NOT in MY Name

I sent this letter to all Democratic Senators, Senator Jeffords (VT, I), and Senator Allard – since I am priviledged to have one of TIMES’ 5 Worst Senators represent me. Pamela suggested a post which is fine. When I got to a Senator whose name begins with W, he had a notice to the effect that the senate email system doesn’t allow them to consider out of state mail… I’m not sure I can bend my morals to go back and email them all with a fake state and zip code. If you want to send it to your senator, feel free. Continue reading

There is More Than One Midwest

As I stated in my previous post, Kerry’s percent of the popular vote in the Midwest (48.2%) was comparable to other post-war highs among post 1948 Democrats. Still, no Democrat, except for 1964, has won a majority of the Midwest vote since 1948. This is mainly because Republicans have for a long time had a base of votes in the Midwest to rely on. Isn’t that a sign for pessimism? Not really. While LBJ was the only Democrat to win a majority of the electoral college vote from 1952-1988, the Democrats won a majority of the electoral college Midwest votes from 1992-2000. Kerry only lost the Midwest EV 71-58. A shift or 1.05% of the Ohio popular vote gives Kerry … Continue reading

John Kerry the Midwesterner, OR Why the Midwest and South are Actually Not Near Each Other

“No more northeast liberals! We “know” from history that they don’t play well in the MidWest and the South!” How many times have we heard statements like this? Probably too much to count. As far as the South goes, yes northeast liberals don’t play well in the South. Of course given the fact that no Democrat has won a majority of the southern white vote since 1948 it’s kinda hard to argue that anybody the Dems nominate will play well in the South. Except for 1964 and 1976, no Democrat has won even 40% of the southern white vote since 1960. In fact, since 1964 only one Democrat (Carter in 1976) has won a majority (or even a plurality) of … Continue reading

Josh Bolten’s Five Point Plan

Karl Rove is not the only government employee getting paid to help the GOP keep control of the House and Senate.
Time [,9171,1186555-1,00.html ] Magazine reports that new WH Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten has developed a five point plan to reverse Bush’s falling popularity and keep his legacy from becoming “investigations and fights over Executive privilege” with newly empowered Democrats. (As opposed to “The Worst President in History?” ) The frequent references to the time remaining in the 43rd presidency have an intriguing association to the movie “Anne of a 1000 Days”. Anne being one wife of King Henry VIII who died, or was killed, 1000 days after she became his wife. Continue reading

When Small Boys Ask Why…

Editor’s Note: John Kerry’s “Dissent” speech yesterday captured the hearts and minds of many who have long supported John Kerry. Our friend Sandy at, had these thoughts on Kerry’s speech, that we are sharing here as Guest Blog… When small boys ask why… John Kerry’s infamous line from 1971 is not the one that has hung with me all these years. Perhaps being infected by the optimism of the Kennedy Era, I’ve always been struck by Kerry’s hope of an ‘America turned’. “when small boys ask why, we will be able to say “Vietnam” and not mean a desert, not a filthy obscene memory but mean instead the place where America finally turned and where soldiers like us helped … Continue reading

35 Years and What Have We Learned?

I am writing this as I ride a train from Philadelphia to Boston, on my way to witness what, to me, is a momentous anniversary in our national history, even if it will be barely noticed in our national media, let alone by the circus-captivated American public. 35 years ago this Saturday, April 22nd, a young former Naval officer appeared before the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate, to tell the truth as he had seen it in the American War – known to Americans, of course, as the Vietnam War. On this 35th anniversary that young man, now a Senator himself, will reach out once more to cast forth the truth, as he sees it, for another … Continue reading

The Truth About Elitist Pundits

My recent post about how the class structure of red and blue states has been misleadingly portrayed hopefully cleared up some misconceptions people might have about what constitutes a “typical” GOP or Democrat voter. The question is, why doesn’t the MSM get it? Let’s face it folks, most pundits (think Tweety Matthews, Joe Klein, Tim Russert, Tom Friedman, Tom Frank, etc.) look down there noses at folks not like them. There is however, a psychological explanation for all of this, beautifully summed up on pages 28-30 in Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State. Many pundits are guilty of second order availability or geographic bias- the tendency to overgeneralize on the basis of correlations seen in their communities. As … Continue reading