Who Shall Cast the First Stone?

With all the recent post on the recent decisions by a state, to interfere in the abortion ruling of Roe v. Wade, I would like to give my two cents. I call on any right wing fool to answer a couple of questions for me. If you consider abortion to be murder, what could you do, to punish that woman, if it was outlawed? Do you plan have these woman these murderers, as you label them, tried and executed? If a woman goes to have an abortion, do you think she is guilty then of an act that is pre-meditated? Shall you kill a woman for this? If you do, you no longer promote pro-life!! How shall you answer to this? You will not forgive her as your Bible says to do. After all, you will consider her to be a breaker of the law. How shall you do this? Will you just use the excuse that this is what GOD wants? Read it again, and it tells you to love your neighbor. How shall your love you neighbor, and execute them? Are you Pro-Life? How shall you take a life then?

Shall you give them up to the Romans? Pretend you are not the one to do it? Are you to find another kind of torture or death? What shall the penalty for “Killing a child” Be? Are you willing to be the first to cast the first stone? I am getting really tired of the continued and repeated “But GOD” responses instead of real solid reasons. Leave the garbage at home. Talk to me like a guy next door. That’s right–A Guy!! Have you even thought about what might become of a government that chooses to dictate life to us, instead of “We The People” telling the government what to do?

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12 Responses to Who Shall Cast the First Stone?

  1. Here’s an interesting blog post along the same sort of topic – Men v. Roe

  2. Donnie

    Most of the folks that think abortion should be outlawed are pro death penalty. Heck in SD they want to take DR’s to trial. no doubt some of these fools would actually want to take the women to trial too.

  3. Hell Pamela,

    I’m just a man, what do I know. LOL are these idiots for real?

  4. Donnie

    You mean the blog post I refered to? Yes, they are for real – the father’s rights activists. The Kerry forum was inundated with them for a time. It was quite ugly.

  5. jess o says:

    I say abortion should be up to the man and woman having the baby. Also, they should find a doctor willing. However, late term abortions should only be performed when the health of the mother is at risk. I mean after all, if a woman just doesn’t want to have her baby, she should have thought about that before the baby formed.

  6. Lydia says:

    These wacko extremists want you to believe that it’s only young, unmarried, secular, liberal women having abortions. No way! Good little married, church going, Republican women have them as often – if not more! There was an interesting study some years back that showed older, married women having them at the same rate as women in their teens and early ’20s. Some of these women just incorrectly assumed they couldn’t get pregnant anymore. Why do you think some doctors used to refer to the D&C as “the Catholic woman’s abortion”. By the way, late term abortions (and not “partial birth” – which is a political term not a medical one) are the rarest of the rare and are for those extreme cases when the woman’s life hangs in the balance. Who would wait longer than they need to? I mean really, when you learn you’re pregnant, there isn’t a whole lot of range of reactions. You’re either ecstatic or in shock.

  7. Ginny in CO says:

    Another very valid reason for late abortions, is that a genetic or medical problem with the fetus is found by ultrasound or genetic testing. One is anencephalopathy.

    The fetus literally has no brain and cannot survive with any technology (which would be a huge waste of money). To wait for the end of the pregnancy and have the woman go thru full term labor is placing her life at unnecessary risk – even if it is not definite that she would die.

    Sorry guys, if you want to be a father, communicate that at the time you are having sex. And if you aren’t intending to be a father, use adequate birth control. That means a condom for you and her method also ( pill, diaphragm, IUD). Do not interfere with her use of birth control. (A diaphragm and sperimcide can slow things down, tough stuff)
    My husband and I found out after 5 years of conscientious birth control that the first child took ONE night. The second was one month. They were the only two we ever conceived and are now 25 and 21.

    The other part of this stupidity (being willing to tell a human to execute another human but not willing to let a doctor and woman decide if she is not able to bring a fetus to term) is the unwillingness to support sex and sexuality education other than “just say no”.

    I have pointed out for years that the idea of sex education encouraging kids to go experiment is ludicrous. The hormone drive is there whether you consider it a sin or a normal human physioligic reality. And the math teachers will tell you if you teach algebra, it’s not like the kids are going to go start trying to do calculus.

    When you extend the no abortion position to not making birth control readily available and covered by insurance (and allow viagra to make millions for the pharmaceutical companies), your hidden agenda is simply to impose your two faced religious beliefs on the rest of us.

    The statistics that Lydia correctly cites, show the religious beliefs are only followed until inconvenient. And since it is private, those hypocritical women get away with the lie here on earth. What does that tell you about their true beliefs about an all knowing God and his judgement?

    Ulimately it is all a part of the clash of old religious beliefs that some people will not let go of, in the face of modern reality. As JK continues to restate, it is the underlying problem of religious fanaticism worldwide and terrorism is it’s worst expression in terms of over violence and destruction. Things like the abortion issue I compare to terrorism like white crime is to violent crime. It causes at least as much damage, with the ability to look less evil or even innocent. The guilty use the faux cover of religious rightousness, without having any true belief.

    The true believers are not the ones stopping sex education or birth control.

  8. Michiganbob says:

    There is a push in some states to open up the abortion records to see if they were in late stages.
    Of course they weren’t. The right wingnuts just want to harass these folks.

  9. Pen says:

    Donnie has a point what do they think should be the woman’s punishment.

    What about the man? what would be his punishment?

    These pro-life activists are not going to care for the kids if the mother dies in labor or if the child is born with birth defects.

    And to tell someone who has been raped or molested that they have to carry that child to term when the person may not be mentally stable enough to over come how they got the child is just plain ignorant and wrong.

    In the end the woman has to stand before GOd and account for it as all of us will for what we did in our time.

    These pro life people care about the embryo more than the actual child.

    How do you cradle a embryo and ignore the child, let the child go hungry and not care, stick your nose up in the air when the child is homeless and want to slay the child if they turn on society and slay their fellow human?

    Lydia is on point that its just not liberal single women having these abortions.
    That is the picture that the GOP, media spin.

    Its been said before if the abortion is banned then the gop has nothing to real in church goers with and they really need abortion to stay on the table to keep their grip on the church and I think that’s true.

    Abortion is a big money drawl for the gop if they don’t have that what will they use to sucker people. They can’t run government, they can’t keep a good economy going, they start wars and can’t fund them, what else do they have but demonizing pro-choice and gays.

  10. Bo Go says:

    The pro lifers care more about the money that the child will give them in taxes when they get older than anything else. We are cash cows to be bilked. Why do you think the system makes us wear seat belts? They want us to live so they can bleed us dry for as long as possible.

  11. Dahl Kaiser says:

    Donnie, your original post on the woman who disobeys the male’s edict to carry a child “…tried and executed?“ Brought a flash to my mind of the Taliban women in Afghanistan prior to the war, She was on her knees in the middle of a dirt playing field about to get her head chopped off for being unfaithful to her husband.

    This kind of power should be given to no body politic. The right wing need to control women, homosexuals and ‘unapproved’ behavior is Neanderthalic thinking. Perhaps it is the death gurgle of mans need to control his fellow man just before we evolve to the next level of our humanity.

    Just remember, Power works both ways – a government that can tell a woman that she MUST have a child, can someday be a government that tells a women she CAN NOT have a child (i.e. China’s limit of the number of children a woman can bare)

  12. vimax says:

    interesting thoughts