Katherine Harris Seems to be Falling off the Campaign Wagon

WaPo reports to day that Rep Katherine Harris (R, duh?) is losing so many staff from her campaign, no amount of money may save it. The attrition includes strategist Ed Rollins, the campaign manager and spokeswoman, bringing the total to six in recent months. According to an anonymous WaPo source:

“Everyone knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be all roses, but no one expected it to be this bad”

Apparently the polls show her trailing incumbent Sen Bill Nelson (D:) by double digits. Nor have the GOP leaders been thrilled with her bid.

“When Harris made clear she would challenge Nelson — considered a top Republican target — Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Elizabeth Dole (N.C.) immediately began searching for an alternate candidate but were unsuccessful.”

Harris has been linked to Randy “Duke” Cunningham through defense contractor Mitchell Wade. Which she denied!!

This made my day. Thought some of you might like a grin with the Sunday morning java.

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3 Responses to Katherine Harris Seems to be Falling off the Campaign Wagon

  1. lothario says:

    The irony of Katherine Harris that tickles me is the fact that Jeb Bush has totally dissed her after Harris did everything to put Jeb’s brother into the White House. That shows that Bushes are all about themselves.

  2. Ginny in CO says:


    The lure of success to the wannabe insider must overcome the Bushes history of doing these things. Or the “It won’t happen to me” delusion.

    I just wish we wouldn’t have to wait for Godet to get one of them – Katherine especially- to come clean on the election fraud.

    Still hoping…

  3. pen says:

    I agree lothario- she all but gave Jeb’s older dumb brother the throne and they throw her to the wolves. Well it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

    That witch is a major cog in the bush saga that has sacked this nation for the last 5 years and I hope she burns in you know where.