Live Blogging John Kerry on Meet the Press

Okay, the show is about to begin – Meet The Press with John Kerry. Is anyone awake? Tivo’s set?
Anyone want to “live blog” along?

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28 Responses to Live Blogging John Kerry on Meet the Press

  1. KJ says:

    Dayton Accords

    Tim is lame, going back to 2004 and 2005 comments of Kerry’s, asked him if he changed his mind, Kerry’s answer, “Absolutely.”

    “You now have a civil war.”
    “Now we have no choice.”~~Kerry

  2. KJ says:

    Now Tim going back to 2002! LOL

  3. KJ says:

    Re: IRW: “You better believe I take responsibility for that vote.”

    “I have a moral responsibility to get this right for our soldiers.”

    “It can’t be done from a humvee.”

    Question (IRW): Is that the vote you would most like to take back?
    “Profoundly.” ~~JK

  4. KJ says:

    We’ve got to have leadership that stops moving unilateraly.

  5. KJ says:

    (btw, the tie is blue)

  6. KJ says:

    Scooter Libby trial…

  7. KJ says:

    Gonzolas clip.
    Kerry: “I think it’s time for the AG to start standing up for this country”

    “phoney arguments to go to war” “attacks people politically” “mislead America” “phoney arguement” “disgrace”

    Tim: But it is illegal?

    Kerry: quoting Poppa Bush’s comment re: “traitors”

    Kerry: “one thing leads to another”
    All americans are tired of this
    eavesdropping re: AOL domestic eavsedropping

    Tim: Vote on Censure?
    Kerry: “vote yes”

    Tim: Did he violate the Constitution?
    Kerry He violated the law

  8. KJ says:

    Decision time re: running in 2008: “Sometime at the end of this year.”

  9. KJ says:

    Ten Point Plan. 🙂

  10. KJ says:

    Okay, hope those who tune in enjoy as much as I did.

    Kerry On! @;-)

  11. Marjorie G says:

    Yes, Kerry was great, and firm. Think he said Gonzales should defend the Constitution, but country would be good, also.

    He did mention the different Iraq wars for different reasons, which may have made people realize pulling quotes of context doesn’t work.

    Also using the claim that we have trained troops against them. If we have them, then let’s leave. Smart.

    However the IWR was really complicated, he just said ‘profoundly,’ which our blogosphere might embrace as enough. Will pigs fly?

  12. sandrakae says:

    MSNBC will re-broadcast it at 10:00 PM, if you missed it.

  13. KJ says:

    Pigs will fly, Marjorie, when our blogosphere decides to join with the winning side, and they’re no longer afraid of those who have never, not once, stopped saying:

    John Kerry, the REAL DEAL
    (Hat tip to Lou, where ever she is)

  14. KJ says:

    Some of us have not stopped from this war, not just battle, for the soul of our country for decades, now. Battle-tested and fire-hardened. Speaking truth to power isn’t for sissies. Ya gotta pay to play.

    Those who chose to blogobattle for gain, or recognition, or for any other reason other than soul, will continue to bellow and rant and pretend the elephant not only isn’t in the room, he hasn’t already smashed it to smithereens.

    And I personally don’t give a d@mn who disagrees with me. The blogosphere either bucks up and works together, or it can vanity itself into oblivion.


  15. Marjorie G says:

    Pay to play, and blog to build something off the internet.

    True words, always, my sweet KJ, buck up or vanity themselves into oblivion. We really do need to do this together.

    How are you?

  16. KJ says:

    Well, my friend, life changing experiences and all that. It’s all good, even if future vistas are yet unknown.

    Still believe a “beautiful day” is ours to come.

    How are you?

  17. Indie Liberal says:

    Check out the rerun tonight. Leave it to the haters to gripe about the impeachment answer. Go Figure. 🙁

  18. Marjorie G says:

    We can’t ask for impeachment before the public is ready for it, the anger or thirst for justice from it, and ready to concentrate on it at the exclusion of their own concerns.

    Not ready.

    They remember the Clinton circus, and even I don’t want that again.

  19. Marjorie G says:

    Saw MTP again, even great the second time around.

  20. ~~~~~rant warning~~~~~

    I just watched MTP. It made me f’ing puke. I’m glad JK could keep just chuckling at that ass. I think I would have bitch slapped that stooge or at least started asking him if he was really that stupid, clueless and a complete hack. I’m glad JK has such good self control, as well as intelligence and competence.

    I mean Matthews is biased toward the GOP but he is mainly just stupid as hell. Tim isn’t that stupid. He must know he is lying or pretending to be totally clueless so he can be a worthless RNC hack.

    Do any of these idiots ever even read the f’ing news or listen to past statements from months or years ago? For example, asking JK if he now admits that voting for the IWR was a mistake, like Edwards has? WTF! Kerry said that months before Edwards. And that is just one example. The whole “interview” was nothing but an attempt to attack and smear JK based on BS. What a GOP hack. I hope Tim dies a painful death soon. God I loathe these creatures.

    Oh, I also loved the comment by Tim about what the WaPo said yesterday and how they are hardly an organ for GOP views. WTF!!! The WaPo has a few decent reporters still who will sometimes try to report the truth but they are basically a hack paper now-a-days. They parrot RNC talking points all the time. Just as many at the NT Times, Newsweek and Time do. And all 3 cable “news” stations are 24×7 RNC talking point crap(except for Keith). Along with almost all of NBC’s “reporters” and talking heads and ABC’s The Note etc etc.

    The WaPo would NEVER perform the Watergate reporting today that brought down Nixon. NEVER. Not a chance in hell. If today’s WaPo existed back then much of their coverage would be trying to do damage control for Dick.

    A good example of what WaPo has become the last few years was pointed out again by Josh today here:

  21. Dave from Princeton

    {{clap}} {{clap}} {{clap}}

    LOL! JK was on top of his game today. Actually I think Russert helped him out because he gave JK the opportunity to stay with his anger.

  22. Dave from Princeton

    Spot on from Josh Marshall.

  23. Pamela,

    The WaPo and the editor that everyone knows wrote the GOP spinnitorial, Fred Hiatt, is getting a new one ripped for him by much of the blogosphere. Including on the WaPo’s own blog. LOL. I assume they will end up deleting a bunch of the comments(as they have done in the past I’ve heard) because they are just pounding Hiatt for his lack of ethics, objectivity, honesty and Rovian/Bush boot licking.

    As many have pointed out, this WaPo editor apparently doesn’t even read his own paper. WaPo had a front page story today proving the RNC spin he parroted was total BS. LOL!

    Though that appears very common place in the MSM the last few years. They often ignore the real facts reported occasionally by their own reporters when perpetuating their GOP lies.

  24. Dave from Princeton

    I’ve missed most of what the blogosphere is saying to today but did catch on to what happened. I’ve been running around all day getting work done so I can take the morning off and go see JK and THK.

  25. pen says:

    Pamela, I hope you get pics of JK and momma t from somewhere.

    Sounds like JK was on fire and didn’t let russert or anyone else making him go off course.

    When will these media whores lean they can’t rattle JK like that especially when he’s on a mission.

  26. Pamela I’m jealous!

    Can’t wait to hear about it and see some nice pics of JK and THK!.

  27. Pen, Dave from P

    I just bought a new digital camera today (which I need to take a crash course learning to use) — so I should have some good photos. My old digital was ancient with no zoom and not much memory.

    They will be here to meet with people on the immigration issue.

  28. Indie Liberal says:

    Have fun Pam. 🙂