Bush Denies Existence of Mars Invasion Plans

The Katrinacrat Times, is reporting that Bush has now added another enemy to his list. Today’s Katrinacrat Times reports on the increased tension between the U.S. and Mars. It seems like only yesterday, that we found life on other planets, and now Bush is on the verge of destroying yet another close relationship with someone considered an ally.

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Two months ago, Bushco became aware of oil on the planet of Jupiter. What we once did not know existed, now became a point of Corporate Greed. VP Cheney was described as “A lil school girl who got her first kiss” by a high level source who asked not to have her name of “Judy Miller” known. So you know that The Katrinacrat Times will go to all extents to avoid disclosure of Judy’s name.

When Bush/Cheney asked Mars to be part of a coalition to rid “Jupiter of terrorist”, Mars stood its ground, and denounced it as “Greed and the ongoing disaster of the war on terror” and outright refused to be part of the “Boy king’s Agenda”.

Has Bush gone too far?

Martian President, Blook Jandick, issued a blistering statement today, against President Bush. Tensions between the U.S. and Mars have increased in recent weeks, after Bush declared Mars to be a “Rogue Planet”, that has “Terrorist ties” after Mar’s refusal to join the coalition to invade Jupiter.

Blook goes on to say that Bush is:

“An Idiot of the highest order”


“So in closing, go on a hunting trip with Cheney”

The response has been like a bombshell across the blogosphere and the MSM. Bill O’Reilly went into a rage that can only be described as inhuman. O’Rielly spokesmen, issued a statement that ” Mr. O’Rielly has undergone extensive medical practices, to remove his Cranium from his Anus, and that the world needs to pray to the “FOX NEWS GODS” for a speedy recovery. Doctors could only state “Cranial Rectumitus” as being the official Diagnosis, and refused any further questions. Fox News security had a brief stand-off with Members of Katrinacrat Times, But The staff chose to use “Peacefull Means”.

Our prayers and wishes go out to former staff members that gave their life this day, in the line of duty.

Senator Kerry was quoted as saying that he was “Not suprised with the denial, given the past record of this mentally corrupt crew in office”.

Stop this insanity, Do we really want to invade Mars?

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6 Responses to Bush Denies Existence of Mars Invasion Plans

  1. Ginny in CO says:

    🙂 🙂 and until the doctors write an open letter that it has been removed… 🙂 🙂

    Uh, Patrick, I do appreciate the promise. We are still waiting for the Rove indictment. Any progress there????

  2. Just a lil humor from me to you. Enjoy Dem Daily.

  3. BTW, this is the sight I used for the generated news article.


  4. Donnie

    Thanks – I have a feeling that will come in handy one day. 😉

  5. Pamela,

    The idea for the story came to me a couple of nights ago. A long and boring night at that. A lot of time on my hands at work gives me time to come up with this type of lunatic idea. Then behold, I stumbled onto that sight. Well it didn’t take much to see that my sick sense of humor and that sight were a good match.