Nagin: Hey Jindal, Show Me Some Love.

Three years ago, the Governors race made for a really strange scene here in Louisiana. You might recall the debacle after Katrina, and the turf war that was mentioned between Blanco and Bush. Well right after that, when I came to The Democratic Daily, I mentioned how the tension that existed between Blanco and Nagin, had a big play in the scene. Well three years ago, Nagin endorsed the GOP candidate, Bobby Jindal, against Fellow Democrat, Kathleen Blanco, then LT. Governor. Only, Blanco won!

Yea I thought you might remember that name. Jindal is the Cabin Boy of the USS-GOP. Rival of Stacey Tallitsch, in the upcoming. This Jindal is the same one that bragged about having dinner with Cheney at the Co-President’s house. There is no amount of breath mints that could ever take away the smell of Cheney’s backside from Jindal’s mouth. Jindal Hearts Cheney!!

Now Nagin wants to cash in that chit. This is where it gets funny. Talk about getting wired up for elections, this is something out of a book. So this is the set up. Nagin is running against the Lt. Governor, Mitch Landrieu, the brother of Sen. Mary Landrieu, and son of a former New Orleans Mayor. Jindal is facing Stacey Tallitsch, this November for his seat in the House. Jindal has put his name in the hat, for another run at Blanco in ’07. Name that Soap Opera!

So how much love is Nagin getting from Jindal?

Nagin said he’s talked a number of times to Jindal and they’ve also played phone tag, still no endorsement.

Political analyst Jeff Crouere said Jindal owes Nagin.

Crouere said the buisness community and the state Republican party are pressuring Jindal to stay out.

And so far Jindal is doing just that.

In other words,” what’s political love got to do with it.”

Now you don’t have to be a brain surgeon, to know that the GOP does not want any part of that. Nagin, Have you lost your freakin’ mind? Is that what you consider planning? WOW, you alreay lost, in the way of honor!

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2 Responses to Nagin: Hey Jindal, Show Me Some Love.

  1. Ginny in CO says:


    Do the Landrieu’s have the Kennedy style family dedication and accomplishments ?

    Knowing how much politics rules human behavior, I suppose it is ludicrous to expect people might drop it in the face of a tragedy of this magnitude.

    We can at least keep preaching…

  2. Ginny,

    I just saw something today that described the Landrieus as Louisiana’s Kennedy style family.