Joke of the Day: Linkletter Memories

Children are sometimes able to understand things better than adults…

Condeleeza Rice was attending a function at a fairgrounds where many children were present. One excited little girl was walking around that beautiful morning with a basket showing others what was inside. Ms. Rice went to see what was attracting so much attention. She went up to the girl, introduced herself and asked about what was int the basket. The child exclaimed kittens !! She opened the lid and showed off some very new kittens. Ms. Rice asked her ‘what kind of kittens?’ and the girl grinned and said ‘Republican kittens’. Rice laughed and went on to
meet other guests.

Later in the day, President Bush arrived and met with Secretary Rice who again noticed the little girl with her basket. She took the President over to meet the girl. He asked her about what she had in the basket and was shown the kittens. Ms. Rice encouraged the girl to tell him what kind of kittens. She looked at the President and said “They’re Democratic kittens”. On seeing Ms Rice’s surprised look, the girl explained “They have their eyes open now.”

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2 Responses to Joke of the Day: Linkletter Memories

  1. LMAO that’s one smart lil girl!

  2. Ginny in CO says:


    The kittens didn’t need a Katrina to open their eyes….