party sour. We want to set the record straight. Time to stand and be accountable for your actions. Bush — you are served! Stop the lies and tell the truth for once. I look forward to seeing the whole lot of you getting tossed out.

Katrinacrat is not just a word, it is the banner of all that have been wronged after Katrina, Rita, and the rest of the lies given to us! Let the name be thrown up in a manner to suit it, a name to describe change and protest!! Katrinacrat is for all that have been screwed by BushCo and want change. Shout and make your voice heard!

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7 Responses to Stacey Tallitsch: Katrinacrat and Proud of It

  1. Ginny in CO says:


    Can I wait til morning to shout? The neighbors might not get it.. This is great. I will check out Stacey’s site and see if the budget can absorb another deficit 🙂

    Have to think of some bumper stickers.

    Katrinacrats: Raising the South, Restoring the Union

    Ok, I’ll sleep on it.

  2. Ginny

    I like that bumper sticker. I like it a lot.

  3. Evacuee says:

    I’m quickly learning to love the term Katrinacrat. It might be a way to nationalize the 2006 elections:
    “Katrinacrats support [candidate name]”

  4. Evacuee

    I’m thinking you’ve found a new place to rest a spell and take a load off your weary self…

    If you’ve got questions, let us know.

  5. cali dem says:

    This is just what I needed to read today. After yesterday’s nastiness over the betrayal of Paul Hackett, I was just feeling demoralized. One can only stand so much viewing of political sausage-making.

    This is exciting!!!

    BTW – In the quest to determine once and for all the most annoying senator currently serving, we have a list of 6 finalists.

    Cast your vote here.

  6. Evacuee, I agree with Pamela, stick around and make yourself at home.

    Ginny, I like the bumper sticker Idea!

    Cali, It does the heart good, to know that some people are willing to give all, and do the right thing.

    “Katrinacrats support Stacey Tallitsch”

  7. For a good view of Stacey in action, here is his latest post on his blog. Go get ’em Stacey!!

    Pamela might like the pic he has with the post LOL. For of you that were not around when I last posted about Stacey, here is Stacey giving some grief to Hastert in front of his own office.