As the 2004 Election Approached Rove Kicked Damage Control into Overdrive

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo pointed out a very interesting article Murray Waas wrote in the National Journal.

It seems Karl Rove warned the White House team in the summer of 2003 that Bush’s chances for re-election in 2004 could be in severe danger. Damage control spun into overdrive. The truth could not be revealed to the American public. The President had to be protected at all costs. Continue reading

FEC Regulations for Internet Politics

The FEC, under court order to regulate campaign advertising on the Web, has been looking at regulating other political activity on the Internet. The tremendous increase of Netroots political action groups in sparking national attention and debate leading to mass organized intervention activities, on top of the all important fund raising potential; had also come under FEC scrutiny for regulation. Continue reading

E.J. Dionne Is Only Half-Right

Finally, someone in the MSM noticed the very perceptive analysis “What’s the Matter with Connecticut?” that details how the Democrats do well in certain wealthy areas (e.g. Montgomery County, MD., suburban Los Angeles, suburban Los Angeles, Seattle etc.) while Republicans are still the party of the rich. But E.J. Dionne’s … Continue reading