Stacey Tallitsch: Let’s Get Post-Katrina Louisiana Back on Track!

For those that don’t know the story of Stacey and what has happened, Stacey and I got to know each other by the web and phone. I never heard about him, till after the storms last year. Till this day, Stacey and I have not met face to face. The Irony of this, is that a websearch, like the one that I found the Dem Daily, led me to find out about Stacey. Irony is the only word I can come up with to describe it.

Not only did I come to like him a lot, but the Dem Daily came to like him. His “In Your Face” attitude, in front of Dennis Hastert’s office, and the speech he issued there, caught the attention of more than just a few. Stacey is now back, and still running against the cabin boy for the USS GOP. Bobby Jindal has to go! Jindal considers having dinner with Cheney a good thing.

Since Stacey is home, he has a lot of ground to cover. Help Stacey in his bid to out the “Cabin Boy” and support him in any way you can.

Here is a message, from his website:

Let’s Get Post-Katrina Louisiana Back on Track!
I’m Stacey Tallitsch the Democrat running for the Louisiana District 1 Congressional seat currently held by Bobby Jindal.

In the post-Katrina world, we can no longer afford the incompetence and political favoritism that has been the hallmark of the Post-Katrina recovery effort. Now it’s time to take control and get Louisiana and the country back on track; a track to benefit all it’s citizens.

Six months after Katrina ripped through the gulf coast and ripped off the mask of virtue that has been touted for years, little has changed in the region. There are still refrigerators in trees, boats in houses and refugees scattered all over the country.

NOTE: “Please sign our petition supporting SB-1615 [ CLICK HERE ] which directs that “FEMA be removed from Department of Homeland Security”! This is crucial to the restoration of Louisiana, New Orleans and The Delta. No more political interference.”

In an age of computers, this lack of action goes beyond gross negligence on the part of the Federal Government, it is incompetence at it’s worst.

In the past (and in 6 months or less):

• The great depression “New Deal” was executed.
• Our Navy after Pearl Harbor during WWII was rebuilt.
• Polio vaccine was distributed to every citizen.
• Medicaid was up and running.
• Post 9/11 Manhattan was running normally.

As late as March 1st, 2006 the people of New Orleans who lost everything in the storm were evicted from the FEMA tents they were forced to live in.

People in hotels (including myself) were summarily thrown out onto the street, and the trailers FEMA promised are, to this day, stuck in the mud and rotting in a field 400 miles away. They represent another whole city that has cost the tax-payers $200 million and are at this moment, worthless and waiting to go to a landfill.

Over $9 billion was set aside by the SBA for disaster loans, of which 1.4 million applied, six months later only $400k has been approved. Hundreds of bodies have yet to be found while they rot in their homes and thousands more have yet to be identified. The cadaver dog teams from around the country that could help find the bodies have been sent home repeatedly. Federal agencies have been fighting amongst themselves about who would pay for the hotel bills and vet care of the dogs. The smallest of costs and houses are being demolished, potentially with bodies still inside.

To this day, the voting process in New Orleans is in chaos. It is easier for Iraqi’s to vote than it is for someone from New Orleans. On March 27th, 2006 a Federal judge authorized the mayoral election of April 11 to go forward although the rules of that election may preclude large portions of the ‘refugee’ community from participating.

Did you ever think the day would come when Americans, in America, would be called ‘refugees’?

While many believe America is about to loose one of it’s premier cities, jobs go begging for lack of rental housing. Homeowners with an honest want and need to rebuild can’t because of the FEMA delay in issuing Federal Flood Maps and because of the delay in rebulding money.

Governor Blanco has again called for help in immediately building needed rental housing so the businesses that have already returned can find enough employees.

Help me send a message to the Government that the current local and national leadership is unacceptable. We are going to rebuild New Orleans and Louisiana!

We can do it better than they did. Ask any Katrina refugree and they will agree that it’s ‘Change or more of the same!’

It’s time for Louisiana and New Orleans to rebuild and stand for a New Prosperity with the help of the good-hearted American people and the American Government.

Join us in our journey of Reconstruction and Rebirth. We welcome your help and ideas!

Please help our state regain it’s once known heritage and hospitality. If you believe in us, we will believe in you. Right now, in my state, there are people that are living in times and conditions that have never been known to our country. While billions of dollars go to a war based on lies, the government refuses to assist the citizens of it’s own country. It has been said that Louisiana is a red state. well, if the conditions of a state dictate the color, then I guess in that way of thinking, it is RED. If our goverment and the care they have, do the same, then yes I can see where it would be called RED. But if the truth is told, Louisiana is not red at heart.

It is in your hands now. What shall you do AMERICA?

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2 Responses to Stacey Tallitsch: Let’s Get Post-Katrina Louisiana Back on Track!

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    Now these statistics are revealing.

    “In the past (and in 6 months or less):

    • The great depression “New Deal” was executed.
    • Our Navy after Pearl Harbor during WWII was rebuilt.
    • Polio vaccine was distributed to every citizen.
    • Medicaid was up and running.
    • Post 9/11 Manhattan was running normally. ”

    I realize it is a large area and there are some unprecedented issues with chemical and toxic waste, mold, sheer volume of waste, etc.
    The problem I keep sensing from here is that there just doesn’t seem to be any common sense organization.

    A member of the State Dem party was down there for a week helping with clean up. The house they were gutting was on a residential street. The material that was pulled out went in a pile at the edge of the street. The man our guy was working with said FEMA was supposed to be picking up this kind of waste. The street had a number of piles that had been there for some time.
    I have had the impression that this kind of individual clean up was going on very sparsely. Not so fast that a reasonable attempt to pick it up could have been started. The disposal is not likely to be permanent, that will take a lot of time to figure out. But there seem to be other obvious clean up activities still incomplete.

    The rubble of three WTC towers and other damaged buildings was cleared up at light speed compared to this.
    Due to the vacancy rate in FEMA jobs, I suspect there are people who do not have the authority to make decisions, or the money to get the job done, filling positions they are not qualified for anyway.

    Why are the trailers in such bad shape? They should be able to withstand sitting in a field for 6 month.

  2. Ginny,

    It’s like we have all said before, and also Sen. Kerry said, words cannot describe it. The very sight of the damage, takes your breath away! Words cannot do justice to it.