When Will the Bush Administration Get It?

Senator Kerry’s excellent op-ed piece today correctly puts the onus on the Iraqi government, not the U.S., to resolve the impasse in forming the government and stopping the civil war. Unless the Iraqis get serious about governing their own country and solving their own problems, we will have to leave. The role of the U.S. military is not to referee a civil war. The conflict in Iraq is not about our presence or terrorism. It’s about sectarian tensions that the Iraqi government has failed to address.

The presence of over 100,000 U.S. military personnel longer has any bearing on whether or not Iraq’s civil war will continue. We cannot stop that conflict militarily not can we choose a side. If there is no political solution from the Iraqis, then there is no viable role for U.S. forces in Iraq.”

Senator Kerry and many career soldiers and diplomats get this. When will the Bush Administration get it?

Editor’s Note: Jeremy D. Broussard is a former Army Captain who served in Operation Iraq Freedom in 2003

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5 Responses to When Will the Bush Administration Get It?

  1. Jeremy

    I think we all would like to know when the Bush aministratin will get it. And the rest of the American public who still doesn’t too!

    Thank you for your support of JK and your service.

  2. Fedup says:

    Capt. Broussard,

    Thank you for being a true citizen soldier. We need more like you to speak out.

    This administration doeasn’t care about the troops, they only care about their haves and haves more” elite base.

    Their response to Kerry’s plan
    A few hours later, the White House, via Press Secretary Scott McClellan, threw cold water all over any pleadings for a pullout. McClellan repeated President Bush’s oft-stated assertion that most Americans won’t be satisfied with anything less than a clear cut “victory” in Iraq. Pulling out soon would be “retreating,” he said, and “we will not lose our nerve.”

    How many more good men and women have to die because of their arrogance?

  3. TayTay says:

    It is so vital to hear from people who have actually been in Iraq and have seen this situation in person. Thank you for this post. And thank you for your service.

  4. Ginny in CO says:

    “most Americans won’t be satisfied with anything less than a clear cut “victory” in Iraq. ”

    Sometimes polls are a good thing to pay attention to. Unless of course, you are trying to mislead the public to believe something that is not true.

    Until BushCo realizes how close they are to going over the falls, I doubt they will get it. And I think they deserve to go over the falls as long as the rest of us don’t have to go too.
    A Democratic Congress is absolutely necessary for both.

    Jeremy, thank you; for your service and this contribution.

  5. j.b.kim says:

    may 1, 2006

    Jeremy, —- Thank u for making this post on Kerry’s op-ed. Your point here as well as your other public statements are thoughtful and well stated.

    You and many others see clearly, the military’s job is NOT to referee a civil war. While we can remain hopeful that the Bush Administration would see what the American public see, there is an initiative (H.Res. 543) in the House of Representatives to bring 17 hours of full and open debate about Iraq on the House Floor. With 218 signatures of Members of Congress, debate will be immediately where ALLLL alternatives to this “War Without End” will be presented, examined, debated and voted.

    Today, there are 106 signatures, needing 112 more.

    What ideas might you have to alert the Iraq and Afghan Veterans community about this? So far, 5 Republicans have signed on: Leach(IA), Jones(NC), Paul(TX), Gilchrest(MD) and Coble(NC)