The Laugh is on We-The-People

Editor’s Note: Democratic Daily reader Sam Osborne emailed this to us today, his LTTE published in the Iowa City Press Citizen:

A caption on a May 4, 2006 Daily Democrat Blog informs us “Bush Target of More Jokes.” Of course the laugh is really on we-the-people.

As George W. Bush’s approval in opinion polls descends into the low 30 percentile, he entertains us by claiming that great purpose has been wrought through miring our nation in his “preemptive” war in Iraq, and takes time to deflect leftover blame onto anyone but his most sycophantic followers.

Aside from possibly thinking he could one-up his father by deposing Saddam Hussein, with little forethought, this president Bush launched his mistaken venture. Now in words of justification befitting a delinquent class-cutup, he passes off his egregious error in judgment by insisting that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein: “Mission accomplished.”

If in place of his war a tsunami had swept up the Tigress and Euphrates, gotten Saddam and in the bargain taken thousands of lives and cost this nation dearly, we might also expect quipster Bush to find jolly good in the destructive wall of water and take credit for its course.

This man can only lead sheep. To his dwindling flock of followers, have a nice bah, bah, bah.

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2 Responses to The Laugh is on We-The-People

  1. Bravo! Clap, Clap, Clap.

  2. Ginny in CO says:

    “Now in words of justification befitting a delinquent class-cutup…”

    Sam, perfect description; exactly the impression I had of W in his first debate with GORE. Gore was derided by the MSM as acting like the class know it all. What I saw of W was the class clown at the back of the room. Every time the teacher (moderator) called on him to answer a question, he would give the answer with a cagy look in his eye, waiting to see if the teacher would expose his answer as incorrect. When it didn’t happen, the look changed to the cunning glee of having pulled another one off on the teacher.

    I could not understand why the class clown was even considered a candidate for president compared to the bright one who always did his homework.

    Now we know, W has never learned to do his homework.

    Excellent letter. Kudos to the Iowa City Press Citizen Editor for printing it.

    I have this off the ceiling idea. One of our campaigns during the ’04 election was to send subscription $ to the Crawford Texas paper that got into trouble for coming out against Bush in an editorial.

    In the current environment of MSM chasing the $, we could find means of supporting those who start
    acting like they care about their job and the country. One would be to find out advertisers and support them – with the clear message that we are ultimately supporting the paper for good journalism. Positive feedback notes to the Editor – not something that has to be printed – will also have the effect of giving the media a sense of the public demand.