Plaquemines Parish Sues Feds Over Trash Contracts

The DHS and FEMA are the subject of a lawsuit. The Plaquemines Parish government has taken the DHS to task for debris removal practices.

The Plaquemines Parish government has sued the U.S. Homeland Security Department over its refusal to provide FEMA contracts related to debris removal and other services after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Underlying the lawsuit is a claim by parish officials that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is paying far more for debris removal than parish contractors doing the same work.

Imagine that, FEMA Wasting money! Can these idiots get anything right?

Debris removal is a mammoth task in the parish, with almost every structure in lower Plaquemines, from Alliance to Venice, destroyed or severely damaged in the storms.

The federal government has picked up 100 percent of the tab for debris removal since the storm. But the parish is slated to cover 10 percent of those costs starting July 1.

10 percent of whatever FEMA just throws to the wind! If fair contracts are given, then there would be no complaints. But I ask you, do you trust anyone with the Bush administration, to do the right thing?

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9 Responses to Plaquemines Parish Sues Feds Over Trash Contracts

  1. OK I am not making this up:

    Billy Graham was made speechless!!

    Graham speechless after New Orleans tour

    “Evangelist Billy Graham, whose ministry has taken him to some of the world’s least-developed countries, said Thursday that the scope of devastation he saw as he toured hurricane-ravaged New Orleans this week left him speechless.”

    OK now how can we make James Dobson and Pat Robertson Speechless? I would so like to shut them up! I sure hope Billy’s hopelessly stupid son, Franklin Graham, took time to STFU also! Geez it is bad enough there, without the face of evil that is Franklin Graham there too!

  2. Donnie

    Rumor has it that Graham is actually a Dem.

    By the by, you got a Raw Story link on this.

  3. Really! coool! Thanks Pamela.

  4. BTW Pamela, I am talking about Franklin Graham. This is the face of evil down here. Mr. GOD did this-blah blah blah-himself. This guy is not my favorite person at all!

  5. Ginny in CO says:


    Franklin also made made some stupid comments here at the Columbine Memorial service in ’99. Talk about excluding everyone who was not a true believer in Jesus is my Saviour.
    Denver has a large Jewish population and plenty of Catholics who even found him indefensible.

    Not like Father.

    I would be speechless if James and Pat shut up. Wow, just think of the silence that would fall over this country 🙂

  6. It would be nice Ginny. Franklin is an evil right wing Evangelical A’hole.

  7. Ginny in CO says:

    “I cannot imagine what those people have been through,” Graham said. “This is a far greater disaster than the average American understands.”

    I guess I don’t get this idea that Americans don’t understand the devastation that Katrina caused. It’s true we haven’t been there to be silenced by it. And I believe we still understand a lot more than BushCo and the GOP realize.

  8. I found something written about Franklin Graham. This is what I was talking about.

    Franklin Graham Contaminates New Orleans

    “According to Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist, Billy Graham, “”There´s been Satanic worship in New Orleans. There´s been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring a revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose.”

    On CNN, Graham later denied that he was referring to the lord punishing New Orleans as the latest God driven plague.

    After reading his quote and then the transcript of an interview with CNN, I am sorry to say that I honestly do not believe Franklin Graham. I personally think he was hit by a storm of controversy due to his amazing comments and backed off- after realizing how absolutely and incredibly diabolical it made him look.

    And how does he know that God will use the storm to bring a revival. Did he receive an email from the lord telling him this? Or, was it a vision thing?”

  9. While Graham’s froth-at-the-mouth religiosity was pointing the bony middle-finger of hate at New Orleans, he was partially correct. There has been a revival, in what people expect of their government, what tyranny really means, and who is held accountable for gross incompetence and criminal negligence. The sword of justice cuts both ways, much to the envy of the stone casting masses.