Talking up John Kerry’s Top Points

Recently, John Kerry came up with some key points that progressives need to use for the upcoming November elections. The points resonated with many of us and I agree they need to be repeated clearly and often. So I made up a list that can be used for posting or just getting them in your brain.

We also had a discussion on repeating the now often quoted “Worst President Ever” tag. Getting this out is good and Kerry’s points are a great follow up to it. He sums up all the areas that Bush has terrorized and destroyed. So, copy this to your word program and fix the font and size to your liking. Print.

*Tell the truth;

*Fire the incompetents;

*Find Osama bin Laden and secure our ports and homeland;

*Bring our troops home from Iraq;

*Obey the law and protect our civil rights.

*Stop subsidizing big oil and start investing in energy alternatives;

*Make access to affordable health care a right and not a privilege;

*Reduce the deficit and respect work over wealth;

*Chase the money changers from the temple of democracy;

*Invest in education and fight for American jobs that restore the American dream.

Now Memorize, and REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT!

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9 Responses to Talking up John Kerry’s Top Points

  1. Dotti Janiak says:


    You are right on: memorize, and repeat, repeat, repeat.

    The day after JK presented these points, I composed a Letter to Editor message and used the phrase in the body: MSM says Democrats don’t have a plan – here’s a 10-point plan from Senator JK I’d like to share with your readers, and then listed them.

    Keep it going.

  2. Ginny in CO says:


    Cool! Did they publish it? I’ve been boycotting LTEs because in all the years I’ve submitted to the Denver Post, they have not printed ONE. (I had about a 70% print level with other papers). A lot of wasted time. Meanwhile they do print the Republican scripted stuff, flat out lies and slander. Recently a writer accused the local head of Planned Parenthood for advocating “killing human babies” and whined about what we have fallen to. What’s the point of an Editorial Page Editor if they can’t weed this stuff out?

  3. KJ says:

    Ginny, lovely! thanks. Will memorize and repeat…. and, fyi, the list reminded me of an old recipe…

    Show Up
    Pay Attention
    Tell the Truth
    Let Go of the Result

    And I would add your suggestion, “Repeat.” @;-)

  4. Dotti J says:


    Thanks for your post. I’ll keep you posted, as the papers will be issued in the next few days (this is territorial NM!) I know what you mean, however, about the failure to publish. I will continue to hound them – trust me – even if it means a personal visit!
    Also am forwarding JK’s Top Points to e-circle. Keep Going.

  5. Dotti J says:


    Well, the “Valencia County News Bulletin” phoned, and they’re running my LTE in Wednesday’s edition. Progress in Abq NM at last! Thanks, again, for your support. How’s things in CO, other than snowy?

  6. Congratulations Dotti that’s great!

  7. Dotti

    I know you sent me a copy, but I can’t find it, send it again and I will post here too!

  8. Dotti J says:

    Pamela and Dave,

    Thanks for your kudos. I’m really ecstatic, I guess is a good word. A copy of the LTE coming right up.