John Kerry’s 10 Point Plan for Democrats

EDITORS NOTE: On Sunday, GinnyinCo posted about some key talking points that John Kerry spoke of at a recent speech in NH. One of our members, Dotti J noted in the comments in Ginny’s thread yesterday that her local paper, the “Valencia County News Bulletin” in NM, was publishing her LTE on Kerry’s 10 point plan. These points can’t be repeated enough — here’s a copy of Dotti J’s LTE:

On March 12th, I had the privilege to view C-Span’s program, “Road to the White House.” I was primarily interested in a speech by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) before the Democratic Parties of Hillsborough County and the City of Nashua, New Hampshire.

Naturally, being an avid supporter of Senator Kerry for many years, and more enthusiastically since the Presidential Primaries of 2003, and the Presidential Election of 2004, I listened intently to Senator Kerry’s message. I came away totally impressed and ready to continue the fight for democracy in America, as well as the Democratic Party’s values.

Much has been said on mainstream media, etc., that the Democrats “do not have a plan.” I’d like to share the following ten-point plan seen through the eyes of a vital, exuberant, and wise Democrat, and servant of our government for twenty-four plus years:

(1) Obey the law, and Protect civil rights in this country.

(2) Tell the truth, and tell it to Americans all the time.

(3) Fire the incompetents, and Restore competence and integrity to Washington.

(4) Chase the money changers from the temples of democracy, and
reclaim it for the grassroots of this nation.

5) Bring our troops home from Iraq.

(6) Find Osama bin Laden, and Secure our ports and homeland.

(7) Stop subsidizing “Big Oil,” and start investing in energy alternatives.

(8) Make access to affordable healthcare a right and not a privilege.

(9) Reduce the deficit, and Respect work over wealth.

(10) Invest in education, and Fight for American jobs that restore the American dream.

In his closing remarks, Senator Kerry said: “We know who we are, and we know what’s worth fighting for. We want to lead this nation to the greatness it deserves. We know what to do, we will do what we need to do, and I cannot wait for the elections of 2006.”

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4 Responses to John Kerry’s 10 Point Plan for Democrats

  1. Dotti J says:


    Thanks for the post. LTE printed verbatim in today’s edition. Headline changed to: “Ten-point plan for future give good blueprint.” Went out for my paper on the driveway and there was two inches of -snow- everywhere and paper was soaked. Now I’m wondering how many other folks were unable to read their copy. Of course, I drove to purchase one. Of all days!!! Grrrrrr.

  2. Dotti

    Do you know if they are online?

  3. Dotti J says:


    Yes, it’s all there on-line – Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Dotti

    Send me the link and I wil link this to it.