NOT in MY Name

I sent this letter to all Democratic Senators, Senator Jeffords (VT, I), and Senator Allard – since I am priviledged to have one of TIMES’ 5 Worst Senators represent me. Pamela suggested a post which is fine. When I got to a Senator whose name begins with W, he had a notice to the effect that the senate email system doesn’t allow them to consider out of state mail… I’m not sure I can bend my morals to go back and email them all with a fake state and zip code. If you want to send it to your senator, feel free. Continue reading

Josh Bolten’s Five Point Plan

Karl Rove is not the only government employee getting paid to help the GOP keep control of the House and Senate.
Time [,9171,1186555-1,00.html ] Magazine reports that new WH Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten has developed a five point plan to reverse Bush’s falling popularity and keep his legacy from becoming “investigations and fights over Executive privilege” with newly empowered Democrats. (As opposed to “The Worst President in History?” ) The frequent references to the time remaining in the 43rd presidency have an intriguing association to the movie “Anne of a 1000 Days”. Anne being one wife of King Henry VIII who died, or was killed, 1000 days after she became his wife. Continue reading

Not Getting Over It

The email today brought a letter that said everything I am feeling, thinking and would say about the current state of this country, how we got here, where we are going and what we want to see happen. My thanks to Nancy Greggs for putting it all into such a cogent, focused rejection of this whole tragic period in American history.
To paraphrase, “Hell hath no fury like a voter scorned” Continue reading